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Snow Kitty
Thelira stepped onto the transporter pad and placed her duffel on the next one over.  The officer in charge of the replacements checked his information pad to compare her name to the assignments.
She knew it was a formality.  The Vulcan was certain to have the entire roster memorized, along with the physical placements of the Janus IV envirotherapy sites.  He could probably mentally chart theUSS Implicit's orbital position for optimum transporter range.
But she remained silent, even forcing her antennae to be still.  "Lieutenant Ceksan, Tidal Filter number 345.  You'll be relieving Lieutenant Jose Tyler.  He's to be ready for transport at 1325, Ship's Time."
"Understood, Commander," she replied.  He nodded to the transporter chief.  She felt the familiar, surreal experience of the transport effect.  Then she was someplace else.
The temperature dropped about thirty degrees as the beam faded.  She opened her nostrils and filled her lungs
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Hawtied House Chapter 17
The fifth night, Paul arrived with someone dressed as a Hollywood Witch Doctor.
"And tonight, Doctor Seville has promised to find us a Zombie!"
"Oh, NO!" Emma cried.
"What is it, Emma?" Cordette asked.
"Well, a Zombie?  Our Ghostbuster won't be able to help us! It'll eat our brains!"
"Well, let's ask our on-the-spot Ghostbuster, who, tonight, is…  Um.   Janine Melnitz?" Paul read from his notes.  
In the Firehouse, Peter assured the on call Ghostbusters watching the show.  "It's legal. She's an employee of Ghostbusters, Limited Liability Firm."
"Thus, technically, a Ghostbuster for the purpose of the contract," Egon nodded.
"And she gets paid overtime to spend an evening pointing a proton accelerator at self-centered young hawties," Winston said with a smile.
On the screen, Janine explained, "Actually, there are no such things as Zombies.  They're just ghosts with the ability to manifest in a nearly human form, with what appear to be solid
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Hawtied House Chapter 16
The spirit was a green-skinned woman, wearing a green evening dress that tapered off into a green mist below her waist.  Green tears smeared her green mascara.
"But her hair looks good," Emma said at Peter's elbow.
"Yeah," Ariel said.  "It's got more body than she does."
"Shawwwwwwwt," the ghost warbled.  
"She was shot?" Gail asked.
"Does she know who shot her?" Breeze asked.
Madame Tzilka stepped back a bit from the ghost.  "She very likely only remember ze tregedie, not ze detailz of ze crym."
"Shot," the ghost repeated, gradually becoming clearer, closer to a conversational shriek.
"Who shot you?" Ariel asked.
"Back off," Breeze told her.  "This is our ghost tonight."
"You getting this?" Paul asked the cameraman.
"Can we help her?" Gail asked Tzilka.  
"Ask er," the gypsy said helpfully.  
"Can they?" Emma asked Peter.
"Ghosts haunt because they want to," Peter said.  "That whole 'put the ghost to rest by finishing unfinished business' thing?
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hawtied House Chapter 15
Madame Tzilka looked the part, Peter had to admit.  Her clothes, hair, oversized tarot deck and jewelry all screamed Renaissance Fair.  Her accent was very Eastern Europe and probably very convincing if you hadn't had a Grandpa Venkman who remembered the Cossacks.  
But he wasn't here to judge, so as long as Madame Tzilka didn't step on his act, he'd leave her alone.
"Now," she was saying, "Der are zum very ztrong impizzions in dis voom."  She walked back and forth through the bedroom.  Gail and Breeze watched from beside the bed, everyone else crowded at the doorway.
At the foot of the bed, the gypsy waved a tarot card through the air.  "Vat are ewe zuppozed to be, zum kinda cosmonaut?"  
"Interesting," Peter said softly.
As she passed the window, she moaned, "Alvays dey are trying the ezcape, never dey bring der triboot."  Confused looks passed between the onlookers but no one could imagine a context for the remark.
As she walked back to the do
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Hawtied House Chapter 14
Peter took Paul into a corner.  "Now, I hear nasty rumors about a professional dissenter?"
"Oh, Doctor Singleton?" Paul asked.  "Yeah, she only has funding to run the NET scanner a few times a month."
"Let me know what night is her next pay-per-spook, then, we'll have Egon here."
"I'll have to check the schedule," Paul said.  Peter noticed the twinkle in the Writer/Producer's eyes as he spoke, though.  There'd be extra cameras operating that night, to catch the sparks.  He would have to put some thought into that.
For now, he just shrugged and said, "Okay, so no specialists tonight?"
"No scientists," Paul said, stressing the word.  "But we did find a medium."
"Oh, really?  Did they know you were coming?"
"No, why?" Paul asked.
"No reason," Peter said.  "I just like it when people who see the future get surprise guests."
"Well, she did have a clear schedule."
"Great.  So what is the medium going to do?  File a cease and desist order for
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Hawtied House Chapter 13
Peter wanted to open a betting pool for the third night.  He spread a green felt sheet over the floor in the parlor, with the numbers from 1 to 13 marked in fabric paint.
"Place your bets, ladies and, well, ladies.  What class will tonight's haunt turn out to be?  A lowly Class 1?  A Class 2 like the last two nights?  Or something more highly Classified, if you will."
"What if we don't want to bet?" Emma asked.
"Then you don't gotta," he shrugged.  "Just trying to have some fun."  The girls stared at him. "Oh, come on.  No money involved.  Take one of these poker chips, write your name on it, place it on a number.  I gotta warn you, Class 1's are so weak, you might well miss them entirely.  There could be a Class 1 ghost
sitting on your head, making faces at God right now, we'll never know."
"You're not taking this seriously!" Breeze shouted.
"Of course not," he replied.  "There are real people with real ghost problems out the
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Hawtied House Chapter 12
There was a small fight at bedtime.  Neither Hawtie wanted to be on the side of the bed that the ghost had appeared on, even if it was only a Class 2 apparition.
After three rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Emma won the choice of sides.  So of course, that night the ghost appeared on her side, between the bed and the door.
Their screams included an air of desperation as there was no possibility of escape.  They brought scientist and ghostbuster both running.  .
Singleton walked briskly around the apparition to check the laptop running her tomography scanner.  Winston eased around the side of the ghost to look it over.  It looked much the same as the one from the night before, but it held a length of ghostly chains.
"Still a class 2," he said.  "Probably someone who died since 1951."
"How-how-how-" Emma stammered.
"How do I know?  Educated guess."  He pointed to the chains.  "Ghosts with chains were an invention by Dickens.  Marley'
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Hawtied House Chapter 11
The cameras were all set up to record the climactic sparks, when the Ghostbusters scientists faced the dismissive Dr. Singleton.  
Winston was unimpressed by the scientist or her equipment and unfazed by her low opinion of the work of Drs. Stantz and Spengler.
"I couldn't tell a hypothesis from a theory," he admitted.  "But I was there when we kicked Gozer's ass.  So I have to say, there's got to be at least some element of truth to their understanding of ghosts and the supernatural."
"Coincidence," Singleton dismissed.  "Just because the mechanism works doesn't mean the theory behind it is sound.  A sun dial works whether you believe the sun orbits the Earth or the other way around."
"Okay," Winston shrugged.  He went into the bedroom to look at the equipment her people had set up.  Singleton scurried behind him. Delta and Emma, the girls scheduled to sleep there that night, followed curiously.
"Don't touch anything!  You've just admitted it's b
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Hawtied House Chapter 10
The Ghostbusters picked Egon up before breakfast.  There was an outbreak of poltergeist activity at a girl's prep school and all hands were needed.
Since it was daylight and the only ghost anyone had actually seen was a simple bedsheet-torso no one was alarmed at his departure.
In fact, Ariel and Breeze took advantage of the lack of a consultant at breakfast to downplay the terror of their experience.
"It was ONLY a 2nd class ghost," Breeze said airily, very nearly quoting Egon.  
"Like, they can't even make physical contact," Ariel added.  "Negative hinges and all that.  No threat to anyone that's, you know, healthy."  She turned to Emma.  "You DO have your eating disorder under control, right?"
Emma smiled and ate a heaping spoonful of mystery gruel with apparent relish.  "I'll be fine.  I take it your hormones were in a rare moment of balance?"
"Girls, girls!" Paul protested.  "We're not here to fight each other.  It's the living aga
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So, at least one internet Nazi has been trying to collect like-minded people to go protest at the funeral of the woman killed in Charlottesville.

I have to say, if I somehow did something that had Nazis (or Neo-Nazis, or alt-right, or sympathizers of any of them) protesting at MY funeral, I'd consider that a validation of just about every choice I've made in my life.
Things like, oh, 
1) Not being a Nazi
2) Being a liberal
3) Not being a Nazi
4) 20 years service in the Navy, defending their right to be Nazis
5) 20 years service in the Navy, defending everyone else's right to make fun of Nazis
6) Entering an interracial marriage
7) Embracing my gay son*
8) Waking up for 20,049 straight days without having accidentally become a Nazi during the night
9) Cheering for Indiana Jones 

*To be honest, the reaction of 'Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!  Not in front of the guys!' actually validated THAT choice....


First off, as usual, your pictures show us a slice of what is obviously an entire story. I want to know much more about who she is and ...

I'm always engaged with your work from the details you put in. Not just cluttering up the scene with a lot of props, but careful attent...

Too many Poser images are of a character or two and props in a black or white field of nothing. Or are posed in what are obviously pose...


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