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a shark sketch
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*singing the Jaws theme*
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DUDE THIS IS SO GOOD! I thought this was a real great white!
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OMG i thought this is a real picture....
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I'm scared of Sharks
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Sharks are sucha huge passion of mine. I ave loved them from the time I was old enough to know what a shark was. This is such a beautiful example of my favorite species of shark! :)
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Thank you very much:)
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Beautiful! It is very realistic, at first glance I thought it was a photo! :D
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lol  Thanks again:D
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Sketch? What does a finished piece look like?
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:D Hope you like.
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What media is this?
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What mean about the media? I used Photoshop to paint it.:)
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Ah! Well, it is epic ! :)
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Hy! I love your realistic style. Maybe you have been asked, but... what kind of brushes do you use? It seem soooo realistic :)
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Thank you like it . I used some Photoshop's default brushes (airbrush,roundbrush)and some special texture brushes :)
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Unbelievable skills. I love it. :)
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Thank you like!
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You're welcome :D
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this really looked like a photo in the thumbnail. fantastic attention to the details. great job! It's very real :)
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