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And I need your support for something if you're up to the task.

I'm aiming to make Johnson & Sir (, my all-ages fantasy parody buddy-cop comic, into a printed book! The thing is, though, printing books is expensive, and I have a few extra pages that need filling up.

That's where YOU come in, if you are up for it.

I'm selling those blank spaces to YOU, for you to promote your webcomic/art/story/anything!

I'm printing up to 40 copies of Johnson & Sir to sell at the HUGE event Phoenix Comicon, and any copies not sold there will be sold online at my store.

What are my prices? Well, I have options for you:

Full page ad: $25

Half-page ad: $15

Quarter Page ad: $8

If you have something you want to advertise, leave a comment below, private message me, or email me (

"But what if I don't have anything to advertise?"

Well then, please share this news with people who you think are interested!

Also, please consider either buying a commission or comic page from me, or buying something at my store. You can also make a donation via Paypal (there are buttons on Validation and Johnson & Sir).

Any little bit helps.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Ooh! Sounds cool. I would love to help you out!

If possible, I'd like to make an ad for my comic, Nextuus. It isn't all-ages friendly, though-- is that all right? It's probably PG-13 (not too much swearing or violence, but enough that little kids shouldn't read it).
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Awesome! I'm going to send you a note so we can continue the discussion and not clutter up the feed here.