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Altair Ibn La-Ahad

After playing AC Revelations I was obsessed with the idea of creating an artwork of Altair with a golden eagle. I am still on it, but this image section i liked that much, that I decided to share in full resolution here on deviantart.
The artwork with the eagle is much bigger and i will also submit it here next time. For now enjoy this portrait of Altair Ibn La'Ahad! (By the way, I wanted to draw the facial expression of the original Altair Model, Fransisco Randez)

© Original Character by Ubisoft
© Artistic depiction by me
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1327x670px 646.52 KB
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10/400 second
Focal Length
8 mm
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Date Taken
Feb 14, 2012, 11:53:15 PM
© 2012 - 2021 KejaBlank
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amazingly coloured :heart: the shading is beautiful!
He looks like Sheppard from Mass Effect :P
Glowsydoodles's avatar
Altair <3 *mega-quiek*
Deine Bilder sind einfach der Wahnsinn *_*
reichan79's avatar
I found it accidentally but it was worth it. Awesome drawing. I like the idea of drawing Altair more like F. Randez. It's very detailed drawing. Stunning.:squee::happybounce:
KejaBlank's avatar
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You welcome, I hope there'll be more drawings like this from you :tighthug:
xVentressx's avatar
I don't have enough words to say how much I love this.....
Dahlia-Bellona's avatar
Have I mentioned how hot you made him look??
KejaBlank's avatar
Here you did!;-) Thanks!
Shedew's avatar
Amazing, very detailed and i love his face *-*
queen-of-olympus's avatar
Francisco makes everything better! I love how you did his hood!
KejaBlank's avatar
Francisco is one of the sexiest men alive ;-).
queen-of-olympus's avatar
yes he is. Have you seen Desmond in AC3!??????~~~~~~~
KejaBlank's avatar
I am still waiting for that game. I am a PC player....and it's so damn depressing to wait meanwhile all the others are already know the whole story...........bummer...!
queen-of-olympus's avatar
LOL I'm about... 8/12 of the way finished (12 sequences in all) and I love it. Are you going to do any art for AC3?
KejaBlank's avatar
I already have! That kiss-photo. Maybe one or two more, i dunno. Depends on the inspiration!
queen-of-olympus's avatar
Oh, right. I'll just say this: You need to draw Haytham. You'll understand once you play the game (Or have people already spoiled that for you?)
KejaBlank's avatar
I know about Haytham. But tell me not more. Thanks;-)!
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beautiful art :wow: talent
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I just love Altair. :) Revelations brought him closer to my heart and now he's almost at the same level as Ezio. xD

Not only I love Altair, but this art of your's about him as well. A really-really great job you did there! ;)
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