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Also keeping in mind that videos such as these are for saving your own keystrokes, not to convince anyone of anything. Facts do not have some innate magic power that turns fools into scholars. People will believe whatever it is they want to, no matter what you say. Here is why:

ALSO A WARNING FOR THE SO-CALLED "TRUTH MOVEMENT": False Flags are more than just blowing up your own shit and blaming another country. They are more than crisis actors and obscure 10,000 page legislation. They are more than taking a Big Pharma victim, making them even more messed up in the head, and thus creating even more so-called lone wolf mass shooters. They are more than CGI effects and political spin from talking heads. They are more than false narratives and #fakenews.

They are done knowing that most of the so-called "Truth Movement" is every bit as much of virtue signaling sheeple as the main stream. They've merely broken the main stream up into even more subdivisions and one of those just so happens to be the Truth Movement. It doesn't matter if you are blindly believing an Anonymous video, blindly believing Alex Jones or whatever other savior you've nominated so that you can avoid taking personal responsibility and instead just sit back and enjoy the drama theater.

False Flags are always done in such a way to where they do a whole bunch of things all at the same time, knowing that so-called Truthers will find each of the tiny pieces and they will arrogantly think that the tiny piece they have found is the total absolute whole truth. These pieces will turn into "sports teams" metaphorically speaking, tribalism sets in and suddenly and effortlessly, the so-called Truth Movement is sub-divided against itself yet again. You guys fall for it every time and I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for you to figure out how you're being played.

For the Centrists in the room, it is no mystery to you as to why control freaks act as they do. They get off on it. Whether it is a Big Pharma CEO, some war mongering ass clown in the Military Industrial Complex, some Wall Street Bankster, a local Mayor ego tripping on the fumes from his own asshole, an abusive husband who is such a coward that hitting women gives him a false sense of power, or a high school bully: the cancer dichotomy is the exact same one, no matter which level you're talking about. Control freaks are addicted to getting off on being control freaks. Honest to God, sometimes the answers truly are that simple.

Main Stream and XYZ-Division-Movement Sheep have a similar addiction. They get a self righteous justification buzz out of being a victim. Oh those racists, those sexists, those nazis, oh the left, oh the right, oh those illumi-naughty, who the fuck ever. They shake their fists and feel entitled, be they Truthers or be they Spiritual Gurus or be they the people who listen to the Communist News Network, MSN-BS or Fox Lies.

Conform yea trendy virtue signaling masses if thou wilst, I'm not going to play that game. I know that my vote is with my dollars, not at the polls. I expect nothing from saviors.

ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2018 - 2ND Amendment, Red Meat, deviantART and MAGIC!" -- Find out what these 4 things have in common.

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