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Villa DeRatry F1

I've done some rearranging of Villa DeRatry, because I still wasn't satisfied with the previous version. I think this new version looks better, though you can compare for yourself: 
Villa DeRatry F1 by Kelaiah
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It's certainly a lot of fun to compare both versions and see what exactly changed. I like how you made the conservatory bigger and the way it now takes up a part of the terrace. :)
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Thanks! :D Yes, since the conservatory is supposed to be one of the rooms where Charlotte hangs out the most, I wanted it to look 'significant', for lack of a better word. Plus, it also means more flowers for Charlotte to fawn over. :giggle:
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They have enough rooms in that place! :giggle:
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Do you think so? ;):giggle:
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Heh, well... there's certainly a lot to explore! :XD:
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Indeed. X) Plus, if a normal family lived there, there'd never be a need to go on vacation. ;) Except the DeRatrys like to jet set every once in a while. :giggle:
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Heh, that's for sure! :giggle:
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