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Naval Battle

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From Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld.

Prints can be ordered just below the text on this page: Naval Battle Prints
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Bravo on the waves, very nice!
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Truly love your artwork, keep up the amasing job! An inspiration to me and many others. 
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Somebody call Chtulu and tell him I want a rematch.
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Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
The movement you managed to capture is amazing, I can almost see it moving!
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awesome scene. Love it.
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Whelp, more reasons to fear the ocean.
Alcaniruvi-the-Magus's avatar

It's got elements from past, present and future in it!

Excellent job!
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My favorite illustration in my favorite book of the series.
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Well, I'm terrified.
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Incredible style... Fantastic book!
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Do you use electric erasers?
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I use a small Sakura, and a larger Koh-i-Noor.
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I loved this series!
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Such an epic scene !
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Does the Behemoth have the tentacles coming out of its whole body? I love this drawing, especially how you depicted the Behemoth.
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It has a clutch of tentacles a bit further behind and underneath its head. I should be showing a more descriptive illustration of it soon.
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I (and a lot of other people probaly) would love to see a full-body shot of this beastie. :)
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Jesus, man. This is awesome.
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man this might turn ugly... AWESOME AND THRILLING ARTWORK TOO!!!
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What mediums did you use?
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right hungry beastie
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