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In Her Wildest Dreams

By KelciD
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This poster was fun to make :D

I never realized how much I love drawing dinosaurs until I got to work on "Validation" (You can read the newest strips over at the website

And yes, that picture in the background is my other poster "The Queen of Crows"...

Because I love sneaking Easter Eggs like that :D

This was done with markers with a pinch of PhotoShop CS2.
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mind if this turns into my laptop background?
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Go for it! If you need me to send you a higher resolution image, just let me know.
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Also: HELL YES cameo art!! XDD 
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And we shall ride our dinosaurs into glorious battle! And fight for AWESOMENESS!
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Well, Mr. Dino. xD
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I love him to bits. :D Expect to see him in a LOT of promo art in the future.
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lolz is this what you dream about :D?
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Nope. It's what Ally dreams, though xD

My dreams are a bit weirder.
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Huh. So are mine. O-o Dumb REM sleep does that to you. 
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REM sleep is the weirdest and trippiest sleep. The movie "Paprika" is almost all REM sleep, which is appropriate because that's what the movie is about.
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It is and your dreams seem more real. Like last night I had a dream about the Evil Dead zombies!!! O_o Tis was scary!

I have never seen that movie.
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If this isn't one of someone's dreams PERIOD, then they have no imagination. ._.
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I know, right!? I think everybody has a dream like this at some point. :D
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