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Composition Guides (Custom Shape Pack - Photoshop)



I thought I would share my composition guides. I pretty much use these for every piece I work on, so hopefully they'll be useful for you too! 

Just save the .csh pack into your presets\customshapes folder and load when you have the 'Custom Shape Tool' selected. Then you can pull any of the guides over your art on a separate layer at the top, to help keep your composition in check. 

Here's a link for info on composition and how it can help your art:…

Enjoy. Feel free to ask me anything. 

Artist Credits: 

Iconic - (Unknown) - Marek Okon

Thirds - (Unknown)

Golden Ratio - Midscrawl

L composition - Dave Rapoza

Cross - Daryl Mandryk

(Please let me know if you know the name of the artist I couldn't find. thanks!)

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I will let you know if this works for me. Someone suggested that I try using these to help with cropping photos.