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September 16, 2009
Alek and his Stormwalker by ~Keithwormwood "There's plenty of skill on display in this image. While there is never a shortage of mech illustrations here on DA, it's a rare treat to find a quality mech illustration utilizing early 20th century technology, and this image has an iconic look from the standpoint that it could be the cover to a period manga or anime. I can just see this young mech commander stalking across a wasteland pocked with artillery shell craters while crushing the enemies of the German empire."
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Suggested by broken-art-attack
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Alek and his Stormwalker

Son of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and heir to the Hapsburg throne, standing in front of a palace guard war machine.

Created for Scott Westerfeld's book Leviathan.
You can check out a trailer for the book here: Leviathan Trailer
(or with a tinyurl preview here Leviathan Trailer )

Art prints available here: Alek & his Stormwalker print
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Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Someone should build one for Joseph Wenzel, so he can use it to negotiate for Scottish throne. He’s a Hapsburg too, but also the heir to the Old Pretender.
What a great picture! Wow! You should play in this drawing challenge! ;)
Vallovesdragons's avatar
This reminds me of Pacific Rim <3 Awesome job!
charlymd's avatar
Franz Ferdinand is also a band.
He has the Aryan symbol.
And he looks like an epic Tord...
Very mixed feelings.
BurhatKerman's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, but the name for the cross like symbol is simply the "Iron Cross". 
thatonefangirl031223's avatar
what do you mean by 'Aryan Symbol'? Just curious
charlymd's avatar
Aryan Symbol is a symbol found on the Aryan and Nazi flag. Aryans were considered superior humans and were spared by Nazis.
Aryans consist of having blonde hair, blue eyes and a strong body.
thatonefangirl031223's avatar
Ah, I know that symbol. I was just curious as to what you exactly meant by the aryan symbol. 
(Also WW2 is kind of my area of expertise when it comes to history so--)
Archemios's avatar
I think his old man would be proud.  Rather, I like to believe he'd be proud.
PriksCreep's avatar
ChamaChello's avatar
Biggest badass in ww1 👌
PioneeringAuthor's avatar
*GASP* IT IS THIS PICTURE!!!! I FOUND IT AGAIN!!!! YAY!!! By the way, it is amazing.
lucien99's avatar
Aleeeeek *-*
Beautiful drawing!
( nice story, drawings...:))
TheCraftySnail's avatar
Barking Spiders! This is amazing in coulor 😀
ThunderYeti's avatar
seems like a very effective stance
julius1880's avatar
very cool. Plus he has that Austrian swagger to him.
Keithwormwood's avatar
A lot of people don't perceive that old swagger very well, it's too bad! There was push-back on the white cavalry gloves too, so I had to make them black leather in some versions of this piece.
julius1880's avatar
You did an excellent job.
Aksjotso's avatar
Alek like a boss - Gorgeous!
Frostymcheese64's avatar
DarkFusion9000's avatar
barking spiders, I believe I clarted myself
Azeliapielover101's avatar
*stunned by epicness*
nataliead's avatar
Wow! I'm speechless...
arcadian123's avatar
it looks EPIC!! I like your style and ability
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