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Leviathan Uniforms

Prints available here: Leviathan Uniforms
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Wait, are you the creator of Leviathian? :o

nope but hes the artist for it

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That's still really cool, because when I wrote that comment I had just found the Leviathian book in the ''free-for-all bookshelf'', and the WW1 themed art is what got my attention. Still haven't read it through, dunno if I even still have it, because it turned out it's just some fantasy story. Either way, it was a nice surprise back in september 2018 accidentally coming across it on deviantart the exact SAME day I first learned about and got the book, too.
What's more interesting is that this book was never released in my country, or even any of neighboring countries, so it's a very rare thing to come across.
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I always did wonder what they all looked like in colour.
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Those are very elegant, I like the vintage look here.
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I dindt`forget to add a comment
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Austro-Hungarian crew uniforms are in my eyes the best
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so gorgeous so much talent oh my god i cannot words
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sorta looks like the prussian crest.double headed eaggggggggg
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Omg I didn't know you had a dA account! I love the Leviathan series and all the illustrations ❤️Your style is amazing! 
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Your attention to detail is amazing!
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I loved your art in the series. I ALWAYS couldn't wait until I got to another picture.
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The Compressed Air gun looks amazing!
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Barking Spiders, I Love It!
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