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Thief 4 - Costume Process Tutorial

I decided to do a visual Thief 4 costume process from the beginning until the end from my selfmade costume. It was hell of work and time, but finally I did it.
In a few days I will post more photos of the final costume in action. If you have questions, don't be shy to ask.

© Original Character by Square Enix and Eidos Montreal
© 2014 Artisan craft of the costume by me
© 2014 Photos taken by Samuel Kümmel and Keja Blank

Few more photos of the costume:
Thief 4 - What's yours is mine by KejaBlank Thief 4 - I own the night by KejaBlank Thief 4 - There are worse things in the shadow by KejaBlank Thief 4 - I steal and call it freedom by KejaBlank Thief 4 - For me, it's simple: It's a way of life! by KejaBlank

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© 2014 - 2021 KejaBlank
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Hi! love the work, where did you get the boots from?
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OHmygod as Garretts fangirl and fellow cosplayer, I salute you sooo much!
This is really incredible how much detail you put into it, the weathering also...

I bet everyone tell you this so my comment is nothing new, but really, I love the character for how he was portrayed and I must say that seeing such perfect cosplay of him... is one of better things I could see before going to sleep!
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Thank you very much! When I do somethiing, I try to come as close as I can to the Original character. And it is a pleasure to read, when someone thinks, I nailed it! It was one of my most complicated projects ever. And sleep well ;-).
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Das ist wirklich ein ungleublich gutes Cosplay und ich in echt beeindruckt. Hab deine Seite mal durchgestöbert und gesehen, dass du deine Cosplays selber nähst, dass ist echt unglaublich cool. Respekt vor Leder, dass ist nicht so einfach zu handhaben...
Dieses Cosplay finde ich super, so eins hätte ich auch gerne.
Also mach weiter so und ich hoffe ich sehe noch weitere sooo coole Bilder von dir in deinen hammer Outfits.

Aska Long
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Danke dir! Ja, solche Kostüme mache ich nicht oft, ist sehr viel Arbeit. Da muss mich der Ehrgeiz und die Passion packen. Wenn es nur eine vorrübergehende kleine Phase ist, reciht es nicht aus, um sowas zu machen. Aber wenn, dann mit allem was dazu gehört! ;-)
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Bei einer solch guten Cosplayerin muss man einfach ein Kommentar schreiben.
Ich bin gespannt auf deine nächsten Werke^^

Viel Spaß bei deinem nächsten Projekt:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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The photo at the bottom is my favourite of your outfit. Why isn't it in your gallery?
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I have around 200 photos of this costume. I can't post every single one of it. I just posted my favourite pictures. I find it a bit senseless to post more than 6 photos from the same costume. This photo at the buttom was just to show the costume in general. And as you know, people think different of what is the favourite photo. ;-) My favourite is "I own the night" and "I steal and call it freedom".
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Absolutely astounding piece of work and a great tribute for Garrett, my only wish would be to see the finished product in person!
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I know it is incredibly rude of me to ask, but I'm a horseback archer and I want to make my own quiver. However, all quiver patterns I've found look dull except for yours, which looks AMAZING. Is there a possibility to get the pattern, or maybe a custom made one? I am willing to pay for it, no problem!
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The pattern for this one are incredibly bad to sew an own quiver. I stitched it by hand (every hole one by one) and it was tough work for me, because I am no leatherworker in general. Regretfully I have no time to make custom quivers. I am very sorry. Even the leather was a special one. I bought it at an oulet and the seller offered me to feel the leather and explained to me the peculiarities of it. It is a kind of cowskin, when you fold or bow it, then the folded edges become lighter and have a a great effect. I never saw that kind of leather again.

I can take a photo of the pattern, but I don't know, if that is enough that you can make exactly the same quiver, because some things I changed meanwhile stitching together all the parts. And for real archery I would suggest you to make that quiver in a bigger size, because my quiver can contain just around 6 wooden arrows. And I guess, that is not many. When I do traditional Recurve archery, I need a quiver, which can contain around 12 arrows.
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If you could be in the opportunity to take a picture of the pattern, it would be amazing! The size doesn't really matter, for with mounted archery you hold 3 arrows in you hand, and if I can store 6 it would be perfect for a competitional run (3 turns of 3 arrows). I am not a professional, but I do stitch and repair my own saddles so I will probably come around quite ok.
Thank you so much for the reply!
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When I find it, I'll take a photo. It is somewhere at the loft *^__^*.
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Thank you so very much!
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Wow, sehr beeindruckend!
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This costume looks so awesome and it's definitely the best Thief costume I have seen by far (Even better than the one commissioned for the game by the makers)!! The corset doesn't really fit with the rest of the costume though, I think it kind of lets the rest of the awesomeness down.

Apart from that, everything is so perfect, the details are amazing, and the colour of the leather is spot on, and I can't get over how exact and precise everything is. The hood and face scarf are so great, and the leather makes it look all the more realistic, as if Garrett himself had just jumped out of the game into real life. The cloak and hood are perfect, the lock picks are a really awesome part of the costume too.

All in all, I think it's a great costume!

By the way, if you haven't seen the commissioned costume (which I assume you have) the link is here. Yours is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better though!…
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OH WOW! Thank you for your comment. :tighthug:
I don't know, what Eidos did pay for the costume to present it. Leatherwork always is an expensive thing.
It also costs me a slight disc prolapse because of the months of work. It was defenitely my most expensive and most challenging work so far. I also wantd to make the real corset, but in the end I hadn't have the nerve to do it. In the meantime I have another corset for this costume, what fits better, but iwasn't that complicated. Sometimes I just want to test me, if I am able to do a costume like that, for example. If a friend of mine hadn't have the leather machine, I would have been not able to do this costume.
So again, thanks a lot for your words, I really appreciate it!
By the way, I also ddidn't create the bow, because I wanted to do a traditional archery and I wanted to wear it on medieval markets. This is the reson, why I changed some things. THIEF is more steampunk than medieval, but for I am just a cosplayer in the broadest snse and I want to wear just real weapons), I did a few things different.
i apologize highly for asking this question. but have you ever considered possibly selling custom costumes? i love how you did this. and honestly i couldnt imagine a better version. please let me know if you have a price for making such costumes for others. again i apologize and thank you
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I won't sell costumes. It is a made to measure costume. And it is too timeconsuming. I never woul have the time to sew such a costume for others. And it would be really expensive, in every case around a four-digit price.
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That looks rad as hell-awesome job!
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Oh boy this is amazing! I love it!
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