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Wow. Been trying to find some more work to post but most of what I've been doing is work that hasn't been published yet, work with Ty, or work on someone's pitch that, for obvious reasons, they don't want me posting!



I am busy trying to organise things for Ty's classes...if you're in the Greater Toronto Area, check us out:  Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp ( New classes posted earlier today; they start in January.

Laser Age Comics has announced that they have actual physical hard-copies of Taking Flight! It's available for sale from their website (, from their eBay store (…) or if you're actually in Scotland, check out the Comic Mart @ the QM Union (…).
Taking Flight is a book I coloured for artist Garry McLaughlin (; he asked me if I'd consider doing it after I'd coloured a few pages of a story he'd drawn for a 215Ink Anthology story (Billy Stings a Hornet). The pages I've posted are from the finished story...and here's an explanation from Garry, from the Facebook page for Laser Age Comics (…) of what is happening with the finished book,

"Okay folks, here's an update on 'Taking Flight':

The coloured version is with UKomics for printing, and will be available to purchase at the QMU Comic Mart on April 7th. After that, it'll be available to purchase online, and we'll try to get it out there a bit further afield.

The comic is also currently being seeded on Demonoid. Recently fellow GLoW member and Glaswegian comics creator Gordon Maclean found his brand new comic 'No More Heroes' was being pirated on Demonoid. Rather than wail and gnash his teeth at this, Gordon decided to turn it to his advantage, and has received a lot of press from comic sites and blogs, interested in his take on this fairly new and emerging situation for indie comics creators.

This is something I've been thinking about for a while - is it better to clamp down on this and try to prevent piracy? Is it better to just allow it to happen and make the most of it? Or is it an idea to just put it out there yourself and see what happens?

Stephen and I aren't in this for the money, and from previous experience, I know that it's highly unlikely we'll make any profit from the comic - we're doing it because we love making comics, and because we want to get our stuff out there, increasing our skills and exposure in the hope of getting professional work at some point.

So 'Taking Flight' on Demonoid is *not* pirated, it is a genuine, free torrent, direct from the creators. Of course we'd love for those of you who know us to buy the comic if you can, but if you want to trial it, or if you have no intention of buying it, feel free to download it.

No, I'm not providing links. You'll have to go out there and discover it for yourself. This is an experiment that could backfire on us slightly, but so far, 95 people globally have read 'Taking Flight'. In two days. That's more than ever read any single issue of the Year of Fear titles. And we're already getting constructive comments and dialogue from those readers and it's significantly upped the traffic to the website,, which is great.

Whether you do decide to buy or download your copy, we'd be interested in hearing from you, and why you went for the decision you did.

Meantime, if you want to pre-order your colour copy, head over to the website ( now."
tomorrow is the start of Fan Expo Canada 2011...I will be sitting at PO56B beside Ty at PO57A.

The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop (cartoonistsworkshop.wordpress.…) booth will be located in the lobby area, by the escalators leading to the convention floor. Creators for Holmes Incorporated #2 will be there throughout the weekend selling and signing copies of the book.

Heroes of the North (, the guys behind the Canadian superhero webseries will be at Booth 211. They'll be doing a Meet and Greet on Friday at 4:30pm, in Room 713.

Tights and Fights ( will share Booth 1000 with Pretty in Geek. Characters from their webseries will be available for photo ops, etc.; at some point during the weekend, I'll be there.

Ty will be doing three worshops for the convention:

Thursday 5-6pm Room 717, "Make Your Own Comic:  Assembling Holmes Incorporated #2"

Saturday 12-1pm Room 717, "Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp"

Saturday 4-5pm Room 717, "Superhero Stew:  Create a Character with Dan Slott and Ty Templeton"

I will be moderating two workshops:

Saturday 6-7pm Room 717, "Watercolour Masterclass with Jill Thompson"

Sunday 4-5pm Room 717, "Painting Workshop with Jason Edmiston"

Ty will be selling pages and prints...
Last summer, Toronto Cartoonists Workshop ran their first "Fit to Print" class. The idea was that participants (all of whom had to have taken at least one class through the school) signed up, chose whether they wanted to write, draw, or ink. Writers got to pitch story ideas to Ty Templeton (creator of the premise and the characters behind Holmes Incorporated). When he approved one of their three pitches, they were then sent off to produce an outline, eventually a script. There were weekly meetings; all were welcome to come not just those "presenting" each week. Artists were assigned stories before the scripts were finished, and all the artists worked on designs to be used for the Holmes stories--some even worked on designs for building, vehicles or characters that wouldn't be in their own story. The idea was that everyone contributed to the Holmes Inc. environment.

Once the scripts were finalised, they were passed on to the artists who had a week to produce layouts (for 7-page stories). The layouts were reviewed at the weekly meeting with all able to give their thoughts, not just Ty. Although the point of "Fit to Print" was to emulate the idea of working professionally on a published comic, Ty's hope was also to foster a collaborative environment where creators could become colleagues and friends.

After the layouts, artists had two weeks to produce finished pages. Artists had the choice of inking their own work (if their samples had been approved) or were assigned inkers. The inkers had two weeks as well.

Originally, Ty had the idea that he was going to teach everyone how to letter and they would magically all be able to do so. As many were leery, there was a volunteer who offered to letter five of the stories...but because of time constaints and various problems, I was eventually asked to letter them. After, it turned out Ty had planned to letter several other I lettered those, too!

HOLMES INCORPORATED #1 launched last summer at Fan Expo 2010, in Toronto, Canada. Print copies were available there, but it was difficult for anyone not in the immediate city--although it was possible to order online from the school, few did. you too can read HOLMES INCORPORATED #1. As we're about to publish HOLMES INCORPORATED #2, the decision was made to put #1 online...and so far, it's up at two different online sites (several more to follow).
And--the best part? It's free, free, free, gloriously free...FIFTY-TWO pages of comic stories for FREE!!

Check out Drive-Thru Comics…
The Illustrated Section… and download a FREE FREE FREE copy today.