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Cappuccino Serif Font 0.563

Cappuccino Serif 0.563

There are way too many things to talk about in this box, so I will try to limit it to relevant-ish things.

You are free to use this typeface for non-commercial purposes. I suppose you can modify if you'd like, but if you do I'd really appreciate you asking permission before you publish it, etc.

Why beta?
Well, this one is actually pretty well kerned, though it's a bit tight for small point sizes. It is missing a few things though:
^{}*%#~ and all the assorted other accents. Also non typographer's quotes. I'm working on them, I swear, but I can never get them to look good. Also missing: italic and bold fonts. They are being sketched, but I'm somewhat sick of this typeface at this point and don't feel like staring at all my mistakes. Also there are mistakes. Not real mistakes, but like I'm really a crazy person who really wants something to look a certain way, but it's slightly off but not off enough to actually merit messing everything up; so I deal with it.

Opentype PS (Type 1)
Both Mac and PC compatible.

Expected update:
I'm going to fill in some of the gaps (most notably I want to take care of accents). I'm sick of working on it at the moment, but I'm going to say I'll update around the 14th or so for those who need the extra characters and junk.

**Edit 1/4/2011
Realized I really had no reason to zip the thing, so now it's just the otf download. Nothing major.

**Edit 1/24/2011
Major revision time. A whole bunch of characters got edited, kerning changed, things added, and more. First, totally reworked a couple characters I didn't like, and a whole bunch of minor changes to others. Second, I added some basic accents (acute and grave) and a sweet Th ligature. Third, some kerning edits to make it have better flow. The big thing here is that I think this represents the end of the major revisions to the letter-forms, now onto bigger and better things.

A big thank you to all of those who have stopped by, and definitely to those who gave a :+fav: :hug:. Your support has made a big difference and is what drives me to keep at this.
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Nice, I love the style. Any plans to release this for commercial use?
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Perfect for my cover demos.


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Thank you! I'll definitely link you and let you know if I use this lovely font.
Thanks, lovely font
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Really lovely font! Thanks so much for sharing!!
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Beautiful! Thank you!
Hi! cool font thanks for sharing mate!
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Thank you so much for sharing! :hug:
Very good job!
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Hi! This looks promising. :) I can definitely see some art deco in there!

A few tips:

* Try to even out the contrast on the different letters. Particularly the 'a' looks almost monoline, and feels like a sans font because of that. But just overall make most of your thins thinner.
* The descenders are a tad long in comparison to ascenders.
* On letters like 'i' and 'j', the dot appears to be floating off.
* Again, the 'a' looks a bit like a sans 'a'. Try use the same type of terminal as in the 'r' for the upper terminal.

Anyway, keep it up! Your Kei Serif is also pretty good. :)
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I really like the hand-lettered appearance. A very prolific font with a nice rustic charm.
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I'm considering using this on a informational poster about poison oak for a school project. It has a possibility of being put up near a nature trail by our town library and wanted permission before I used it. Credit would be given as "Font courtesy of keisans-bold, user at". First off is it okay to use it, second is that a reasonable way to credit you?
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Cappuccino Serif 0.5.63 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. You're free to use it for any non-commercial application as long as you credit me (my dA is fine), and you don't modify it and resubmit as your own work. Otherwise a link to the final product is always appreciated, but not necessary. Outside of that, go nuts! Thanks!
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So elegant ^^
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Thank you so much!
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Nice and beautiful job
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This is a lovable font, so elegant! :clap:
I really like this font. It really captures the right now in font design. Instead of trying to capture a specific genre feel of the past or future. Right now is what this font invokes. NICE!
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I started more or less from scratch, though the original conception was to be an old-style based on the golden proportions. After really only a couple of glyphs the font really took on a life of its own, evolving into what it is now. Thanks so much for the support!
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NICE! Love how you mixed contemporary and traditional elements in your design.
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thank you so much!
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