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orb wallpaper .psd

here is another study .psd of my orb wallpaper, if you modify it please let me know.

if you download it don't forget to fav it if ur satisfied.

edit: 10,000 views!!! WoW! dammit now i got to make another one :D.

p.s you can suggest the theme an colours :D
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Nice job. Thanks.
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you welcome mate thanks for the comment.
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You're welcome :)
Thanks for sharing!
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sorry guy im been busy but i'll make the BG soon.
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if I can suggest the next one.. do it a bit more dark: something like a purple background, heartish-gothish vectorials..
I would love it!!
Thank you! byee
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great suggestion (since i am into dark and Gothic, i will take that in account) so far so good :D.

tanks foor zee Kooment
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And your asking me to help draw some of your ideas? lol

You seem to have things under control if you ask me! : P

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! wrong i might know some ps trickery but pencil work i sucketh big time
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okay, easy. Its just i cannot do any of this ditigtal madness...

: (

It appears to be all the rage these days...
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interesting version of my wallpaperpack :confused:
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actually i stole ur wallpaper and stick my name on it .............:p just kidding i was inspired by yours
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dont worry ^^ i didnt say that u stole my work, i just was a bit confused, cauz u didnt wrote in your comment, where youve gt the idea from... if someone else see that, could think u stole, and report it, and the dA ppl dont really care, they just delete it... thats all...
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