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Trans-luminescence - Subsurface scattering


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Trans-luminescence - Subsurface scattering


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Icon commissions open 25:points: each DO's and Don'ts Do's:bulletgreen: semi-animal, half-humans fantasy characters etc:bulletgreen: wink animation as well as simple animation:bulletgreen: shading and highlights if asked to Don'ts:bulletred: animals, monsters :bulletred: couples, frames and backgrounds Commission list1: eelball2: eelball3: eelball 4: eelball 5: eelball6:  keishota ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~update~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ commission list is now closed waiting list is now open ( waiting list costs 10:points: extra ) 1: FerociousApplesauce2: majakaril3:4:5: 6:7:


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HOW TO: Male Hands Reference

Textures n Brushes n Tutorial

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About originality in art

Many deviants around here seem to think that if they have seen a type of work before then that means it's not original. So by that reasoning, if someone comes up with the weirdest thing in the world, than that makes him original and therefore better than the one that drew something that has been done before. I'd like you to consider this for a while. Humanity has been around for thousands of years, almost anything an artist might think of drawing, has been drawn before. If an artist draws a portrait of a girl, that is so "unoriginal" you can literally find hundreds of thousands of such drawings. Then should an artist stay away from drawing

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Español   Hola a todos! >w< . Ha llegado el momento de hacer un concurso despues de tanto tiempo :,3. Este concurso es en honor a mi cómic -'The Black Key-' ya que hoy es su aniversario de creación :,D. Los primeros bocetos, la lluvia de ideas nuclear y esas ganas de darlo a conocer. Asi que me será un orgullo que se unan al nacimiento de esta novela ;W;. -------------¡¡¡ Comenzemos!!!  OBJETIVO.    ------------------------------------------ Será dibujar a mis dos personajes juntos; Clemerh Grayce Dawson y a Lucien Felux en un tema amor- romántico  que ustedes quieran. (claro, con algu


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I Will Serve You Tonight


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Chibi Maker 1.1

Flash Game

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