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Rose-pearl Battle

By Keino-Evans
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It's been a long time since I've uploaded anything here ;_;
So here's a Steven universe fanart with Pearl and Rose.
I love this show!
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He He it looks like Pearl is about to go super Saiyan with the way her hair looks.
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rose actually put shoes on!
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So pretty! i wish I could draw like this. xD
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las sombras estan topisimas y el color tb. ;)
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uuu gracias! *_* la verdad en un momento le tenia cero fe al dibujo, pero le di nomas y algo me convencio al final xD
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Si, las poses están la raja. No conozco a los personajes, pero independiente de eso, se ven con ene personalidad y vida. 
Convence caleta!
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Grax loquilla xD, se agradece ene el comentario =3. Son personajes  de una serie de monos pseudo nueva llamada Steven Universe. Es bien entrete.
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This is an AMAZING drawing! I absolutely love their expressions and the detail on Rose's hair.
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Me gusta. Le hace justicia a ambas
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