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I have no idea why, but all of a sudden prints of my most popular work, Ship's Cat  Ship's Cat by Keithspangle and Ship's Cat (revised) Ship's Cat Revised by Keithspangle, are selling.  I am at a loss for explanation, but I am none the less very very grateful to all of you!  Thank you! 
Finally painting again.  My first project was to fix all the flaws in a painting called Ship's Cat (I left the original version up).  Good to be back in the studio.
Lady Hawke 9/10/14 by Keithsannoyingphotos  First of all, Thank You for all the Birthday wishes.
Second: do you remember last winter me going on and on about the hawk who had taken up residence on my back porch?  This was a very young Cooper's Hawk who had been found abandoned by her parents and who was rescued by the Wildlife Center who released her to the wild in August 2013.  In December she arrived in my back yard and was clearly struggling to find food and survive.  I began giving her a mouse a day to help her along and she seemed to be doing better.  Then in April, she vanished and I feared the worst(only about 1 in 10 hawks survive to become adults).  But today she appeared again, alighting on a fence-post just outside my studio window.  I can only assume that she stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday!
Hatching3 by Keithsannoyingphotos  For years I have wanted to get a sequence of photographs showing a butterfly hatching out of its chrysalis.  There were many attempts, all frustrated by something: a lack of caterpillars to raise, parasites killing the pupae, having to go clean up a mess for my Dad while the butterfly hatched out in the meanwhile.  This time didn't look promising: of the 3 caterpillars I was shepherding, one hatched out before I woke up, a second decided to hatch out while I was off filling bird-feeders...and the third...well the third time was the charm.  
This is the third in a sequence of shots I uploaded over on my other page(Keithsannoyingphotos).  This is a Variegated Fritillary Butterfly.  Maybe 3 inches across on its wingspan.  The caterpillars live on violets and pansies.  As I type this, the new hatched adult is sitting outside on a geranium while its wings fill out and dry.  
Lady Hawke by Keithspangle  Over on my other DA page( Keithsannoyingphotos ) I have been posting pictures of this Cooper's Hawk.  She showed up in December , posed for a photo, and a fellow deviant pointed out that she was wearing a leg band.  Later in January she began hanging out on the back porch like a lost kitten.  I was able to get close-up photos of her band and read the numbers on it...this allowed my to trace her to The Wildlife Center in Espanola(about 20 miles north of here).  
     As it happens she was rescued by them last summer...apparently she was found on the ground as a fledgling with her parents nowhere in sight.  They took her in, took care of her, then released her in August.  Normally that would have been the end of it: they rarely hear back about any of their released animals.  I have been sending them pictures of her along with observations about how she is faring.  
     I understand that the attrition rate among fledgling hawks is about 80-90%...I hope she is one of the 10% that survives.
KendleRJ liked my painting Siren by Keithspangle  so much, she wrote a beautiful short story based upon it.  It's well worth reading!
Just thought I'd put up a new entry.
I am not doing a lot of art these days, but I am hoping that will change.  I hope everyone is doing well and surviving the new year.:)
When I got the DD for Iron Door I started receiving a flood of faves and a few comments.  I decided to go visit each one and see what was going on here in Deviantland.  I still have 700 to go, so if I haven't gotten to you to thank you, don't worry, I'm getting around to it!:)
20100521-{704f0d15-c84e-4cd2-a4f1-de018d840686 by KeithspangleGomer the cat passed away today.  You might know him as the cat who posed for the painting Ship's Cat Ship's Cat by Keithspangle   I hope he gets another chance at cat-dom, only next time without that constant, hideous, loud yowl that kept him from feline stardom.  His heart was in the right place and he really tried to be a good cat, but could never figure out how to turn off that yowl.
I found him out in the garden in one of his favorite spots to catch some sun, and I buried him at the feet of a Quan-Lin statue, the same place where I lay to rest all of Nature's casualties found around the yard.
Cool!  I wish to thank Sylwia Telari for suggesting it and Jana Lepejova for giving The Iron Door the DD.
I did the painting a long long time ago when I lived in Denver and while I was working on it I concocted a story line to go with it: about a girl who lives in an alternate timeline, and whose homeland comes under a sudden attack by a horde of bizarre blank-faced soldiers.  She escapes the slaughter and at the request of her sorceror teacher and mentor she goes to the Iron Door and comes to our world to find a person named Andre.  As it happens Andre is an old man who was writing a fantasy story which just happened to depict her world(he did not know this when he began writing).  The coincidence opens up a pathway from our world to hers: on her end it is the Iron Door.  In our world it is the door to a normal building.
She discovers that Andre has died before he could finish the story...his death affects her world as the weird army come to destroy everything in their path.  She makes friends with some of Andre's companions and together they find a solution and set matters to rights.  That is my story...but please feel free to invent your own!
Anyway, thanks for reading this and thank you all for your faves and comments!
Or is Deviant Art dying a slow lingering death?
I am starting to get bored with nude photos...does this mean I am dying or something?
I came across an impressive artist.  Basically he is doing what I have been attempting to do, only he is doing it RIGHT.…  If you are using Google, look up his name and check out the images he has there.
ViktoriaGloriam came up with a good idea: putting links to music to accompany each image in her gallery.  I decided to do the same, so each image will--eventually--have a music video on Youtube.  It is a bit cumbersome as get the most out of it you will have to put up two pages of the same image, then use one to link to Youtube so that you can view the other listening to the music.
I discovered that when a painting project was starting to loose steam, certain songs would serve to "soundtrack" the painting and help refresh the emotional energy needed to finish the piece.  In some cases I will give the link to those songs; in other cases I will give a link to what I think goes best with it.  Feel free to suggest alternatives.
I was thinking about leaving the old entry up until next Christmas when it would be relevant again.  Perhaps I could just start with the word "Happy" then add a list of occasions and holidays and let you, dear Reader, choose the one that seemed most appropriate.  Let me stroke my beard and ponder the wisdom of this....I'll get back to you, hopefully before next Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone!
At last I am painting again, although I do not know how long this will last.
I decided to put some older work back I mentioned to Vampirbiene, this is kind of like a tv station doing reruns until the production crew can cobble together something new.  Several of the pieces are being considered for revisions(Siren got damaged and needs to be done over), so chip in with any comments or criticisms you might have.  Also feel free to nag at me for not getting new stuff out!:)
I gave up trying to find an alternative photo-sharing site.  So, I am putting my photos back up on Deviantart under still another username.  I have some paintings on the assembly line as I write this; I had to take a break to oversee the putting-in of new windows and other household projects...and I had a nasty flu which tends to dampen artistic ardor.  I'll put art up as soon as it becomes art.  Thank you for your patience!:)
is almost done.  I am hoping for a good year to come, not just for me but for all of us.  Happy New Year!