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How to fall for a Pirate Assassin

By KejaBlank
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Like always, when I play Assassins Creed, I have to do an obligatory Love picture. This time I was flirting with the idea to do a love scene on the round table in the Captains cabin on the Jackdaw. To do that I needed a lot of screenshots references to imagine the whole cabin, Edwards tattoos, the crates, the model ship, the bags, the tables and the ropes, the maps, weapons and of course, the RUM ;-). And the research of the love pose that suit the characters (coz Edward has a fiery temper and rushes in dodgy adventures). That is always a hard one to find the right one. 
At the beginning of my painting I was not sure, who this woman is that Edwards is holding in his arms so firmly.

And now, after I finished the game, I am just more confused about the fact, that I dunno, who this woman is.
----SPOILER---- First I thought of Anne Bonny, but after I have seen that dramatic scene with her loss of her babyboy in the game I came to the conclusion, that is wrong to use her. Then there is Caroline, his wife. After I have palyed the game and read the story, this scene never would happen with Caroline. Mary Read also wasn't an option, she is too much a friend to Edward and the fact, that she died in prison is a reason not to use her, too. After all, Edward was still a married man with "greater purposes than Rum and Plunder".
And what about his second wife? Tessa? He met her after his Pirate life, so ... damn. .. I dunno, who this gal is. Not a trashy whore, of course.She has to be one, Edward loves deeply. I can only imagine, that he get to know her the years after Caroline had died and before Tessa. A woman, he fell in love with, but died under weird circumstances, like all woman of Edward had. Dramatic, like all things in Edwards life.

To cut a long story short, this is my Lovepic. I hope, you enjoy this! It is my most complex Lovepic so far. And I hope a good friend will do a fanfiction of this, I am more than eager to read it!

© Original Character by Ubisoft
© Artistic depiction by me

EDIT: I am overwhelmed with emotions: SHE DID IT! Wrote me a story to this artwork: I want to thank :iconaltair-creed: for her fanfiction "Delicia De La Luz". THANK YOU SO MUCH! :hug: You have to read it:
Delicia De La LuzHe muttered and irritably drank from the bottle by his elbow. His eyes, blue and tired, stared at the maps in front of him spread across the large wooden table and could make no sense of what was drawn or written there. He had been at this for hours, trying to find that Spanish galleon with 10 000 reales on board. She had to be there somewhere – his information was good as to that. First hand in fact.
At that he smiled, chortling, and took another swig of rum. Smacking his lips, his mind a little fuzzy – it was late and this was not his first bottle of rum, not by a long shot – he rubbed his sand filled eyes. Glancing out of the stern window he started. It was later than he'd thought. He could just see the edge of the moon. He should have been abed long since. His glance caught the three-candle candelabrum on the table. The candles were more than half burned.
“Damn me...” he murmured, rubbing the back of his neck. He'd have to do this tomorrow. When his pa

EDIT2: OH WOW, I never expected to get a DD for this!:faint: Thank you so much! I am double surprised! :boogie:

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© 2014 - 2021 KejaBlank
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ClaytoneCarpe's avatar
Très réussi ! ^^
Yunior2009's avatar
One of the best game in the whole franchise
Knurrwolf's avatar
Aye, amazing Art and a great scene, you banned to paper.
OrionTheWolf05's avatar
Every crack and crevice, amiright? Amazing artwork by the way, I love the detail!
MpCapRuby101's avatar
Who's better at Swing'n Ezio or Edward?
xScarletFang's avatar
This is just absolutely beautiful! Stunning work! Will you ever by any chance offer prints of this one?
KejaBlank's avatar
It is fanart, so no chance to have a print on Da. Sorry.
xScarletFang's avatar
Oh I was unaware of that rule. Makes sense. xD Darn. Well either way you are very talented!! :D
racespiro's avatar
Ok...I absolutely love all your 'How to..." art.  They have such a raw passion about them.  Like a combination of pent-up frustration and a sheer attack of the moment.  Love 'em.

KejaBlank's avatar
VerisDesign's avatar
I've looked through all your art and this one is by far my favourite. I myself am an Assassin's Creed fan, but the poses and colour direction is just perfect, as well as all the small details, like the swords on the floor, the flintlock ball ammunition on the table, and the quill in the background. Very nice artwork.
KejaBlank's avatar
Thank you very much! :iconilavplz: It was one of my most timeconsuming artworks, I ever have done until now!!!!
Ronan-Gant's avatar
that deserves to be on the cover of a romance novel
KejaBlank's avatar
Thank you. It was on a cover, but stolen without permission. For it is Edward Kenway, it cannot be on every cover. Such a picture on a "romance novel" is more like trashy literature ... XD
MsMaraJade's avatar
This is just really amazing work!!  I have been away from this site for far too long, but I decided to reacquaint myself with it to peruse Assassin's Creed works for inspiration on a fan fiction I started about 2 months ago.  Then, I happened along your exquisite pieces, and I am entirely blown away by your talents.

Edward Kenway's story was the one AC game my boyfriend actually got around to finishing playing, as we both have a love for pirates and all the lore associated with them.  This picture so eloquently gives me joy at the idea of Edward having a moment of something lovely, despite all the losses he had experienced in his life.

So beautiful, and I am speechless by your talents.
KejaBlank's avatar
Thank you very much for your long comment. I truly appreciate every word of it! :hug:!!!!:heart:
N8Dreams's avatar
This really is a nice piece of art. Simply beautiful.
bluecommando's avatar
Best fanart I have ever viewed. Amazingly beautiful work.

As for the girl, I like to think she's Mary Read!
KejaBlank's avatar
Thank you very much!
Mary Read was just a close friend to Edward. And BTW, he was married and he also said her this very ernestly, although he left Caroline. Therefore this is not Mary Read.
bluecommando's avatar
yeah, I know, I read the description... it's just that I ship them so much!
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