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Dragon Scale custom brush

By KeithSeymour
Here's the "Dragon Scale" brush I created to help me with my Silver Dragon painting which you can view here: [link]

Maybe it can help you too...? Have a try and find out :P

A bit about the brush:

* It creates a good looking basic scale. :)
* It's directional - so you can follow the contours of your Dragon's body with ease.
* It has a touch of 'color dynamics' working with it. I think I'm in the minority as an artist that uses the color dynamics option, but for me it goes some way to help add the millions of subtle hue changes apparent in real life but near impossible to paint in their entirety... durp.

I got some good results from painting one way with the scale brush to build up the main scales, then making the brush slightly smaller and using either a darker colour of a multply layer, i dragged the brush the other way, dropping shadows into the gaps.

Have a play and see what you think... And let me know!

I would suggest that you use it for a starting point and paint into and onto the texture that you create. It's really suitable for any kind of scaled creature - fish and lizards alike. Any other good uses? Drop a comment below so others can try it out :)

Please feel free to use this for personal and commercial work. You do not need to credit me. But please remember me :.) And show me your work!

© 2013 - 2021 KeithSeymour
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Thank you so much for this, I have been driving myself nuts for a week trying to get a dragon scale pattern to look just right without looking too right, ya know? Looking forward to trying this one.

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nice brush1!! Helped me!
how do I download it?
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I'm a bit late to the party but I just wanted to say thank you, it's a great and wonderfully versatile brush.
DarkenedSoul12's avatar
Would this work in Gimp?
fireytika's avatar
Awesome! Thank you~! ^^
Dreadbot24's avatar
This is fantastic, thank you!
KeithSeymour's avatar
You're welcome! Glad you like. :) 
ParanoidPyxel's avatar
this is such a great resource ! thanks !
Darkhero64's avatar
how to put in sai?
KeithSeymour's avatar
I'm afraid I've never used Sai, so I don't know. But from what I've heard you can't just import Photoshop brushes into Sai so I don't think this brush is compatible. Sorry I can't be of more help. :( 
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well ok then so how do i import it into photoshop
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If you're using a mac, go into your applications folder. Navigate to the photoshop folder and in there you should find a folder called "presets" and in that one, a folder named "brushes". Copy the .abr file in to there. 

If you're PC drop the .abr into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop??\Presets\Brushes (or where ever it is installed on your machine).

Then when in Photoshop, select brush tool (b), right click to bring up the menu, click the little triangle in the top right corner, and choose "load brushes". It should go to your preset/brushes folder by default, but if not, just navigate to it and select. It will give you the option to 'append' which means add to the bottom of your list of current brushes, or 'replace', which will remove your other brushes and leave just this newly loaded one. Hope this helps. :) 
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It helps me a lot..
luneu's avatar
This brush is great, thank you for sharing it! I used it here:…
KeithSeymour's avatar
Thanks for sharing your art with me. The image is great. Really nice, subtle application of the brush. Love it! :) 
luneu's avatar
It's nothing compared to yours! But thank you, I really appreciate it. :huggle: 
BlueyCrawford's avatar
This saved my ass, seriously, thanks for sharing this brush with us! :D
KeithSeymour's avatar
No worries. Really glad you found it useful. :) Would love to see what you used it for... 

I'm working on some creature skin brushes at the moment. Watch this space! :) 
BlueyCrawford's avatar
Well I think I linked it, if not just ask :D but yeah greatly useful ^-^
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this'll help a lot! Thx man!
KeithSeymour's avatar
Ah good! You're welcome. Check back soon for more brushes and art! :D
KeithSeymour's avatar
Thanks, guys. Hope it's of some use. Would love to see any work you make with it! :) 
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