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January 9, 2005
What is special about ~Keithwormwood is that he not only draws exquisite pictures, but he also is a marvelous story teller. Even though he is stark new to DeviantArt, this man has already proven his worth. Each deviation in his gallery is beautiful, and full of pungent character. Don't miss the memorable character of The Warden, and his story.
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The Warden

The Fey Folk, being barren, steal away human babies and raise them as their own, twisting them into fair forms. Often the fairies leave one of their own in the raided crib as a spiteful taunt to the oblivious parents.
The Warden was a young fairy who took the place of a babe stolen from an old woodsman’s house deep in the forest. He would twist his face hideously as the old man and woman tried to love and care for him. Mischievously, the fairy would break valuables, set fires, and make the animals ill. Still, the parents patiently raised him. This continuing love puzzled the Warden, and he slowly became accustomed to it, growing tall and healthy as a young man would from such compassion. He knew that he could never live as a man in the city, so he stayed with his new parents in their isolation, until they eventually died, still thinking him their ugly, troubled son.
In bitter grief, the warden took to the forest with the intent of returning the same sorrow the Fey doled out so generously. He now stalks through the forest, his size immense for a fairy from his humans’ diet, and the nurturing of the old couple. He captures all Fey Folk he comes across and lets them slowly waste away, savouring their pleas as they cry out in a language he hardly remembers. A young fairy with his wings clipped is chained to the turret in the Warden’s hat, where he is forced to use his man-catcher to snag those flitting high in the trees. An adder lives in the warden’s sleeve, darting out to capture fairies skulking in the underbrush.
Men who find themselves lost in the forest often wake up to discover a small leather purse in which is a drawn map showing the way to town, and a bundle of small, iridescent wings tied together with the finest hair.

Blue colerase pencil, finished in Photoshop.
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This story is my favourite of all of them, and the pic is vrey nice too.
Myrethy's avatar
Not sure if this character is creepy... or really creepy. Either way I love him.

My opinion is that the answer is "Yes."

majabj35QM17's avatar
hlootoo's avatar
Yeah, faeries tend to be ass*****. It's refreshing to see someone stick it to THEM once.
Nabil25's avatar
Wow...this is I like the expression of the fairy on his hat :D
childofthehivemind's avatar
so THATs were peter pan got tinkerbell....
marsella500's avatar
LionHeart-SP's avatar
when i first saw this... i was not all that inclined to :+fav: it. however, after reading the description (story) and coming to better understand it, i saw the real beauty it holds, and the meaning behind the drawing. bravo, you convinced a very picky :+fav: er to fav your piece. well done, and wonderful work. :bow:
So Cool! Very creative
yzorderrex22's avatar
I am amazed by your imagination and creative skill. Your very unforgettable characters and their stories are an inspiration rarely found anywhere.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
Agantyr's avatar
man, i love your work. The main theme of your art is simply amazing, middle-sided between steampunk and gothic. Great, very great.
KooboriSapphire's avatar
OMG the story behind this guy is beautiful! If only there was a movie to it
toadking07's avatar
I Just LOVE the story behind this one! Really great! Really amazing!
vasodelirium's avatar
hello!your work is featured in my journal:)
rennskye's avatar
I have to say that this is fantastic, and I love the information given with it.
DartGarry's avatar
Interesting characters at you!
sbwnyc212's avatar
You're work is outstanding! Brilliant!

Sheila Wolk
AllieHartley's avatar
i adore your work, this is my favorite :)

I love your art and stories.
happySMITTENemoKID's avatar
if the fey folk are barren, then how do they leave (or have) one of their own?
great gallery, by the way. i like the stories behind them. you should write a book =]
BD-666's avatar
I find the description a bit twisted, like some of the things in "Pan's Labrynth", but is highly detailed. In fact, this sounds like it should have come from that movie.
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