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Steam Walker


Long in development, but first used in the Boer war, the Steam Walker proved tremendously efficient in almost single-handedly demolishing fortifications and blockades. However it proved less useful against the common guerilla actions it was forced to deal with.

Key Features:

Observation slot must be shared by both gunner and driver.

Twin smoke stacks with decorative embellishments.

Short bore, breach loading cannons mounted on rotating fixtures.

Gas headlamp fixed to entrance hatch.

Machined steel parts incur an incredible weight to the tank, but render it both resilient and impervious.

Prints available here: [link]
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Where's Major Kusanagi?
Offredo95's avatar
Wow remind me a boss from Metal Slug V
Capostone-SR's avatar

which boss that i don't remember well is that big red tank?

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With it being steampunk, I'd imagine it needs alot of water to keep it moving, as well as possible large water tankers in the supply convoy.
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Looks like a walker tank from destiny 1 and 2
ShaozChampion's avatar
wow! This is awesome
Aesolei's avatar
Sweet design.
JadeGreen17's avatar
Looks like something out of 40k universe... maybe a little too steampunk for 40k but still really cool.
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A 3d model printable would be epic for steampunk wargaming!!!!!!
DaveSheepek's avatar
I love SteamPunk ^^ =D
antohammer's avatar
Love this kind of walking machin !!!!
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captain-pie's avatar
Your steam punk machine drawings are awesome.
Very unique.
LJRart's avatar
Really a cool tank design, reminds of Ghost in the Shell!
Would love to see some Steam coming out of that baby :) (Smile)  
A-Talking-Tree-Stump's avatar
How much coal would this need?
CMVreud's avatar
Steampunk Tachikoma.
Sunken-nautilus's avatar
Now your talkin. Love it.
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This is amazing... so detailed... like all of Keith Thompson's illustrations. way... is... no.... it can't... is... are... are you Keith Thompson? ARE YOU? It says so right there... Keith Thom---no way. Did you just put this here because you like Keith Thompson?... I NEED TO KNOW!... please... please?
Cyber-Angel-Rowan's avatar
I have been reliably informed that this is the real deal.
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