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Friends Forever

It's been a good while since I've done a full true piece, with a full background.

I always wonder what happened to the protag of BW. Like, they, went in search N, but they didn't find him, as when N shows up, he doesn't mention them. That, and both their mom and two closes friends don't even know where they are.

So I drew this, of three friends ready to take on the world together, and then two years later, there's only two left.

I initially wanted to include the starters as well, but I felt it would be too cluttered.

Also, Cheren and Bianca are my favorite rivals in pokemon. I love their growth, as well as how they appear in BW2. Cheren, after finding out what true strength was, became a Teacher and Gym Leader, and Bianca became an assistant to Prof. Juniper.

I hope the protag is okay though. And if there ever is a BW3 (I want to see the original dragon), it be cool if they came back Red style (or like Agent 3 did in Splatoon 2: OE).

Also, completely unrelated, but I saw someone say Bianca's hair looks like a Cottonee, and now I can't unsee it.

Characters: Hilbert/ Protagonist, Cheren, Bianca (Pokemon: Black / White / Black 2 / White 2)
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If you interpret Pokémon Masters as canon, then they do meet up again eventually!

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Hilbert is absent in BW2