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30 Runes



These are the 30 runes of the Hunter-Ryoushi (HR) Demon Clan. Each is the symbol of one of their gods. All of the Runes are based around the Core at the center (the circle), this is source of the power. The core is also were a Core Summoner gets their power. E.I. Keiseth uses the Kaiten Core Summon: Tenshin Makazuko, the Heaven Rune appears in front of Seth and the attack comes out of the center dot, the core.

The names of HR Demons come for the runes. At birth a HR shaman summons the runes, then two runes that best fit the child attach themselves to the child on the upper arm, and tattoo themselves onto the child. The name is then derived from these tattoos. The same goes for HR Demon Royalty save for one thing, all of the Royal HR Demons are marked with Rune Dualities ( i.e. Good and Evil ).

The Hunter-Ryoushi Runes and their Respective Gods:

Rune of Chaos – Set
Rune of Order – Kio
Rune of Creation – Urona
Rune of Destruction – Vear
Rune of Light – Jasnia
Rune of Darkness – Tashin
Rune of Good – Kaito
Rune of Evil – Genir
Rune of Fire – Relo
Rune of Water – Calde
Rune of Air – Ilxepher
Rune of Earth – Shin
Rune of War – Meins
Rune of Peace – Evkos
Rune of Love – Dalei
Rune of Hate – Hepulis
Rune of Pain – Pailus
Rune of Pleasure – Abron
Rune of Bravery – Vukker
Rune of Cowardice – Felka
Rune of Joy – Zeal
Rune of Sorrow – Xelphin
Rune of Mind – Bei
Rune of Strength – Nors
Rune of Body – Lex
Rune of Soul – Ander
Rune of Infinite – Omnius
Rune of Finite – Welimit
Rune of Heaven – Kaiten
Rune of Hell – Jigel

LRH HR Characters and their Runes-

Alexander (Seth, Verona, and Jason's Father): Body and Soul = Lex + Ander
Jason (Jashin): Light and Darkness = Jasnia + Tashin
Verona: Destruction and Creation = Vear + Urona
Keioseth: Order and Chaos = Kio + Set
Kage (Seth's Son): Good and Evil = Kaito + Genir

Lorelai (Kage's Royal Bodyguard): Fire and Love = Relo + Dalei
Sei (Verona's Royal Bodyguard): Air and Mind = Isepher + Bei
Voukashin (Keioseth's Royal Bodyguard): Bravery and Earth = Vukker + Shin
Meino (Jason's Royal Bodyguard): War and Strength = Meins + Nors

Listen: Renegade Heart (LRH), Characters. and Runes © Me
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These are awesome I love it 😀🥹