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Gen 6 starters: Greninja - Delphox - Chesnaught

By KeiNhanGia
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Finally, the game's out worldwide. Here the wallpaper version for three artwork I did for our new starters, hope you like it!
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JosieLidoHobbyist Digital Artist

Hahahah Greninja is the most epic starter ever, I love what you did with the water shuriken. Team Froakie :3

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shudderwingsHobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE greninja!  Froakie was my Kalos starter ^^ But I almost picked Chespin cause his line was also pretty cool
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SayToyBoat3TimesFastProfessional General Artist
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IzuyoshHobbyist Digital Artist
I like it !
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still epic! <3 concept of Delphox is amazing ^^ I wish I could see your starters from another generations :D and mega evolutions (mega Sceptile etc) of them and Ash Greninja too ^^
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I love this pic! Everyone looks like powerhouses.
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SurfingTheSeaWorldHobbyist General Artist
delphox :love:
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robochipv8Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love how each of these chars rep the 3 main party members of RPGs. DPS>support>tank
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I love the Kalos starters! Besides, 500th comment!
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TrueGrimReaper64Hobbyist Writer
Thief - Mage - Fighter
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That's exactly what I thought! xD
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This is amazing! Love the action in these slides 
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Super Sayan Delphox
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GameTagger457Hobbyist General Artist
id say more Kaio-Ken
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ok and what anime are chesnought and Greninja from (Greninja = Naruto obws)
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poster now!
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I love it!
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Chesnaught is coming...RUNNNN!!!Run Away 
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FionaXJeremyHobbyist Artist
what program do you use?
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TheLittleDoodlerHobbyist Artist
I need their powers in my life.
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
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Gecko-7Student Digital Artist
I love how the character of each of them is perfectly shown.^^
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