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The female Assassin

So, here is it: My female Assassin Robes! Was a few months of hard work to sew that one. It is the costume I drew a few months before to show my concept: [link]
The other Photo you will find here: [link]

Me and the photographer had a lot of fun doing the photoshooting at a castle ruin! It was forecast that the moon would be shining on this night, but the moon didn`t want to come out and hid confidently! Nevertheless, my photographer took awesome photos and it was hard to choose one to show here.
Thanks you very much, Micha, for this photos and for your reliable friendship! :tighthug:

By the way, the photographer is the one on the photography "Master and Apprentice" in my gallery.

Enjoy it!

More of this photographer you can find here:

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Aug 31, 2012, 8:10:20 PM
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sublime i love you'r cosplay ^^
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Thank you very much!
Great detail
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wow, beautiful!!!
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Really nice!  I absolutely approve of the practical design.  I can't stand those that overly reveal skin.  I really like how you combined Altair and Ezio into one costume!
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Thank you very much!
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I really like this cosplay! The underbust corset is a great idea. It implies she's more of a brawler then an acrobat. And I like how all the details you put on the costume tell this assassin's story: her long hair is braided, which means she's feminine but practical, the fur says she operates in a very cold region, the fine leatherwork implies she's a high ranking assassin who gets the best gear, her shoes are soft for moving quietly (possibly over snow), and from her sword she's probably from Europe and trained in that European fighting style.

I like that she's not just "a female assassin," she seems to have a real character to her. I love it. I hope we get to see more of her!

See, Ubisoft?? We Fans can find ways to make female assassins work! Why can't you? Where's our female protagonist?
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Thank you. It is always a pleasure for me to wear the costume *sigh*.
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WOW! Nice costume! I want one!
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Holy CATS, this turned out absolutely bad ass--well done!!
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This is amazing, and I'll tell you why.

It's not a sexy version of a character. It's a fully thought out, functional concept.

You amaze me with this. Kudos.
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Thank you very much!
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Wow...Eins der epischsten Assassinen Cosplays die ich gesehen habe! Nicht so ein "Ich zeig viel Busen und hab kaum was an" Assassin Cosplay. Perfekt♥
Ich liebe die Stoffwahl!
Darf ich fragen, was du für Stoffe verwendet hast!
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Ach ja, und Hasenfell für Auschnitt und Handgelenke (gibt im Winter sehr warm. Der schwarze überhang ist aus Wolle. Man kann alles gut waschen. Es sieht originaler aus, wenn man Naturfasern verwendet und keine Kunstfaser. ich gehe damit hauptsächlich auf Mittelaltermärkte, sonst würde sich das Kostüm für mich nicht lohnen zu machen. EIn COnnorkostüm kann man halt nur auf COnventions oder speziellen Events tragen.
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Vorwiegend Leinen, naturfarben, kein reines weiß (gabs im Mittelalter nicht), Samt und Loden für die Schärpe und echtes Leder für Armschienen, Gürtel, Taschen, Corsage und Schulterpanzer. Braucht viel Zeit und Geduld. Stoffe sind noch mit Dunklem Sand etwas "dirty" gemacht.
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Vielen vielen lieben Dank für die rasche Antwort!
Du hast mir damit sehr geholfen. ;3

Wie gesagt, für mich bist du auf jeden Fall die beste weibliche Assassine!

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Oh gorgeos! I'd love to own this!
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Wow! This is truly amazing, a REAL female assassin cosplay! Everything from head to bottom is just perfect! Practical, beautiful and sexy without any excessive skin shown. I am stunned! Very nicely made, seriously.
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