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Berserk AJ

did this in 3 hours last night
yeah I don't know what happened either

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"Come 'ere, yah lil' bastard! Momma would like a word with ya!"
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Hate to be whoever's on the receiving end...
this is a really nice apple jack
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awesome! very dynamic and expressive : )
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One too many ciders.
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Those red outlines really emphasize AJ's berserk-ness, nice
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Maybe it's time you varmints feel some of our pain, too.
(paraphrasing Guts)
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Looks fantastic. No mercy for apple thieves around this farm, I reckon. :)
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OMG!!! That pose and face! This looks so badass and awesome!!! Simply love this!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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thank you very much!^^
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Looking so badass, AJ!
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The fact she appears to be tying something - or somepony - up, gives me some concern for Rarity.

Unless she asked for it, I mean.
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This is amazing 
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Do you do requests ?
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sorry, but I do not.
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dan:aj plese let me go
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