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Warm Up Sketches, Round 2



Here's my warm-up sketches for this morning!

Again, these are based on the script for "The Legend of Jamie Roberts". This time I included Corith funeral dancers.

The dancer on the left (the small female one) is called Eshu'e Alchi, or child of Eshu. Eshu is the guardian of crossroads in the physical and spiritual worlds, and helps guide the souls of the dead to the Way (the afterlife, the cosmic energy, etc). These roles are always danced by women, as they are the physical embodiment of the meeting ground of spiritual and physical energies (notably because they can give birth, the ultimate meeting of spiritual and physical energies). Their bodies are painted black with white accents to look as closely to the spirits of Eshu'e Alchi as possible.

The bulky dancer on the right (I made him too big xD) is Nahookos Azhisha, or the North Dancer. He has three other dance partners representing East, South, and West. If you notice, the painted triangles on this chest indicate the four directions and that he is the North. These roles are danced by either men or women, depending on who has been initiated into the particular dance roles. His and Eshu'e Alchi's ankles are covered in grass to hide their feet and make them appear as if they are floating above the ground, as spirits do.

And then of course we have Jamie being sassy and Thomas being serious. Because yeah.

The dancers are inspired largely by both the Navajo language and traditional Dogon/Malian funeral dancers.
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