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LGBT Project

Made for the LGBT Project.


Help support us and spread the word! We want this to reach the furthest corners of the globe*! Click on the link below, choose what you want to wear, and pay! It's quite easy and you can use Paypal! About 30% will go to the LGBT-Project funds (the other 70% goes to the manufacturing company).…

* Yes, the world is round. "Corners of the globe" is just a metaphor.

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NOTE:  I just found seven websites with this image on it.  If you use my pieces PLEASE message and credit me!  
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This is beautiful
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Everyone has a right to their opinion. That's all I gotta say here. Lovely typography also. Really love the design. ^^

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Buddy, homosexuality isn’t bad but the LGBT takes things way too far
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it isn’t taken to far at all. What is taken too far is that you just insulted this post and the lgbt community.
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The LGBT started to defend pedophilia and the pride parades have people dressed as dogs…
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Yes pedophilia is different. But that doesn’t mean that all pedophiles are perverts.  And people dressed as dogs just really have an interest in dogs
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Also not all lgbtq+ people are pedophiles. There's also some really tame LGBTQ+ SHows and media things! *cough* Steven Universe *Cough*

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"Not all pedophiles are perverts" Boi do you even hear yourself? They are preying on young children, what is not perverted about that? And the people dressed as dogs, there are freaking kids in those parades, that is not something they should be seeing. I also forgot to mention people that have dildos all over their body.
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I am hearing myself. I’m also just sticking up for my opinion.
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Some pedophiles will take panty photos or rape the kid. Some pedophiles don’t
Patriotic-brawler1's avatar
Pedophiles are literally people who do that stuff. The moment you do a pedophilic action, you're a pedophile. And you're right, not all of them are perverts, all of them are sick perverts.
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and here I thought god loved all his children hmm I guess I was wrong I didn't know he was so fkn picky, well whater ya gonna do I suppose we outta stop bein ourselves and start bein what society wants us to be bc ya know, that's how much we care
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If only that were fucking true
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I support LGBT :D
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I am against same sex marriage, because the Bible says "God Hates Fags!" The Bible tells the Truth!
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Excuse me, what verse in the Bible does it say that "God hates Fags"?
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How do you know the Bible isn't fabricated?
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Let's be honest, shall we? I don't support gay rights, I support equal rights. It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, pansexual or genderfluid, or anything like those; we should respect each other equally.
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