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Hi all,

I have a question that may interest some of you who plan to go to EuroFurence:

If you are interested in my pictures as a print, I might send them with a friend. Just send me a note with the title ofthe picture, size and a price you would pay for it.

Size can be A4 or A3 (or a little smaller because most of my pictures are 4:3).

My recommended list:
(but there are other pictures)

Geronimo: Geronimo the homeless by KekPafrany

True love and egret: True love and egret by KekPafrany

Travelling polecat: Travelling polecat bard by KekPafrany

Scent of the moon: Scent of the Moon by KekPafrany

Night bolt: Night bolt by KekPafrany

Kek Pafrany Kek Pafrany by KekPafrany

The guardian of the sword: The guardian of the sword by KekPafrany

Morning movie for mouse: Morning movie for mouse by KekPafrany

The optimistic fortuna-teller: The optimistic fortune-teller by KekPafrany

PS: If you are interested in a picture in bigger, ask because some of them can be printed in larger size. Only some ofthem, but for example the Scent of the Moon can be 100*75 cm.
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