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Locke Lamora

Character  Locke Lamora

Recently I read the first three books of Scott Lynchs "Gentleman-Bastards" and I fall in love with the whole book:
The story has something unique and special and I am very overwhelmed of that richness and imaginativeness inside that story. From the buildup of the created world to the unique characters and story. Just WOW!
This is a story which has no peer. :love: :love: I rarely read books like this, although I read a lot of books. The last one on that top level was Rothfuss' "The name of the wind".

So this is my first character design of this book. I tried to combine all the descriptions of Locke which are given in the books so far. For me Locke is a mischiefous, tricky, intelligent, slender, medium-height, brown-haired guy with bright grey eyes, who doesn't mince his words. When he loves, he lovs forever, he is a reliable friend and the leader of his gang.

If I have time for the rest of the crew, I also will draw Jean Tannen, Sabetha Belacoros, Calo and Galdo Sanza, Bug and Father Chains. The sketches already are existing so far.

I hope, you like my version of Locke Lamora. :heart:

Have a look at my sketches of Locke:
Locke Lamora - Sketches by KejaBlank

© Original Character by Scott Lynch
© Artistic depiction by me

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For whatever reason this came up on my dash again and I have to say, it's still amazing. The expression is fabulous, the lighting is stellar, and I love the colors you used. Well done!

I found this picture when I had just started reading the Lies of Locke Lamora. Now this is the only way I can imagine Locke to look like! Absolutely beautiful work! ♥️👏

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this might be the best rendition of the man I've ever seen. It has the perfect amount of shit-eating-grin combined with a slight amusement at himself for the audacity of having pulled off... whatever it is he pulled off this time.

Love this fucker
KejaBlank's avatar
Thank you very much. It is one of my favourite artworks ever. And I love this character so much.
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J'adore son rictus narquois, ça me donne envie de lire les livres ! ^^
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I love the books too! It has humor and is just plain awesome! Thank you for catching Lockes character so perfectly!
MerelyAFacade's avatar
Dang this is amazing! I'll have to read the book
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Nachdem ich deine Bilder dazu gesehen habe, will ich diese Bücher jetzt unbedingt lesen!
Und deine Gesichtsausdrücke sind soo wunderschön! Irgendwie habe ich in letzter Zeit das Gefühl nichtssagende Mimik ist momentan in Mode, also ist das hier eine sehr willkommene Abwechslung :D
KejaBlank's avatar
Freut mich zu hören! Vor allem, wenn es dich dazu verleitet, die Bücher zu lesen! Sie gehören für mich zur sSpitzenklasse fantastischer Lieratur. Selbst die Übersetzung finde ich Bombe.
Die Mimik ist bei diesen Personen enorm wichtig, um sie gut darzustellen. Ohne Mimik würde es nicht funktionieren.
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Good God you captured him perfectly! He is beautiful :D I fell in love with those books as well and the wait for the third one was way too long. 
KejaBlank's avatar
Especially the 4th book takes soooooooooooooo long .... and I want want want to read the fourth book ... urgently!
Thank you very much!
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Really coo, but personnally I have a lot more fun reading them since I imagine him played by Tom Hiddleston. ;)
AnotherStranger-Me's avatar
Is there any way to get a print of this? I love it so much.
Also will it have the name and URL on it?
Okay I'm a big dummy, how do I do that?
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A print is available now!
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Ienabled it for a print ;-).
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Best portrait of Locke i've seen so far. 
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God I love this. this book series makes me so happy. i would love to see your renditions of the rest of the Gentleman Bastards.
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Just for that smile I know a lot of women who'd cheerfully knife Sabetha to get him.
He looks like Gaspard Ulliel...But great art here! I love it anyway!
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