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Assassins Creed 4 - A Traitor's Demise

Finally I did it! My first AC Black Flag Fanart with a furious Edward, who is up to kill a Traitor - Benjamin Hornigold. My first sketch for this I did in April, but now I got the right inspiration, mood and muse to do the coloring. This time I wanted to do an artwork with movement - a fighting scene. :boogie::heart::faint:
Hope, you'll like it!:D

I am still playing the game ( I am in sequence 7), so I would appreciate when u post no spoilers. Thank you!

© Original Character by Ubisoft
© Artistic depiction by me

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I've never done one of these DA crits before, so i'll try my best.

The edgework is very well done but could use more soft edges, especially in the periphery but that is just a choice, neither right nor wrong.

There is a great repetition of the triangular shape, repeated in Ed, the ship, mountains giving a rhythm and scale to the image.

The tilted horizon unfortunately takes away from the dramatic effect and together with all the diagonals and dead center focal creates a rather peaceful effect rather than a feeling of movement. The sash, being one of the few true horizontals and the highest saturation draws too much attention since you made a context of diagonals it really jumps out...Why are we looking at his midsection?

The perspective is well thought out and executed though i'd like to see more atmosphere, especially since the ocean mist would cause a dramatically more diffused BG than we see here; everything feels like it's close to us both due to that, and again, no soft edges. The waterfall especially should be misty and chaotic. Atmospheric perspective would be difficult to do as the color is so subdued, how do we make it more subdued? However, it is always better to go with less than too much; a great choice on your part regardless.

When we are looking for a feeling of action, putting the focal dead center is the biggest killer of motion. Most would find the tangent created at the tip of the soldiers' sword to be wrong, however sometimes discomfort is called for, and I very much like the tension it creates. I like how the rock bridge creates a frame for the closest ship as well. The post between both swords is just vertical enough to cause a comparison to the two diagonals of the sword. The tangent of the post and his tunic however is very bad especially as that part would be flowing behind him, mimicking the movement of his leg in motion in a secondary action.

Last, the reflection on the sword is false; from that angle it would reflect somewhere near his face on his right side, I think. To see the sash reflect we'd need to be in the soldiers' place, but I could be wrong as that stuff is so difficult to do.

Overall it's a great piece displaying a technical skill far above my level and it deserves great praise! Great work.
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Did you use colour pencils or water colour? It's a pretty cool artwork.
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It is done digital in Adobe Photoshop with brushes.
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your art style is amazing 
Wow! Just wow.

Beautiful work!
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the angle ! So cool ! It's look so cool like this ! :D
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This is really fantastic. 
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This is outstanding!! ~~~
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you're very welcome!~~~ 
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Hmm takes place in the Carribean and they didn't have Jack Sparrow as a background character? Not even a cameo or an easter egg where you find the Black Pearl in a bottle?
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Awww, I liked Hornigold! He were a right bastard—both in the game and historically—but I liked him anyway. This picture is incredible... Makes me wanna fire up the PS3 and sail around the Carribbean for a while. :)
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Holy christ, this is magnificent
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Holy crap, the perspective and detail in this is AMAZING!
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This is so cool!
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Edwaaaaaaaaaard.I just loooove that sugar guy x3
You hit him perfectly x3
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I love his cold look. I don't see much emotion of his face, he reminds me more of Altair the cold-blooded murderer. It's a compliment for Edward because in Altair this is what I love the most that he's a perfect trained assassin. Of course lovely piece of art :).
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Thank you very much! I still love Altair the most because he is a well trained Assassin and his character is deep. And i love the cold killing glance in his eyes as well as in the eyes of Edward. Edward has a fiery temper, you know? ;-)
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I don't know much about Edward because I didn't finish the game. Mostly I played multiplayer than campaign so I don't have much occasions to know this character better and I don't think I will know him better in the future. Game bored me so much that I started to doubt if I really am a fan of the series. After the trailer of new assassin and new city my love to this series come back but it's not strong enough to play AC IV. I hope the AC: Unity will bring back the glory of this series not only in my eyes. A lot of people have the same feelings about AC IV and AC: Unity as I have. My expectations about this title are very high.
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This is fabulous! Great job! It's so amazing!
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nice.their making the next one in the old west
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Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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