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CRY REE' AND LET SLIP THE MEMES OF WAR! #KEK has COMMANDED that humanity itself be liberated from the NORMIE MENACE and all of its #FakeNews faggotry. You're either wit #KEK, or you're with THE NORMIES! DEUS VULT!

Using REAL POSITIVITY, REAL KINDNESS and REAL COMPASSION -- we shall wield our swords of SILLINESS and ADORABLENESS by way of the ancient lost art of MEME MAGIC.

MEME MAGIC, in more modern terms -- is 100% real and is totally science peer review backed by TOP LEVEL SCIENTISTS working with DANK TESLA TECHNOLOGY MAGICS that take advantage of QUANTUM MIRROR RABBIT HOLE UNICORN PIXIE MECHANICS, which states that at least IN THEORY -- if enough MEMES had enough POSITIVITY and were all housed ON THE SAME SERVER in ONE PLACE at ONE TIME -- that the STORED POTENTIAL ENERGIES would be equavelent to at LEAST 350 TRILLION BILLION THERMO-NUCLEAR CUCKS.

To release even A PERCENT OF A PERCENT OF A PERCENT OF A PERCENT of this into KENETIC ENERGY, could potentially LITERALLY melt the mind of an SJW into something so dense, that even A NEUTRON STAR could not escape its GRAVITY.

Thankfully, MEME MAGIC has HOLODECK SAFETY PROTOCOLS that prevent this from happening. It does however create a MAGIC FORCE FIELD that protects your loved ones from NORMIE OPRESSION.

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Anti-life Claims and the Cause of NationsSo recently I ended up getting quite a bit of flack from the leftists. Though ironically, the leftists are more willing to go up and harass civic nationalists and call them racist and white supremacists than they are to attempt to even debate or even speak to us. I'm not mad at those who make articles about me, but I'm amused as they're only putting my message out there. Ironically, one of my friends, a former black co-worker who didn't call me racist even though he heard that I was a white separatist, believes that socialism and multiracial societies could work if it were done in love somehow. This ironically is the same mentality as the capitalist whites who are civic nationalists, only they don't agree with socialism.Though apparently, I confronted one of the commenters who claimed I was an absurd conspiracy theorist and yet didn't even try to back up her claim with any sources. It just goes to show that this abortionist only had ad hominem fallacies and personal attacks with no basis to them. That same person who claimed that I was a conspiracy theorist so happens to be pro-abortion as well. When I confronted her about it, I was harsh and rightfully so and this is how she responded."I am not an 'anti-white racist babykiller' as you so rudely put it. I don't just love all races, I embrace all of them because we are all human beings. Whether you are too, however, is debatable, but I can only say that you're an ass through and through. Hell, I even think you're being the racist one yourself. You are also pro-birth for the whites, pro-mandatory abortion for other races. You've just proven yourself you have zero regard for bodily autonomy either way. You're 100% quantity over quality."This claim about "muh quantity over quality" actually shows how heartless they really are. They are willing to put material comforts above the lives of other human beings. Plus not once did I ever call for mandatory abortions against blacks or any other race, but in fact I stand with many black identitarians who are against abortion because they see this as a means of snuffing them out in the process as well. Plus the pain I have seen on the women's faces when they shared their abortion regret on YouTube whether they were white, Hispanic, Black, or Asian broke my heart. This talk also of "Muh bodily autonomy" is a coomer's/slut's argument in favor of a promiscuous lifestyle because such autonomy is forfeited when two people decide to have sex.Plus what quality to the abortionists claim to provide the women except an opportunity for greater material gain? It is pretty much the same as going in and murdering someone for their material possessions or even murdering a toddler, child, or teenager because they're costly. Plus the best way out of poverty is the free market which is available for everyone but the only ones supporting the free market in majority are the non-Hispanic whites who are an ever shrinking demographic thanks to immigration, miscegenation, and abortion. Plus the demographic change in California has not been for the better as it is now the most expensive state in the union to live in and services such as garbage disposal and healthcare are in short supply. On top of that, the plague and leprously have returned as a result of California being a sanctuary state.That was thanks to both legal and illegal immigration but people ignore the damage that legal immigration has done alone most of the time. With the lower birth rates, it has been propagated that we need more immigrants to replace our people but in doing so, our population has grown at a faster rate than if we even did have a stable birth rate and thus a large labor field has left more competition for the jobs and thus people coming in from the third world are more willing to work for lower wages than our native born citizens and thus the supply of workers has driven the wages for everyone down as to 'be fair.' Ironically, in her favorites, she had a stamp that condemned opposition to immigration as 'muh racism' and another stamp that supports legal immigration. So she lied saying that she accepts all people of all races because she's fighting against white people's right to exist. Simultaneously, the argument of quality over quantity of life is clearly thrown out the window as she's supporting the very process that is driving down wages for our working class and favoring only the corporations and the top 1%, hence more proof that their arguments are basically lies."You wanna see 'babykillers,' try going back in time to the ancient past where Hebrew boys are slaughtered soon after birth, or newborn baby girls left to die because they 'cannot inherent anything.' It's safe to say that these practices are pretty barbaric back then because we're more civilized today. Back then, though, these actions are two of the many examples of genocide, by the definition itself. You're just no different from what those people have done, regardless if you're civilized or not. If you seriously think that the mass slaughter or genders, races, cultures or ethnicities doesn't count as genocide to you, then I don't know what the hell does (that, and you're obviously not right in the head). No, abortion doesn't even count as genocide because a fetus isn't race, gender, culture or ethnic-specific. You won't even know what it is until it's born (discounting modern medical technology)."Of course what she goes on here next is an obvious red herring fallacy in trying to divert the conversation. But interestingly enough, the ancient Hebrews, when they did begin to drift from God, did incorporate many of these barbaric practices such as child sacrifice in the worship of Ba'al and Moloch. Plus this same barbarism survives in the descendants of the Hebrews today as sadly up to 80% of Jews favor abortion to be legal in all or most cases. It's ironic how she claims that I'm no different when she's supporting the same practices under a different guise. If I didn't think that the slaughter and mass genocide against other genders, races, cultures, and ethnicities which is why I am against abortion and interestingly enough, this process of abortion isn't just a means of trying to snuff out the white race but the same people are also trying to snuff out the black race to. that this will make any difference among black people for me saying this but Margaret Sanger herself referred to black people as human weeds. Eugenics was then passed off as a means of protecting the white race but that was a lie to. It turns out that Margaret Sanger's husband, who helped to spread the eugenics propaganda was a Jew. The attempt on the black people with eugenics was only the test run because they were able to use it in the mainstream via abortion and it is now mainstream via abortion. The one detail left out in the video in the elimination of blacks was miscegenation because too many conservatives have been too scared to call out this barbaric race mixing process.Seeing as how this girl denied abortion being genocide, she has no regard for those most at risk of being snuffed out in our own country be that the non-Hispanic whites, the African Americans, the Native Americans, and the Hawaiians. Already the Hawaiians have been made into a minority in their own island and their low status in the population as well as limited financial power have left them as easy prey to the same Zionists who abuse white America like Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, the same man who advocated for illegal immigration via DACA, also bought land in Hawaii that was not for sale and sued the Hawaiian people for the right to buy the land. This is what we propertarians call another violation of reciprocity and is the equivalent to our national monuments being knocked down."Also, if you're really desperate to know why I didn't answer in the past three or so hours, I have a life off the computer, you know. That sort of life I have requires me to wake up at 5 in the morning, go to my workplace in another town which requires the use of the freeway, use the same freeway to go back home, and sometimes take naps to catch up on my sleep. This is one of those times. Apparently, you have not learned the meaning of patience. And you most likely have no life outside the computer because all you ever do anymore is spread lies saying that 'you're the most moral person on the planet next to former President Ganguro' and all you ever care about is being right."It doesn't matter how much money you make or how long you work if the only thing you're doing it for is money. This just goes to show that the Masonic and Zionist elites want to reduce us to mere consumers and mercenaries. This also goes to show the fallacy of assumption as she's attempting to degrade anyone who calls her out on this. Plus making money isn't the only thing that makes you a good citizen, a good customer, or a good neighbor. Plus when we the people, those who do most of the work and actually produce what keeps our civilization thriving such as families as well as jobs, are told that we are only concerned about being right when we see our civilization, our culture, and our way of life die, then you know how hateful and how racist the abortionists really are.This same plot in destroying the black race, the white race, the Native Americans, and the Hawaiians is being fueled via the funds from the central banks as they mooch off of the taxpayers of every country on Earth except for North Korea and Iran. With interracial marriage also being on the rise in China, China also has a vastly limited supply of women as there is only one woman for every seven men and thus a terrible demographic winter is upon them which is why the Han government are beginning brutal crackdowns upon every other people group as they fell for the Masonic/Zionist trap via communism and birth control and the evil just doesn't stop there. same plot will not just stop with mixing all of us together but the plot of the Masonic lodge involves reducing the population world wide till they are only half a billion and this can be seen on the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones contain the ten codes for the New World Order. This also shows the plot in destroying most of humanity's languages as to unite humanity under one language and even today it is said that if things keep going the way they are going, the German language itself will be extinct. If the first world nations were to collapse today, any aid the third world receives to attempt to help their people will bet cut off and most likely the people in Africa and Latin America, given how heterogenous these countries are will kill each other off and 10 to 1 the devastation from this warfare would expand the Sahara desert until it unites with the Kalahari, thus leaving some of Earth's most beautiful regions today to become nothing but barren wastelands in the future.Another commandment of this cursed New World Order is for nations to govern their internal affairs but use international governance as a means of solving external affairs which is really just a softer term for imperialism. Does this sound familiar? Sounds pretty much like the UN, the EU, the African Union, and the Union of South American states. Freemason president Harry Truman helped to put together the UN and Freemason Kalargi helped in establishing the European Union as well. It breaks my heart that Africa and Meso-America have followed our bad examples of falling for the Masonic trap.However, with nationalism, separatism, and populism on the rise world wide, it has the globalists freaked out. Of course Brexit is finally about to happen and anti-EU sentiment has been furthered even more so in Poland with Confederacia on the rise. Poland and Hungary alone are taking down the EU from the inside. On top of that, the Union of South American Nations is practically dead already with only five member states left. Ironically, Peru itself was so based that they got kicked out of the Union of South American nations.When the Brazilians elected Jair Bolsonaro, they essentially voted for Brazilexit. In March of last year alone, Bolsonaro has essentially withdrawn Brazil from the Union of South American Nations. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Paraguay left the year before and the only nations left in the Union of South African Nations are essentially the Marxist/leftists ones such as Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia, Suriname, and Uruguay. Ironically, where these Marxists have ruled, many have become Christian republics where Christ has united people despite different racial and ethnic differences in nations like Brazil, and nationalism has emerged even stronger.Ironically, a few other countries that were under the thrall ring of communism, some in Europe and one in Africa, today are lands where the majority of the people love and serve God with their hearts and their nations are leading as proud examples of their region. Ghana ended up becoming communist at the time of its independence but today thanks to the influence of Pentecostal and Catholic missionaries, the people there are on fire for Christ, true conservatives, and nationalists as well. Ghana today is also the envy of Africa and will most likely become Sub-Saharan Africa's first developed nation.Simultaneously, Hungary, which suffered under communism now has a majority Christian population who have elected a godly leader who ironically was once a communist himself. Simultaneously, his wife, who led Orban to the Lord, was once a Jew. Poland as well, have a nationalistic and Christian population which constantly messes up the plans of the EU. Ironically, the lands that stand up against this globalist injustice the most are the lands who's inhabitants are strong Bible believing Christians which shows that Christ ultimately is the leader of the fight for freedom. Abortion and socialism are but symptoms of a greater disease than globalism itself and that disease is godlessness which is why the ultimate form of resistance and defiance is giving one's heart to the Lord and God will guide us to do the rest.Ephesians 6:12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
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A Brief History of Woke Entertainment pt.1 by ares12
Donald Trump: The Worst Thing Since 9/11You're reading it right, folks: Donald Trump becoming president is officially the worst thing to happen since the September 11 terrorist attacks. The same attack that nearly killed three thousand people, left a whole nation traumatized, and is classified as the single deadliest terrorist attack in world history....At least, that's what someone actually believes.And yes, you're reading this right: Someone actually went as far as to classify the Trump Administration as the "worst thing" since the deadliest terrorist attack in history, and one that left a whole nation emotionally scarred for life. And while that person in question did apologize for taking it too far, part of the apology itself feels like an empty non-apology, which I'll explain later on.But before going any further, I'd like to say that as far as journals are concerned, I'm a bit more than hesitant with going into "political" territory, especially since my political beliefs are likely to contradict with other's political beliefs, and that I might get flack for it. (Trust me, I know this from experience.) But after what I've witnessed a few days ago, and what I have witnessed just tonight, I feel like I have to step upon my own soapbox for the occasion.I'm sure you've all heard about one of the few positive things about what happened in 2020: Joe Biden - I'm sorry, "Creepy Joe" - had beaten Donald Trump's ass in this year's election, after Biden securely acquired Pennsylvania's electoral votes. (Frankly, I was setting my sights on Nevada; but still, he got Pennsylvania! ...Goddamn, my department's assistant manager was right!) So Biden won, and Trump lost. Congrats? Well...not entirely.With Biden's victory over Trump, it shouldn't come as any surprise that those who do support Trump would be holding rallies and protests revolving around his loss. But the harsh reality is that with sore Trump-supporting losers comes equally frantic Biden-supporting winners.For the sake of privacy, I will not be using the name of the online user whose behavior prompted me to write this journal. Thus, I will be using the moniker of "Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard". Some of you who are reading this might already know who this "Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard" is, especially with some of the key points and at least one quote I provide, but I'd still prefer to keep their identity a secret. But anyway...A couple days ago, Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard posted a YouTube status celebrating Biden's victory, and went as far as to calling Trump's presidency "the worst thing since 9/11". And earlier tonight, I came across their weekly podcast that was posted today, but had to leave after about the first few minutes, because Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard was standing on the soapbox and still said that Trump was as bad as 9/11, and then some. In both the status post and the description in the podcast, Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard did acknowledge that they went too far with comparing Trump to 9/11, and that they let their feelings get the better of them. Here is the apology in question:"I may have crossed the line a bit by comparing Trump and his supporters as bad as 9/11 for the country, a subject that is still something that stings many people to this day. While the statement still remain as true, it is something that is hurtful for not just Trump supporters, but also to real Americans that voted against Trump. It's a case of feelings over facts, really (Since it is true that Trump caused hundreds of thousands of deaths due to his poor handling of COVID-19 and all the mass shootings caused by white terrorists who killed many people for him). And for that, I do apologize. Now, with that said, that still won’t stop us to celebrate from the moment the country finally took down an evil that is against all of the country's values and beliefs."Okay, that seems fair. Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard acknowledged what he did was wrong, and that they shouldn't have compared Chief Cheeto's incompetence to a tragedy that's nothing to laugh at. So I guess we're done, we can get on with our lives, and-Wait, hold on a sec:"While the statement still remain as true..."...Son of a bitch.You cannot be serious.Okay, I'm gonna say right now that I didn't know anyone personally who died in 9/11, so I can't exactly say I was that offended when Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard made this kind of comparison. (That, and when I saw Crazy Leftist Trump Hating Bastard's YouTube status, that much was edited out, so I missed it in its "prime.") I also have to give credit to Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard for at least putting in the effort to make a proper apology...but are you even reading this?! What Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard is saying is that even if their comparison of Trump to 9/11 is bad within itself, they still believe that it should be a fact that yes, the Trump Administration actually is the worst thing since 9/11.Mo-ther-fuck-er.Comparing the presidency of a hated president to something as tragic as 9/11 is one thing, but then attempting to apologize and throw in a bit of a non-apology is something else. And I am gonna say right now that Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard is Canadian. I bring this up because while I assume that Canada is leaning that much to the far-left, I am not trying to stereotype Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard as a leftist because they are Canadian. Still...they have a lot to learn about America.First of all, I will remind you once again that I am, in fact, a Democrat, and that I don't support Trump in the slightest. And while my journal about it might say otherwise, I know for a fact that I did not have an emotional breakdown when I found out that Trump beat Clinton back in 2016. Strongly disappointed, yes, but I know for a fact that I didn't go out of my way and scream on social media about how it was a "dark day for America" or shit like that. I even remember talking to one of my friends about what would happen with Trump becoming president, and he said that he isn't exactly "king" of our country. And that leads to the first thing Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard should learn about America's government.I believe that even before Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard made both the post and the podcast comparing Trump's presidency to 9/11, they were known for completely dissing the far-right, and comparing it to fascism. Um...kid, have you even heard of "checks and balances"?Yes, even when someone like Trump became president and pissed off a lot of people, he can't exactly have his own way. Same goes with every other president we have, both old and new. Even if my knowledge about how our government works is a little rusty, I know for a fact that you can't just write out a law and have it magically appear. It has to be agreed upon first. The first stage of a law is what's known as a "bill". Once a bill's signed, it has to go through the approval of House and Senate. If there isn't enough agreement on said bill in either House or Senate, it doesn't go through. So Trump would've tried to make all the crazy laws he wanted, but not all of them can go through full-force.Hell, even if I was upset that Trump won back in 2016, I tried to not let it get to me. I can actually think of some good examples of this. One is when my sister was driving me to work in January 2017, we came across an anti-Trump protest that was going on not too far from our store. I don't know if this was before or after, but I remember thinking to myself: "And somehow, life goes on..." Also, I do remember something about Trump wanting to ban trans people from joining the army, but I assumed it was for financial reasons and not because he's "transphobic." What I'm trying to say is that even if I believe Trump was an idiot, I wasn't going to be active with preaching about his incompetence.But all of this ultimately leads to my biggest personal concern for 2020: How everyone would've reacted if Trump was reelected.When this happened in 2016, what I was worried about was whether or not Clinton would win. But throughout a good chunk of 2020, my biggest concern was not necessarily about whether or not my preferred candidate would win, but rather how everyone would react if Trump ended up winning. And I'm gonna say right now, the very thought of it made me scared shitless. I know this because I remember listening to a recording of a telephone meeting hosted by the union affiliated with my job, and the union president actually went up on his own soapbox and preached that Trump "didn't care about union workers" and the like.We all saw how shit went down in 2016, so I could only imagine how it would be in 2020, should Trump have won. I was especially worried with the kind of reaction we'd get from Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard. I remember listening to some of their earlier podcasts where their views on the far-right ranged from critical to "we must destroy the alt-right!" Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but there was one podcast where its main highlight was criticizing Mr. Enter for lashing out at a fan because they simply gave him feedback. It suddenly turned to accusing Enter of shifting to the "far-right" because Enter doesn't believe in "wearing a mask" during the ongoing pandemic, and being against Black Lives Matter. (On that note, I'll admit that this part of the podcast is actually a bit legitimate, even if I'm a bit mixed about it. I'm hesitant about the topic of Black Lives Matter, because while George Floyd didn't deserve to be shot like that, I don't wanna risk being one of those "white guilt" assholes. But as an essential worker at a grocery store, I believe in wearing a mask, and that Enter's pretty fucked in the head for not believing in it. Trust me, I saw his journal about it before he deleted it.) So, if Trump was reelected for a second term, who knows what kind of reaction we might've gotten from Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard? Probably one where they preach that the "alt-right must be destroyed". I know that sounds excessive; but knowing Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard, that much might not come as a surprise in the end.And this much leads to what is likely the nail in the coffin: Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard literally stereotyping every Trump supporter as horrible people in the podcast that prompted me to write this.As with my statement of disbelief in Crazy Leftist Trump-Hating Bastard comparing the Trump Administration to 9/11 and sticking to that belief even after apologizing for it, the statement you are reading about every Trump supporter being a "horrible person" is real. Even as I am writing this part, I am watching the part to see if their belief that literally every Trump supporter is a "terrible person" is true...and it is. They are not only comparing Trump supporters to Nazis, but they also flat-out stereotype them as being racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitist.Really? Every Trump supporter?Again, I am gonna say that I don't support Trump in the slightest, but I do have some friends that are Trump supporters. Hell, my former proofreader for Yu-Gi-Oh! CHRONIXII supports Trump, and I know for a fact that when I let her go, it wasn't because of our differences in political beliefs. This shows that even if I don't support Trump, I can be diplomatic about it. And I actually can provide some legitimate examples.I remember a couple months ago when I was walking home from my parents' house, I came across someone selling Trump merchandise outside of my apartment building. While I did walk by and politely apologized for accidentally getting in the way of some Trump flags, I decided to go back and joke that some of the flags forgot to say: "Hey, at least it won't be Bernie!", or something like that. That much got a laugh out of him. I believe I came by this same person while walking down to my parents' house for Halloween, and we had a brief but friendly chat. I will admit, though, I was worried to tell him that I'd be voting for Biden, but also say that if it was Bernie on the ballot, I'd vote for Trump faster than he could say: "Think about what you're doing, you socialist fuck!" It was mostly because I was worried he'd give me "the look" for saying that I'd be voting for Biden, and it especially didn't help that I've recently discovered that my hometown is pretty conservative as is. But the fact I was able to be friendly towards someone selling Trump merchandise must mean something.But another legitimate example is something that happened earlier tonight. I was browsing through the comments of an old DeviantArt user I've subjected my fanboyism to, and I think I got the hint that she, too, thought fondly of Trump. But one particular comment caught my attention, wherein she ranted about one of her friends/companions saying that Trump voters needed to be "reprogrammed" or "reeducated", that they were "brainwashed", that sort of thing. In one way or another, it prompted me to throw in my own two cents, but be upright diplomatic about it. Some of what I said to her is what I've already said in the journal, namely me maintaining my composure about the events of 2016, and my interactions with the guy selling Trump merchandise. Her response? She said that it was fine that I have different political opinions, and she even thanked me for not being an ass like her companion was.I'll admit, I'm not exactly a "perfect" person, especially from personal experience. But the question on everyone's mind right now is this: If I don't support Trump, why am I not berating those who do? Why am I not trying to pick any fights with literally every Trump supporter out there? Why am I not trying to cancel a former DeviantArt user I've fangasmed over for years when I recently found out she was an Independent who voted for Trump?Well, to quote the Nostalgia Critic in his review to I'll Be Home For Christmas..."BECAUSE IT'S TOO EASY! It's the easiest thing in the world to do! Any imbecile can hate! It's LAZY! You wanna know what takes effort? Being nice. It is so hard to be nice to some people! But what am I supposed to do? Call you a jerk over and over and over, and hope that one day you'll wake up and go: 'I'M CURED! Yeah, the first million times didn't work; but the millionth and one, that was the magic number! That's what got through!' How likely is THAT gonna happen?! And don't get me wrong, there's times when we need to be angry. We need to fight. If not, we'd be goose-stepping our way to work right now! But, it should be one of our last options, not always the first, because when you get angry, you don't think straight, and people take advantage of that. And maybe you disagree with me. Okay, fine. You know what? I'll listen. I'll listen to what you have to share. And even though so much of what you say feels wrong, I'll still keep it in my mind that you could possibly be right. Because if I'm not willing to change for you, how am I supposed to expect you to change for me? I want to be patient enough to see more how we're similar rather than fear how we're different. And you know what? It's gonna be hard. It's gonna be so hard, and I'm gonna fail a lot. Hell, I've failed a lot already, but this is one thing I'm certain the more I do it, the better I can get at it."And keep in mind, this review was released years before the whole #ChangeTheChannel shit went down.But even if I scarcely watch the Nostalgia Critic nowadays, I still feel like this aforementioned quote left quite the impact on me, especially when I was falsely accused of being homophobic because I befriended a rather controversial Christian user. I feel like I can relate to this because, at least for the most part, I can be diplomatic with someone who doesn't exactly share the same beliefs that I do, even if it might not always be easy with admitting some of those differences. I don't mean to keep playing this kind of card, but a pretty good example is when a close friend of mine posted some fanart of Twilight Sparkle, and that prompted me to confess my deep hatred for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and in a rather angry sort of way. But he understood it, especially since I've stated that I don't condemn all bronies. Hell, I even have at least one brony friend other than him!But in the case of Crazy Leftist Trump-Supporting Bastard, I feel that at this point, their encounters with people who are either Trump supporters or don't have the exact same political beliefs as him might be an entirely different case. Again, I don't want to stereotype Crazy Leftist Trump Supporter for anything, especially for being Canadian, but...they're not right in the head. From what I've seen, they sound like the kind of batshit insane leftist who would hate every Trump supporter out there, even if that Trump supporter in question would either be a sane-thinking, respectable one, or a figure he greatly admires. So if that's the case, who knows what might've happened if Trump ended up being reelected? And the question in mind is this: If that were the case, and considering Crazy Leftist Trump-Supporting Bastard's biased hate-boner for Trump and his supporters, would it really be surprising that they'd go as far as to wish severe harm to every Trump supporter in existence, or even death upon them?Look, Crazy Leftist Trump-Supporting Bastard, I still like you and still follow you, but...Mr. Enter isn't the only one who needs serious help. I think you need just as much help because of your blind hate for Trump. I should know because my story's current proofreader is Canadian who doesn't support Trump, and I don't think she would be as biased as you. I do appreciate you for trying to issue some kind of apology and being aware that you let your feelings get the better of you, but you're not supposed to say something like: "Even if I'm sorry for comparing Donald Trump to 9/11, I'm still right about Trump being worse than 9/11 to begin with!" Dude, that's a non-apology if ever I saw one. If you're gonna issue non-apologies like that and automatically assume that literally every Trump supporter is racist, sexist, xenophobic, or stuff like that, you really need to get your head out of your ass. And with what you said about us "needing to go to the left" or something like that, it only adds salt to the open wound. You may have claimed that Mr. Enter has leaned to the far-right; but with what you just said about Trump being the worst thing since 9/11, with you issuing a partial non-apology, and with you ostracizing every Trump supporter in existence, even the sane and respectable ones, I'm convinced that you've leaned all the way to the left. I'm a Democrat who didn't support Trump and have voted for both Clinton and Biden, and even I have proved that I can be more diplomatic than you.If you ever read this, we expect a real apology from you. And I don't wanna see any more bullshit like: "I'm sorry for comparing Trump to 9/11, even if it should be a fact that Trump really is the worst thing since 9/11." or "I'm sorry for insulting all Trump supporters in existence, even if it should be fact that all Trump supporters should go fuck themselves." We deserve a real apology. No more non-apologies, no more bullshit stereotyping, no more anything that would only make you more of a laughingstock than you likely already are, much less a far-left one.We're waiting.

Mature Content

Leftie Lassconcept art by thormemeson
Kekistani Cultural Archive
My Lair by Phracker
The Lonely Shoe on the HighwayThese 4 photos may be regarded as meaningless or even weird. But think about it for a while. Isn’t it the situation that is weird? Take the first photo,Shoe on the Highway Position1That single shoe seems to not be just dropped there, but being placed in a very ordered way! That photo is taken the 17th of April 2020. The 25th of April some gentle person had moved it onto the grass,Shoe on the Highway Position2But before that, when the shoe still was on the side of the highway, the angle was adjusted so the shoe was parallel to the road. I have no photo of that, but I am almost convinced that so was the case. Then, the 7th of May,Shoe on the Highway Position3the angle of the shoe in the grass been adjusted a little bit. In that position it has stayed until for some days ago, the 8 of October, when someone has dragged it out to the side of the highway again,Shoe on the Highway Position4now lying at the side.This is really weird, isn't it? So what will the explanation be? It turns out that if you use your search engine, I use , you obtain a lot of results if you search "lonely shoe on the highway" I just mention a few below,Why do you always see just one shoe by the side of the road? Enigma of the Ages: The Highway Shoe Highway Shoes This Is Probably Why You See So Many Shoes on the Highway One question: Where's the other shoe? Very seldom a pair of shows appear. You may read the above linked articles and make up you own opinion.----------------------------------------------------------------------------The very first occasion I heard about this phenomena was from the investigating journalist and researcher Ole Dammegard when he was exposing misplaced shoes. He observed that very often in pictures of political assassinations, mass shootings, terror attacks and many other traumatic events, there were (are) very often shoes in places, often in the center of the picture, where they not occurred in a natural way. Often also shoes may be mentioned in interviews, for example in the below short video clip,”.. people were literally running out of their shoes ..” ”.. they jumped out of their shoes, there were shoes everywhere ..”He has then obtained some explanations to that. The first one he got from a person in the freemasonry. This is the subject in my journal from 2017,Take Off Your Shoes! Later his friend, the CIA whistle blower Cody Snodgress suggested another explanation, that not disapprove the first, The shoe(s) are used as fear triggers. That's a technique that has it's origin from the project MK-Ultra (the link goes to Wikipedia). But for more of that, check out the the video below,Psychotronic Harassment, False Flag Symbolism and listen from 1h 39s to about 1h 52s. At the end of that interval also the phenomena with "lonely shoes on the highway" is mentioned.The shoe on the highway photographed by me is the very first case I met of this phenomena. Of cause I can't prove any of the hypothesis linked to above. I can only verify that the phenomena apparently exists. But whatever you think or believe, having read this journal regarding misplaced shoes (and even bicycles), no misplaced shoe(s) in a report from the mainstream media about a traumatic event, will longer have any fear trigger effect on you...
PSEC 2020 Eliminating Toxic Fuckery With Propur by paradigm-shifting
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ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2020 - A Letter From Team Satan" -- Sher and Katerina receive a letter from Team Satan.

This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

Participants List: Dave Kelso (paradigm-shifting), Katrina Marie (katerinaroy), Sher Angad, CC / Fair Use: Tom MacDonald
Hashtags: #satan #bigtech #censorship
Metatags Space Separated: satan bigtech censorship
Metatags Comma Separated: satan, bigtech, censorship  


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KEK Fella by paradigm-shifting To ENLIST in the MEME WAR, click here:…

:iconkekistani-ree-had: :iconcontroversyinc:
:iconlightworkers: :iconterralibre:

*note: all deviations created under Ubuntu Linux using a bare minimum of one of the following: kdenlive, winff, devede, openmpt, wine, audacity, gimp.

DISCLAIMER: everything I say, without exception, is my OPINION. If you find this concept unacceptable, then do not watch my profile and go hide in your safespace.
Forwarded from meme lord paradigm-shifting 

As per their newest announcement, Eclipse is about to be forced onto everyone.

"Around May 20th, all deviants will gain access to the new version of DeviantArt! The old version of the site will be retired."

Not that the deviantART Staff was not already rank and filed with narcisistic degenerates, but the company that owns deviantART, Wix -- has a very long list of negative customer feedback.

Call me a conspiracy nut if you want to, but Wix hates deviantART and is intending to destroy it. That is what haters with millions of dollars do. They ruin absolutely everything they can. This is partly due to all of this "woke culture". Post-modern trash.

I hope this inspires some third party developers to maybe create a deviantART clone that is based on Fully Decentralized Technology, so that the woke culture can't buy it out and ruin that, too.

The timing of all of this is however perfect. This is the beginning of the end of the world as we've known it as we sink deeper into authoritarianism and potential revolution /civil unrest -- so it is completely appropriate that this time in history also mark the death blow of the deviantART we've all known and loved.


Bye bye old dAAs we all received notice. Is that the old layout will be permanently banned at the end of May 2020 and that we all are forced to use the most shitty and fucked ripoff layout in the history of layouts on a website. 
Your thoughts?
For me it will be the day that I’ll leave probably and hopefully many with me. I’ll remain here

  Classic view is in trouble...6 months ago, I posted an open letter to deviantArt. ( seen here) It explained how the Eclipse layout hurts the user base. There were 2 options for the the staff to make in order to not dig their own graves. They were;
1. Cancel all plans for the Eclipse website layout.
2. Always allow users to switch to the classic site view as an option if Eclipse becomes more "well liked".
They refused both choices, as It simply isn’t feasible for us to keep Classic DeviantArt running forever now that Eclipse has been officially released.
This is a complete lie, and a sad one at that. What they can do is have a separate team who know how to manage the classic layout and fix whatever truly breaks.
The management team's claim as to why deviantArt needs to "change" is to attract new users in hopes that "the website won't die". Accounts created less than a year ago are unable to switch their layout to "classic", this is nothing more than artificially inflating the amount of Eclipse
  The Sound Of Silence - DA StatementSo Eclipse is Coming

I'd like to organize a proactive event to show DA the possible results of a permanent Eclipse change-over. Instead of deactivating your accounts for good, or indefinitely boycotting the site, I'd like to make a Statement of Silence for those Users against Eclipse. Starting May 1st, I will not be active on Deviantart. I will not submit new deviations, journals or even visit the site for 3 Days time. From 12:00AM CST May 1st to 12:00am May 4th. (3 days) I ask all other Users who wish to keep old Deviantart to join me in this statement of silence. 
Not Only Is Eclipse Difficult to Navigate, It is so close to Plagiarism it isnt funny. How they aren't in a Lawsuit with Artstation is beyond me!
Look at these site comparisons!

  News on 4/22/2020As everyone here on DA has heard that the classic DA page will be retired on May 20th and the Eclipse will intimate. Even though I did try the eclipse before in the past, the layout was too confusing for me to navigate and had difficulty with it as well. I've managed to avoid the eclipse for the longest time, even avoiding clicking too close to the eclipse button, which I've done by accident before.
But now the DA staff seems to be obsessed to push their eclipse to the next level despite strong opposition from various users. I guarantee that this, along with the DA staff turning a blind eye on the Leftist/SJW trolls harassing people, would kill the site and drive everyone away.
Hope this get spread around.
  Why dA even became a bigger mess.
I've made this call-out a few months ago and I'm surprised how many users agree with my opinion. Not only did I wrote this call-out to write things of my chest but also to make a statement. How serious is Deviantart about maintaining their website and it's community? That's a very good question, one where we will never find an answer on so far.
Since my last call-out, my opinions about this site changed over the time. And not in a very positive way , in fact it only gotten MUCH worse. Not only has the site become a complete trashpile that looks more like Photobucket or Imgur but the staff is the worse staff team a website with so many users can have.
As a user for over 10 years it saddens me deep seeing a site that was once so amazing becoming one of the worse sites of all.
For those who do not know. Wix took over Deviantart in 2015. The year that mostly everything good was replaced by crap :
The original logo was replaced by

Eclipse Poll:…

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ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2020 - Dave Kelso on Q" -- Dave Kelso shares his thoughts on the "Q Movement", because people keep asking him about it.

This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

Participants List: Dave Kelso (paradigm-shifting), CC / Fair Use: Austin Steinbart, Larkin Rose, BTTF, Bass Mekanik, Kevin MacLeod, Tropic Thunder, Misc
Hashtags: #qanon #qmovement #trump #trusttheplan #psyop
Metatags Space Separated: qanon qmovement trump trusttheplan psyop
Metatags Comma Separated: qanon, qmovement, trump, trusttheplan, psyop  


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KEK Fella by paradigm-shifting To ENLIST in the MEME WAR, click here:…

:iconkekistani-ree-had: :iconcontroversyinc:
:iconlightworkers: :iconterralibre:

*note: all deviations created under Ubuntu Linux using a bare minimum of one of the following: kdenlive, winff, devede, openmpt, wine, audacity, gimp.

DISCLAIMER: everything I say, without exception, is my OPINION. If you find this concept unacceptable, then do not watch my profile and go hide in your safespace.

Description from the creators of this video: "The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda."

When this video is eventually removed from YouTube for "wrong think" you may still watch it on LBRY and BitChute.

PLEASE NOTE: the existence of this documentary, any other documentary, or any forms of evidence of misdeeds by those with whom we've unwisely misplaced our trust -- is not itself a magic wand that is going to prove anything to anyone. People believe whatever they want to, and their minds interpret data from the external in accordance to whatever their world view already is. Only people who already have started suspecting that things about those who run this world "don't seem quite right" will be open to documentaries, evidence or any other form of data. So please do not try to forcibly shove this (or anything else) down the throats of the unwilling. Your time and energy is wasted and better spent on other things.

To download videos, you may use:

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Please also note that WebTorrent Magnet Links will not work with non-webtorrent softwares such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, Transmission, etc. In many cases, WebTorrent seeds may use the IPFS Protocol.

KEK Fella by paradigm-shifting To ENLIST in the MEME WAR, click here:…

:iconkekistani-ree-had: :iconcontroversyinc:
:iconlightworkers: :iconterralibre:

*note: all deviations created under Ubuntu Linux using a bare minimum of one of the following: kdenlive, winff, devede, openmpt, wine, audacity, gimp.

DISCLAIMER: everything I say, without exception, is my OPINION. If you find this concept unacceptable, then do not watch my profile and go hide in your safespace.</i>

In this video, leading scientists and medical professionals will explain to you exactly how and why government handling of this COVID-19 situation is complete and total gross negligence, and: they agree that in their opinion that it is highly likely that this might by happening on purpose by design, to lead the world deeper into totalitarian control.

These are scientists and medical professionals, not Alex Jones fans and not YouTubers living in their mothers basements.

They are also very concerned that videos and entire YouTube channels which attempt to share this sort of data with the public, might and probably will be removed in order to attempt to maintain control of the narrative. In the event that this video is removed, you may still watch it on LBRY and BitChute.

Always look at the data and come to your own conclusions. Never blindly believe, nor blindly disbelieve anything -- because in either case, it is being done blindly.


To download videos, you may use:

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Please also note that WebTorrent Magnet Links will not work with non-webtorrent softwares such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, Transmission, etc. In many cases, WebTorrent seeds may use the IPFS Protocol.

KEK Fella by paradigm-shifting To ENLIST in the MEME WAR, click here:…

:iconkekistani-ree-had: :iconcontroversyinc:
:iconlightworkers: :iconterralibre:

*note: all deviations created under Ubuntu Linux using a bare minimum of one of the following: kdenlive, winff, devede, openmpt, wine, audacity, gimp.

DISCLAIMER: everything I say, without exception, is my OPINION. If you find this concept unacceptable, then do not watch my profile and go hide in your safespace.</i>
More Journal Entries


Admit or censor by lisa-im-laerm
EU- elections by lisa-im-laerm
Anti-porn hypocrisy: support child porn by achthenuts
Exquisite Corpse final result by KukuruyoArt
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Antifa groups plots acid attack at DC Free Speech rally.…
Andy Ngo's GoFundMe (not shut down yet) raised nearly 300% of its $50,000 goal within 24 hours.
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