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Fan art for [Mortal Kombat]'s cheracter: Scorpion
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What I don’t like
Nothing, I can’t say there is anything wrong with picture or give any advice as far as improvements.

What I do like the
The style and technique you used to make this. The Background and blue light outline, the lighting coming from the top left, the detail in the suit and the muscle in his arm.

To be fair I actually find it a little hard to say much about it because it seems you have refined this style so much that, its almost perfectly consistent. No one part sticks out horribly, like as if you had trouble with it. And no one part seems so good that takes the attention away from the picture as a whole. I’m not really sure if that’s good or bad. To me it’s like you made it in a very professional way.

All in all¬
Although it’s not too striking, it’s nun the less still A GREAT picture.
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Thank you very much for your advice and like my work!  I will be better. :)
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no prob, I hope everything I said was relevant and I hope it helps. but if you would ,please also check some of my stuff to, I'm really new to digital art, so I need all the advice I can get :)
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One of the best arts I've seen.
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These are awesomely done. 
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GET OVER HERE!!! This is awesome
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Great work KEKSE0719 you should submit this art to the official Kollective to get more views
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Since I was a kid he's my favourite Mortal Kombat character so far :)

My brother and I started playing this game when it was released for Game Gear.

Just perfect art work!! Congrats!
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<font><font>wow increíble *o*</font></font>
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new wallpaper! thnkx :) great job.
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Holy mo("èRfuçk1ng doesn't get more badass than this!! Epic!!!!! \o/
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Easily the best of your MK series, magnificent work!
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