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  • Listening to: The sound of the television.
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The screen and Impractical Jokers
  • Playing: With the keyboard
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that
Whatever that next word is. Sooooooooooooooooo if you Watch me; you may have noticed I don't upload too often xD if even. That is NOT because I don't have anything to upload <.< that is just because I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator. I do the same with YouTube. But more or so with YouTube because my stupid Windows Movie Maker always freezes and crashes ~.~;;; when I mess with it. So I procrastinate on trying to see what's wrong with it too. (I thought my Husband fixed it once before; but the next time I turned the computer on... it was back to doing the same thing.)
ANYWAYS... kind of got off topic xD! (If someone knows of a way to have it stop crashing, please tell me =<!)

So yeah. Come next year; which is almost right around the corner. I am going to TRY my bestest to get on DeviantArt and at LEAST upload load one or a few things a week... at LEAST! I am not sure how I am going to stick to it lol but I am going to try. My first thing I will do <.< is probably take all the pictures/drawings I have on my Desktop and bring them here to my Laptop. Since I have the laptop around me more and it's more accessible to get on it xD that's going to be a step. Wish me luck =p or not. I don't even know how many people still watch me, watch me xD!!
For those of you who do...! Thank you VERY much for sticking around ^_^;;;;
  • Listening to: My fingers hitting the keyboard and cars passing
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that
[x] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend. (I'm married to him now; but yes.)
[x] You have your own room.
[ ] You own a cell phone.
[x] You have an mp3 player/ipod/discman.
[x] Your parents are still married.
[/] You love your family
[ ] There is a pool/spa in your backyard.
T 0 T A L: 4 (and a half)

[x] You dress the way you want to.
[ ] You hang out with friends more than once a week.
[x] There is a computer/ laptop in your room. (Yes and no, my den has the desktop; living room is where the laptop usually is?)
[x] You have never been beaten up (Got into a small fight at school ((Wasn't MY fault D=!)) but she didn't BEAT me up)
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to. 
[x] Your room is big enough for you
[ ] People don't use you for something you have. 
[x] You have been to the movies. (Almost EVERY Tuesday lol)
T 0 T A L: 10 (And a half)

[ ] You have over 500 friends on facebook. (Not even close to 200 ;<!!)
[x] You have pictures on facebook (DUH! )
[x] Your parents let you have a facebook 
[x] You get allowance/loan. (I'll count that this means my income :V) <--- With you on that
[/] You collect something normal. (What's, "normal"?)
[ ] You look forward to going to college 
[ ] You don't wish you were someone else. 
[ ] You play a sport.
[ ] You want to do something after school/college
T 0 T A L: 14

[x] You own a car/truck. (Muh purdeh car -w-!!)
[x] You usually don't fight with your parents
[ ] You have never got a failing grade on a report card in your life. (I got barely passing grades in school =o= ) <-- Lol, me too!
[/] You have friends. (Kind of)
[ ] You've never had a detention (Not MY fault ;-;!)
T O T A L: 16 (And a half)

[/] You know what is going on in the world. (I don't want to but everyone informs me anyway :V ) <---That's kind of what my Husband does...
[/] You are happy with your life. (Things cooouuuulld be better)
[x] You usually aren't sick. (Not since my tonsils were removed ^w^!)
[ ] You know more than one language
[/] You have a screen name. (Used to...)
[x] You own a pet. (I own lots of pets =D!)
[x] You know the words to more than 5 songs. 
[x] You don't have any enemies
T O T A L: 22

Total over all: 22

times it by 3 = 66...

101%+: A+
90-100%: A
80-89%: B
70-79%: C
60-69%: D
00-59%: F

D it is then =u= <-- At least yours turned out better than mine ;-; Not by MUCH xD but still...!

repost saying i got a __ in life

(I took this from :iconluciferbriant: just so ya know.
  • Listening to: The TV in the other room and my keyboard typing
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that
Okay...if anyone still reads this from me xD! I want everyone that does to know I am not dead...! I'm just really, REALLY bad at procrastinating lol and I dislike how bad I've gotten. Anyways, time to share some news on my end...since I've not been on here in FOREVER. And, this is basically how all my journals start ;P haha. 

ANYWAYS. Update with Yuko. I made her all up ... <.< did not get the jaw to move and did not get the digidrade out either xD! I am super horrible with that. BUT oh well. I will upload a picture of her later...maybe after this journal >.> so it's not like "next year" lol.
I moved into a different house with my there's that too. But xD didn't know I got married to him either! Whoa! I'm bad lol. Not many more surprises on that though lol.

I did end up selling my King CheeTigah fursuit indeed; as well as selling my niece's Bengal Tiger bodysuit. I sold those for cheap. Mainly thanks to my husband. I ended up quickly selling Yuko, my Spotted bat-Spotted Skunk hyrbrid lol. I wore her to Rocky Mountain Fur Con and then maybe within the next two or three months, she was sold away! I wonder if I'll see her again at a furry convention elsewhere xD!

Thanks to selling Yuko; I've slightly gained the confidence to make other's fursuits. I have now started up commissioning for others! Big news there =3! My husband kinda made me a website. I still want him to do a bit more with putting the actual SUITS on there and not just the heads...and some other things. But, I will see if I can get him to do anything like that tonight or...soon. Just in case you are curious or are wondering! My fursuit commission website is located here:

I even make badges and what not ^_^! So please, if you're feeling up to it or anything; I would LOVE to give you a commission. Or answer questions about it o.o or something lol. I may make another journal about this later again too.
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: Gum xD?
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that
Yes, yes, yes. You have read correctly ... and oh hi thar =3 I'm making a ner journal after like ... a VERY long time xD! But anyways, onto my newest fursona. Yuko is a Spotted Bat-Skunk mix and I really liked her basically the first time I drew her. I've wanted to make a bat character for a really~ long time; I just never got around to it. Basically, I am dumping out Suzaika, my King CheeTigah that I made for fun and am taking Yuko up instead. Did I make her for fun? Yes, maybe. But I think I can relate a bit more to my Spotted Bat-Skunk than I can relate to my King CheeTigah. I just ... xD wish I could sell Suzaika's fursuit itself. Oh well... maybe I'll try later? And if not ... o///o I've not clue. 

But, with Yuko, I am going to try and make her digitigrade, and I'm also going to try and make her move the mouth. Unlike Saiyu; which I have a static jaw...mainly because I didn't know what I was doing with foam xD! Let's see if I can do this... or how far I can get with this. 
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that
1.Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Yo, I actually DO have >///< a Boyfriend now!! :heart:

2.When did your last hug take place?
Hmm, yesterday around 8pm maybe. (I'm sick today, so xD no hugs)

3.Are you a jealous person?
I believe I iz a jealous person D= but...maybe I don't like to show it.

4.Are you tired right now?
Yes, I am tired right now ;-; because I'z sick...!

5.Do you chew on your straws?
Chyea... xD sometimes.

6.Have you ever been called a tease?
o-o I actually have been called that recently even ... xD  you know...boyfriends lol iono xD

7.Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
I have! In the past =p that's why I'm so bad ;p

8.Do you cry easily?
Maybe xD; 

9.What should you be doing right now?
I should be sewing my fursuit ;x but I keep procrastinating and the convention is basically a month away OMGOMGOMG! A MONTH?!

10.Are you a heavy sleeper?
I don't think so xD; if my Mom is even ~by~ my door, I'm usually awake before she opens it (it's opened a crack in the first place) or says anything to me.

11.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
I really do think ~I~ can =3!!

12.Are you mad at someone right now?
I'm always mad at my stupid dad lol. I hate him, but even for "hate", I can't show it ;o

13.Do you believe in love?
Yosh~ =3 lol

14.What makes you laugh no matter what?
What do you mean by "laugh"? Because I can go "heh" a lot...but rarely do I actually LAUGH~ and ...I dunno.

15.Who was the last person you talked to?
My Momzie <3 I told her "G'night."

16.Do you get butterflies around the person you like? 
Not butterflies xD but I do get really content and happy feeling.

17.Will you get married?
I...I...I don't know o///o Don't bring that up! Lol...

18.When was the last time you smiled?
A little bit ago xP

19.Does anyone like you?
Yes :dummy: I know that some people like me!

20.Do you secretly like someone?
Oh~ it's not a secret lol xD

21.Who was the first person you talked to today?
Today as is in around 12am? O.o Uhh...hmm, what was ...I doing at 12am...? x.x;! I was at work, but iono if I talked to a co-worker or a random person at that time...e.-a THAT is a hard question lol...

22.Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
My Mom comes close xD and my niece USE to be =< but I don't know anymore D= ...

23.What are you NOT looking forward to?
Hmm... well past the future x=?

24.What ARE you looking forward to?
Giratina shiny, Pokemon X and Y release, Torchic with that special stone...the convention =p spending time with my boyfriend...and feeling better sick-wise ;x? Oh, and money from work =D?

25.Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
He has told me he loves me and I do believe it xD ...reow, dun make me start thinking.

26.Suppose you see your ex kissing another person what would you do?
I don't have an "ex" and ...I hope I NEVER~ have to be that girl with an "ex" ;-; ...! I'd probably be dead xD after I get an "ex...". .. I'm...kidding...hah...hah...hah... >.>. .. ...

27.Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
Not...really xD;;; dat's scary.

28.Are you a forgiving person?
I am a forgiving person indeed; probably too much sometimes x.x;

29.How many TRUE friends do you have?
I'm not really sure xD;

30.Do you fall for people easily?
Huh? What's this mean xD? No...? O.o;;

31.Have you ever fallen for your ex's best friend?
I no haz "ex" xO!!!!

32.What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Cinnamon graham crackers :'3

33.Who was the last person you drove with?
My lovely Mother~ :heart: and my stupid dad...he did the actual driving.

34.How late did you stay up last night and why?
I think it was almost around 2:30 or 3:00 am...because I had my brother come get me from work =< I was so sick. And even right now I feel a little better, but I may pass out early again and thank goodness I don't have to work tonight.

35.If you could move somewhere else, would you?
I would move to Iowa :dummy: and get myself a pet Skunk! :heart::iconskunkplz:

36.Who was the last person you took a picture of?
I... don't know xD I think I took a picture of Cody (My Mom's kitty cat) a long time ago now though x=?

37.Can you live a day without TV?
Yeah, I've kinda done that almost before lol.

38.When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
I'm not too sure D= ...?

39.Three names you go by..
Saiyu ... lol USE to also be either "Cat" or "Bird/Birdy" lol =/

40.Are you currently in a relationship?
Yes :dummy:

41.What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
I dunno xD there are too many good ones!

42.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
I kind of do believe that...and I really hope that I have my soul-mate right now ;-;

43.What's your current problem?
I'z sick =< and I wanna procrastinate on my fursuit... xD but I DON'T WANT TO!!

44.Have you ever had your heart broken?
Death breaks...hearts, neh ;-;? ...???

45.Your thoughts of long distance relationships?
Oh, I know this one! Yes! It can totally work out. I've...had a long distance relationship >> but, we never had conversations through the phone or anything...and I never actually got to see a picture of him xD;;! BUT!!! I was with him for about seven years... =x Oh, have you seen CATFISH? Lol... x.x

46.How many kids do you want to have?
NONE! Zero! Zip! Nadda! I'm not good with children and I REALLY~ hate babies ;<

47.Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
Yes...I have found that hard xD that's ...why I never did. So, I'm glad my now boyfriend did that to me =p *shrugs*
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that
I know that people are allowed to be VERY sad over another human's passing...but what about the passing of the animals? Apparently that kind of thing is pretty rare or something.'s different when the animal didn't just...pass away though u.u; but had to be "put to sleep".

The sad thing is...they weren't even sick or anything. Oreo pee'd around the house for almost a year or so and we took him into the vets once and they said nothing was wrong with him, he wanted attention. Mom kept saying if he's still peeing, she doesn't want to keep cleaning it. So the day (Thursday morning), he pee'd right in front of her. So, she thought that was it. Myla only went with him because those two were boyfriend and girlfriend and always there for one another. They were kind of scared-y cats...only eleven and twelve years old. That's why my Mom regrets it a lot now. Because it was just 'pee' problem and nothing else...and iono! They were both mainly her kitty cats. Oreo and Myla use to love to just sit and cuddle up on her lap u.u; Oreo would also come to me and sit in my lap and if I was in the kitchen, he would hop up onto the table and stretch his paws up to my chest at me. ;-; He wasn't sick...he wasn't mean, he hasn't anything...! So it's really not fair...not fair at all. My Mom wishes that someone would have just...stopped her before she did it ... she said she didn't think it'd be hurting her this much! But...when you have cat that looks at you with love in his and her eyes...and they just trust you with all their's not fair. I know...we can't do anything about it now and ... everything with time will "get better" but's stupid. Myla on the other hand was a little bit skinnier than a kitty should be; but that was all too. >.< There wasn't anything wrong with either of them. 
My stupid dad is no help...and my brother is even worse...even more cold hearted some how. So only my Mom and myself get each other u.u; even though she feels ten-thousand times worse than I do.

People at work (Thursday night) tried to make me feel a little better...I'm glad that some actually do try...even if they don't really "care"...or maybe some do care ;-; I dunno...but, I just needed to get this typed or something. Because right now...I just feel so exhausted and so dead inside and outta place. Yesterday, my eyes were burning, I had a lump in my throat and both my Mom and my tummies were really hurting. I just feel like sleeping through out my weekend ;x and it's bad that...I wasn't even so close to them. I've broke down even worse when they were my kitty cats...*Kicks 'life'* If only there were a rewind button or something...! Cry
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD
[] You have a hardy nature
[] You're a born leader. 
[] You're a charmer
[x] You have a great singing voice (I dunno if it's "great" though )
[x] You love reptiles (Very much so~ owo)
Total: 2

[x] You have a jolly nature 
[x] You are kind 
[x] You love all animals
[x] You can keep a beat
[] You are a true gentleman/lady
Total: 4

[] You can be hot-headed 
[] You are short tempered 
[ ] You go into a rage when you're mad. 
[x] You hate going swimming (eAe)
[ ] You're the bad boy/girl type 
Total: 1

[ ] You love to swim. 
[x] You have a lax nature
[ ] You are a strong swimmer.
[ ] You like soft jazz music
[x] You can dance (I guess xD) 
Total: 2

[] You can take a hit or two
[x] You like shiny things. 
[x] You love/loved gems/metals. (Those are purdeh :'3) 
[] You have a bold nature
[] You have super hard bones  (No? I broke my wrist once xD)
Total: 2

[ ] Your head is always in the clouds
[ ] You have a hasty nature
[x] You love flying. 
[ ] You can be intimidating for your size
[ ] You always feel like you are flying
Total: 1

[ ] You love to play mind games with people. 
[x] You don't like to fight. 
[x] You have a docile nature 
[x] You love to play games 
[x] You often run away from things 
Total: 4

[] You are strong 
[ ] You are vain
[x] You don't give up so easy (This is different from the running away from things though xD!)
[ ] You love to fight  (Nope ;A; ) 
[] You have a bold nature
Total: 1

[x] You love the shadows.
[x] You don't get out much. 
[x] You have a bashful nature. 
[x] You like to scare people (I try ;'3 and hey, I actually DID~ scare my niece once!)
[x] You love scary movies/shows. (YES!! =D!!)
Total: 5

[x] You are a lone wolf.
[] You have an impish nature. 
[x] You're not a social person. 
[ ] You don't get along with people 
[] You listen to heavy music like metal or hard rock 
Total: 2

[x] You know a lot of things (define "a lot"?)
[x] You have a naive nature
[x] You stand out easily (I haz worn cat ears for years and years now xD)
[x] You love all music (Pretah much)
[x] You can do anything if you put your mind to it (I think I can, I think I can.)
Total: 5

[x] You have a relaxed nature
[x] You love bugs  (Yay bugs :dummy:
[x] You love country music 
[ ] You can play a stringed instrument (My brother stole my guitar ;x I'm more of a piano person anyways!)
[x] You're peaceful 
Total: 4

[] You have a serious nature
[ ] You can play a drum like instrument
[] You're hard headed
[ ] You're big
[] You have/had a solid relationship
Total: 0 ....(srsly?)

[ ] You have a cold heart 
[x] You love cold weather
[x] You love cold food/drinks (Ice-cream! On nom nom!)
[ ] You've broken someone's heart
[] Someone has broken your heart (Never had a boyfriend :dummy:)
Total: 2

[ ] You have a rash nature. 
[ ] You kill things a lot 
[ ] You don't listen to that much music 
[ ] You don't have good plans or strategies 
[x] You often hide in the shadows (Or I use to?)

Total: 1

Normal/ghost!? this even ... xD? I dun effect myself ;-; I feel...oh so weird right now. It's like I'm a Clefable (Before fairy type) and Gengar xD one of the same! ... ;<
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD
Finally after a long time of searching and trying...I get a job! My job is in Walmart; I am basically a "janitor" >_>! They call it, "maintenance" lol to probably spruce up the name xD! Or something. But yeah, I sweep a lot and I buffer the floors a lot too. Only on Fridays and Saturdays will I need to uh...clean the bathrooms <_<;!! But, it works ...kinda in my favor. I don't really have to deal with humans...err customers xD! Because I can just do my own thing really. I have yet to learn how to work a "scrubber", but I will soon enough. I think someone wants to teach me on Saturday maybe. We'll see =p! I also work from the hours of 10pm to 7am, and that's about ~usually~ when I sleep is 6am or so. So, see? It kinda works. I didn't even ask for that xD which is the surprising part. They just had that spot available.
When I'm at work...I do miss my kitty cats though >o< and according to my Mom; they also miss me. They stay upstairs basically the whole time I'm gone and one of my kitties Zack; stays in the kitchen (by the door I leave out of.) and my other kitty sits on a table by my Mom's bedroom ;-; and everytime my Mom comes out, she meows at my Mom "asking where I am." So...yea =<! The other three xD are just upstairs where ever. But at least two REALLY, really love and miss me. I hope that will get better for them and for myself D=! I also kinda miss drawing whenever I feel like it xD or sewing...or even watching anime or making plushies. But, most of that now has to wait until Tuesdays or Wednesdays when I'm off of work ;<! 
I just hope I can ~always~ attend my Anime Convention ;-; because you know...I love those conventions so much and that's what kept my mind at ease more "outting" =< or whatever xD my place to have fun and live for a bit!
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD
Or that ~I~ ever did xD! 

1. Name: Saiyu
2. Nickname(s): I've been called "bird" and I've also been called "cat" xD?
3. Birthday: November 6th
4. That makes you: That makes me a turkey! :dummy: I'm kidding!
5. Where were you born: On Earth xD <-- True enough
6. Location right now: in front of the computer the basement n.n
7. Shoe size: Uh 9 xD?
8. How many piercings?: None xO!
9. Tattoos?: Totally not.
10. When you wake up you're: Wanting to go back to sleep xD
11. When your about to sleep you're: Not wanting to sleep, rotfl
12. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
13. Chinese sign: Snake
14. Righty or Lefty: Righty-tighty~!
15. Innie or Outie: Innie~
16. School: Hateful ;-; and no more

Section Two: Looks

17. Nationality: Do you want to look into that xD? All's I know is Caucasian and Mexican. (But, there's more! My Grandpa had Polak (or whatever my Mum said) in him and iono.) 
18. Hair colour: Dark, darrrk brunette.
20. Weight: Well...hmm u.u I'm under and around 170
21. Height: 5'2" (Even though I ~swore~ I was 5'3!)
22. Braces? Middle school, I think.
23. Glasses? All the time u.u;~! *Regular 'nerd'* xD

Section Three: Private Life

24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? Nope.
25. If so, who? ^ ;w;
26. If not, do you have a crush on someone? Anime peeps <3 (foreveralone)
27. Who has a crush on you? Uh...iono xD? Probably no one ;-;!
28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf?  If I had one, NOPE.
29. Who was your first kiss: My Mommy, I think ^^?
30. Who was your last kiss: ;o
31. Are you a virgin? Yes~
32. Ever had a threesome before? Liek, ew.  NO D:<
33. *i deleted this question. it was creepy* <--- left by the person I copied this from. .n. Idk what it was! <-- Left by the other person I took this from ;-;! *So curious!*
34. Have you ever been in love? Define "love" and I'll tell ya. Because I ~love~ my Mom, I ~Love~ my animals. =p I even love my bugs ^_^ and stuffs.
35. Broken any hearts? Doubt it ;<
36. Got your heart broken? Uhh...dunno xD lol guess not?
37. Ever liked a friend? I liked my brother's friend and I liked one of my dewd friends when I was ~young~; but the like that's like o.O sibling like lol. That's all. 
38. What happened? Life ;-;

Section Four: Past Relationships

39. How many relationships have you been in? None, zip, nadda ;-; zero!
40. How many were serious enough to count: ;w;
41. Who were those serious ones: Wha? O_o;
42. *another creepy question* <---- LEAVE THE QUESTION THERE! I'm curious as to what it was. <-- I am so curious too!! ;-;!!!!!
43. What made them different: SKIP =A=
44. What happened: Skip~
45. Best boy/girlfriend: NONE, 'cause I never had one ;<!
46. Worst boy/girlfriend:  skip~!
47. Ever been kissed: My kitties kiss me xD!!
48. Who do you want back:  My first kitty ... =< ... (oh wait... xD;;!)
49. Who do you regret: Read number 45.
50. Why?: Because the above answers o__________o

Section Five: Favourites

51. Song: Way too many "favorite" for just one! One I can name off the top of my head? That can be Journy - Whose Crying now. (I just looked off my Mp3 Player xD leave me alone.)
52. Movie: The Goonies has GOT to be one of my faves :heart:
53. Food: Pizza or Spaghetti ;3 and ICE CREAM! O_O
54. Drink: I only drink Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or A&W Root... xD?
55. Store: Hott Topic maybeh~? ;3 Dey ish cool stuffsh.
56. Television show: Anime, Ghosts, Animals...basically xD things with that.
57. Holiday: Halloween. (I can prance around in my fursuit and get candy for it that'll last about a year anyways O_O?!)
58. Book: <_< I...don't read lol 
59. Ice cream: Mint :heart:
60. Sweets: Jolly Ranchers :3?
61. Crisps: Hot Cheetos, maybe xD?
62. Type of music: Anything that catches my ears o_O! (Japanese and English)
63. Artist: M-Flo (Popped in my head first)
64. Word: Bird
65. Time of day: Night
66. Dressing: Italian xD?
67. Alcoholic drink: Nope. I don't like alcohol. <-- Yay me either! HATE >o<
68. Colour(s): Blue, Black, Red, Purple =p
69. Piece of clothing: Lots of belts >w< pockets~ stings or chains~? lol :3 (I wish xD!) 
70. Character: w@ You're kidding me, right?
71. Smell: Can't...think of any xD
72. Shampoo: What ever's in the shower o_o;
73. Soap: What eve~ is in the shower~ again~
74. Smiley: ^w^
75. Board game: Uhh...hmmm O_o; Good question
76. Sport: Nope.
77. Number: 4
78. Quote: Nothing from the top of my head ;< /fail
79. Animal: Cats, Skunks, Birds, Dogs, Deer, Goats, Squirrels, Hampers...err, I love then all really ;-;!
80. Actor: Adam Sandler, Jim Carey...iono xD!
82. Vegetable: *Very Picky*
83. Fruit: Watermelon or Strawberries~! <3
84. Place to be: With my Mom :heart:
85. Thing in your room: My everything lol >w<;
86. Gum: Spearmint, Peppermint, Bubble... iono xD
87. Shape: Squiggly ;D!
88. Country: Japan ;-;?
89. Mall: *Shrugs* O-<
90. Car: I liek teh Mitsubishi Eclispes for some reason ;p
91. Boy's name: o_o Iono
92. Girl's name: Definitely NOT mine xD!~
93. Family member: MOMSIE!~
94. Restaurant: Spaghetti Works, Piccolos xD?
95. Movie place: o.0 No
96. Person to go to the movies with: Anyone that wants to go wif me :'3 <-- Okay, what she said xD!
97. Noise: Rain~ ;w; <3 <-- pretty ;-;!
98. Brand of shoe: Con...verse ... xD? I dun really care for shoes ;x
99. Brand of clothing: Tripp :3? (Again...I WISH~)
100. Body part of a chicken: Leg ... xD?
101. Swear word: ;-; I do NOT~ say bad words. Unless you think "crap" is one, then that's the one... D=!
102. Month: November; my birthday and~ anime convention tiemz! >w<!! 
103. Possession: Dunno xD
104. Team: For what o-o?
105. Season: I go back between Spring and Fall xD
106. Radio station: I dun care. <-- Mhm
107. Magazine: NOPE. <-- Mhm again, I don't read ;p
108. Favourite grade: Pwe-skool! I dunno... xD
109. Least favourite grade: Uh...anything after second grade Lol xD;
110. Teacher: Ms...Miss...Mrs...uh...o.o started with an "h". I use to snail-mail her ;-; when school was out and stuffs for a while. Never knew what happened xDD
111. Least favourite teacher: o.o You know, I really don't
112. Subject: Art :dummy:
113. Subject to talk about:  Uh... =p dunno.

Section Six: Family

114. Who's your mom?: The woman who gave birth to me...? xD <- True xD
115. Who's your dad?: ^ The man that made it possible...? <- Uh-huh >o<
116. Any step-parents?: Nope
117. Any brothers?: Three xO!! All older.
118. Any Sisters?: ._. Nuh-uh. my twin died in my Mum's tummeh O_O
120. Coolest: My Momsie~ <3 and bro-bro ;-;!~
121. Loudest: My bro-bro xD sometimes. (with music, movies, anime)
122. Best relative: My...bro-bro or maybe niece =p?
123. Worse relative: stupid dad ;O
124. Do you get along with your parents? For the most part yes. But x.x; but my dad is another thing...
125. With your siblings? Uh-huh :3 pretty much so.
126. Does anyone understand you? Maybe you should ask them xD? I dunno if the -understand- me. But they take me for who I am O_O;
127. Do you have any pets?: Yes Yes Yes! Can't live without my fur-children >w<
128. If so, what kind and name? I have two snails lol Nails and Snelly and then my five cats are Amai, Zack, Sweet-pea, Blackie, and Tinkerbell
129. If not, what do you want as a pet?: A Skunkypoopoopantses ;w;~!~
130. Can I be a part of your family? O_O WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU!? Lol, first of all!! xD

Section Seven: School

131. Are you still in school? Noperz.
132. Did you drop out?: Yes'm ;<
133. Your current GPA: I...have NO clue xD
134. Do you buy or bring lunch?: Never ate that ucky lunch ;x after I found...something in it. (or it looked like a 'something')              
135. ABC's?: What kind of question is this? <-- Uh...o.O
136. Favorite class: Didn't I answer this kinda xD? *Art*
137. Play any sports at school?: Yuck.
138. Are you popular?: ._. Never...ever, ever...
139. Favourite memory in school: ;___;
140. Most humiliating moment: I threw-up just a little bit in high-school after they made me run the mile in the morning ... ;< ... Hey, you asked.
141. Most funniest moment: D= What is this?
142. Most scared moment: Uh... xD? My school wasn't even haunted or anything; if it was O_O THAT'D BE SAH-WEET!

Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear

145. Chicken: Cute lil yellow fluff-balls of chicks xD
146. Dog: Corgi-worgies >w<! Lol
147. Christina Aguilera: Eminem xD
148. Ricky Martin: Livin' La Vida Loca xD <-- Uh-huh O_O
149. 50 cent: Piggy-bank :dummy:
150. Poop: Pee
151. Beach: Sand...o.<
152. Desert: Scorpions 
153. Water: Plain
154. Osama: Obama ... I'z sowwies ;-; letter difference..!
155. Love: u.u ForeverAlone.
156. Your little brother: Dun have one.
157. Butt: Cheeks xD
158. Clowns: IT
159. Wonder: Curious
16o. Brown: Hao-nao-brown-cao ;D
161. Banana: Peel
163. Parents: Momsie! ^_________^
164. Homosexuals: Colorful :'3
165. God: Bible.

Section Nine: Do you believe in

166. God: Not ... o.o really... ^^a
167. Heaven: Again o.O not really. Unless it's on a different planet O_O
168. Devil: My dad can be his son; my Mum says :dummy:
169. Hell: Is...that were we are xD?
170: Boogy man: Booger man :'3
171. Closet Monsters: No x3
172. Fortune tellings: Not really, but I still like that stuffs xD
173. Magic: No, Illusions, yes. <-- fair enough ;D
174. Love at first sight: NO! -Attraction-? YES. Love? NO.
175. Ghosts: Oh yes, yes, yessir indeedy =3
176. Voo-doo dolls: Same with the fortune telling.
177. Reincarnation: Hey it ~could~ happen. Sometimes one wonders n.n
178. Yourself: n.n;; Not really...maybe later...?

Section Ten: Do you

179. Smoke: EEW I WOULD DIE ;-;!
180. Do drugs: No, I would die... xD
181. Drink alcohol: No...I'd get drunk and die O_O
182. Cuss: No D= a bee would go into my mouth and...I would die xDD
183. Sing in the shower: Nuh-uh voice is electric xD I would die! 
184. Like school: Nope...because I could have died!
185. Want to get married: If I don't die xDD
186. Type with all of your fingers: I dun want my fingers to die :dummy:
187. Think you're attractive: I'm to "die" for... u.u yea that
188. Drink and drive: Nuh-uh, you can die! D=
189. Snore: That might lead to none-breathing and die O_O
190. Sleep walk: You can walk outside and die ;-;!!
191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: If it meets your eyes you can ...go blind xD (but srsly, I've seen a few nice once =3!)

Section Eleven: Have you ever

192. Flashed someone: Oh no no no xD! Not even!
193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: Ew ;< No.
194. Told that person how you felt: What person O_O?!
195. Been arrested: No
196. Gone to jail or juve: No
197. Skateboarded: No. x3
198. Skinny dipped: NOPE. 
199. Rock climbed: No.
200. Killed someone: Oh yeah, totally.  --NOPE.
201. Watched porn: Liek, ew. NO. OH please NOOoooooo ;-;!
202. Gone on a road trip: Uh...maybe if that's what you call "going to Mexico" ~_~;;
203. Went out of the country: Yeah.
204. Talked back to an adult: Yes. >n>
205. Broken a law: I stood on the grass they say not too :dummy:
206. Got pulled over: No, I don't even drive...yet.
208: Cried to get out of trouble: Nope?
209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: was wet ;<
210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: No
211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: No
212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: No.
213. Moon someone: No XD
214. Shop-lifted: When I was WAY~ young, iono how young xD like five or so maybe? I use to take those fuzzy mice ;-; that the cats play with...I dunno what was wrong with me xD;;;;;
215. Worked at McDonald's: No, Burger King? Yes... ;< 
216. Eaten a dog: I...HOPE you mean "HOT" Dog... ;x
217. Give money to a homeless person: Nope =x
218. Glued your hand to yourself: Super glue, wheee :dummy:
220. Had a one night stand: No
221. Smoked: No, nope, and NEVER!
222. Done drugs: No, I'm not an idiot ^_^ <-- yay ^^ no idiots here.
223. Lose a friend because of your ex: No
224. Slap someone for being stupid: lol I wish :'D <-- I also wish xD
225. Had cyber sex: o_o The heck xD!? NYUU!
226. Wish you were the opposite sex: Opposite...GENDER? Yes...Yes, I have wished/thought about that sometimes ;p
227. Caught someone doing something: Doing something like what o_o?
228. Played a game that removes clothing: No D=!!
229. Cried during a movie: Who hasn't gotten that lil weird teary moment >w<?
230. Cried over someone: Yeah. ;^; Of course ;-; and it's not fun...
231. Wanted to hook up with a friend: ...Noo?
232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: Nuh-uh o.o;
233. Ran away from home: Ran ~to~ home xD
234. Cheated on a test: No x3

Section Twelve: Would you

235. Bungee jump: That's kinda scary ;-;
236. Sky dive: Still scary... xD
237. Swim with dolphins: I'd love to! ;A; <-- Yus!
238. Steal a friend's bf or gf: No D= that'd just be plain mean! And stupid 
239. Try to be the opposite sex: CAN'T YOU TYPE "GENDER"!? And o-o could I 'try' to be?
240. Lie to the police: No o_o that's a dumb idea. <- Mhm scary police...
241. Run from the police: Again, another dumb idea. <- Indeed lol
242. Lie to your parents: I think I -have- lied to my parents xD at least when I was younger; had to be about something. Don't think someone goes through life NEVER telling at least a little lie here and there o_O So, I'm not gonna lie and say, "no" xD but "probably". Have I lied recently? No.
243. Backstab a friend for your own well being: No =< then again, I hardly have friends ;x
244. Be an exotic dancer: The HECK xD!!
245. *mentally scarring question here* <---. Seriously, leave it in just don't answer it. <-- I agree with you... ;-; b-because...I'm dying of curiosity! xD

Section Thirteen: Are you

246. Shy: Yes lol, unless it's over the interwebz n.n OR Anime conventions kinda help...KINDA... o.<;;
247. Loud: Not really. ^-^; 
248. Nice: Apparently :'3
249: Outgoing: Nyu... ^^a
250: Quiet: Yes - most of the time.
251. Mean: I'm mean to my stupid dad ;< 'cause he's just plain mean to my Mom and I. 
252. Emotional: *Shrugs* About...what xD I'm usually just happy?
253. Sensitive: Isn't that kinda like 'emotional' o-o?
254. Gay: Nuh...I think xD although my dad said something o.O today about that to me which was weird... 
255. Strong: Not...really n.n;
256. Weak: Kinda so... xD
257. Caring: ;;-;; Maybeh~
258. Dangerous: Nyu xD Saftey fiiiiiirst~ Lol
259. Crazy: Nuh-uh xD?
260. Spontaneous: Dun think I am =x at least not too much.
261. Funny: You tell me... O_O;
262. Sweet: ;-; Well~ someone~ thinks I am~~
263. Sharing: It depends ... xD
264. Responsible: Well, Imma hafta be even more so now =O
265. Trustworthy: Yes, I do think I am this ^_^
266. Open-minded: Yep. Yes, Of course =3!
267. Creative: Yep~! >w<
268. Cute: Dunno... xD
269. Slick: Nnoo...? O_o;
270. Smart: Maybe not that much xD since I think I'm slow sometimes...
271. Dumb: Well SINCE "dumb" means one cannot speak. I am not "dumb" because o.o I really can speak.
272. Evil: Oh no ;-; !! !! !!
273. Ghetto: No way! XD
274. Classy: xD
275. Photogenic: <_< Don't think so. Only in my fursuits n.n haha
276. Dependable: Maybe a bit xD?
277. Greedy: Iono...O_O;
278. Ugly: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Whatever THAT means. And I don't think I'm too beautiful ;x
279. Messy: I -can- be xD! What with fake fur or clay or ...eraser shavings flying everwhere.
280. Neat: I can be as...well o.o...
281. Perverted: Nuh-uh D= I mean, I can be...but I'm like o.o not lol
282. Silly: xD No?
283. A B****: A...what? O.o A Female dog? Well yes, I do have a female dog fursona ^_^ but she's also part Skunk :heart: Besides that, what's wrong with being a female dog? I'm no "stud/alfa" though =p
284. A Good Listener: I am =p
285. A Fighter: Nuh.... ;-;
286. A Party Animal: Nope~!
287. A Game Freak: lolyes~! I am a dummy!
288. A Computer Freak: Not really~ ^^'

Section Fourteen: Future

289. Dream job: Dunno... xD;
290. Dream house: I have a vision but lol, it's more about the back yard for some reason xD!
291. Husband/Wife: He's got to know about Anime so we can go to conventions ;< and LOVE animals because I'm gonna haz lots of those. (Especially has to like skunks because I AM going to get one.) He doesn't have to be a "furry" but that'd be a plus xD! He hasta be okay with me being one though =<! I dun want him to be a smoker, drinker, or curses a lot. (No cussing is also a plus like me ;x!) I also dun want him to WANT children because I'm not doing that. He can't be a flirt or cheat with other women of course ;-; that should be a given...! I dunno what else lol dun wanna strain xDD
292. Kids: Kids (goats) yes sure :3 they fuzz-butts, Children and babies, no!! NO! >o<!
293. Names: Zaiden shall ...maybe be my Skunk's or Corgi's name n.n
294. Pets: Probably going to have lots of animals, a dog or two, a few thousand cats xDD a Skunk, Possum, a Gecko some Hermit Crabs, maybe a snake ...some fish... >_> I want a zoo xD
295. Car: Anything that's dependable. <-- Okay ;'3
296. Age you would want to get married: Who knows ;<
297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: Dunno~? o^o
298. Honeymoon: What's that :'3? Lolz

Section Fifteen: Your friends 

299. Best friend(s): Uhhh... x_x
300. Known the longest: Uhh...again...unless my "best" friend can be my niece/bro-bro/mom ... ;< then...iono...
301. Craziest: ;-; Huh?
302. Loudest: Niece?
303. Shyest: Me, I am my own friend and I am the shyest.
304. Best hair: I also have the best hair...apparently <_<
305. Best eyes: Iono ;o
306. Best body: Bro-bro x.x
307. Most Athletic: Bro-bro again ;x
308. Hot-Tempered: I...dunno... xD
309. Most impatient: Dunno again o.o;
310. Shortest: My niece or I
311. Tallest: Bro-bro
312. Skinniest: Bro-bro...even though he says he's "fat" all the time ~_~
313. Best singer: I dunno xD
314. Funniest: Uh...o.< 
315. Can always make you laugh: I'm not totally sure about that "laugh" thing o_o;!(ForeverBlueJeans can make me giggle and smile the most though xD)
316. Wish you talked to more: xD
317. Wish you saw more: Niece u.u;
318. Who drives you insane after a while: Niece ;x
319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: Niece DID stay for a while xD never got 'sick' of her ...but, there were some things that were like ..o.o well, you know lol.
320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': lolno
321. Whose always been there when you need them: Momsie... ;-;?
322. Who is like your family: They...ARE ;__;
323. How many friends do you have?: Zero. (But I do have some nice online friends >w<;! At least six online ;-;!!)
324. How many are really close? Uhm... o.O

Section Sixteen: The last

325. Thing you ate: Pizza Rolls
326. Thing you drank: Pepsi
327. Thing you wore: Clothes... xD The heck?
328. Thing you did: Answered question 327 XD <-- Uh-huh and read that.
329. Place you went: Taco Bell xD <-- OH MY GOSH!! ME TOO...O_O
330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: Nothing~ xD
331. Person you saw: My Mom.
332. Person you hugged: Uh...^^a
333. Person you kissed: My kitty-cat Amai's head >w< 
334. *creepy question alert* <--- WILL YOU LEAVE THE FREAKIN' QUESTIONS?!?! ;A; <-- Lol... ;-; SRSLY~~!~~~
335. Person you talked to online: Basically ~ForeverBlueJeans >w<; lolz Heart 
336. Person you talked to on the phone: Worker person lady ma'am named Carey xD?
337. Song you heard: It's been like...a full day xD without a song so...I dun remember.
338. Show you saw: Ghost Adventures.
339. Time you fought with your parents: What do you mean by "fought"? Never. Had a little arguement type thing a while ago though ;< because something annoying was happening...*dislike*
340. Time you fought with a friend: xD Iono~
341. Words you said:  "What last words I said?"? xD?? Like NOW or...?

Section Seventeen: Now

343. What are you eating: Nothing Sweating a little...
344. What are you drinking: Nothing~
345. What are you thinking: Why is this person assuming I'm eating and drinking things at this moment? xP
346. What are you wearing: Black t-shirt with a leopard face on it~! I am a dummy! Heart
347. What are you doing: This meme~? ^-^;
349. Hair: Uh... lol, it goes past my butt xD
350. Mood: Happy-ish (purring kitty beside me)
351. Listening to: My purring kitty beside me :dummy:
352. Talking to anyone: Not...right now o_O?
353. Watching anything: Nope.

Section Eighteen: Yes or No

354. Are you a vegetarian: Nope
355. Are you a carnivore: More or so... D=
356. Are you heterosexual: Sure~
357. Do you like penguins: Penguins :dummy:
358. Do you write poetry: I use to xD kinda stopped on that...
359. Do you see stupid people: Yes, of course.
360. You + Me: Again xO What or WHO are you!? Lol :3
361. Do you like the Osbournes: Sure... o.O?
362. Can you see flying pigs: No o-o
363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: Yep ^_^
364. Are you from Afghanistan: No 
365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: No...? Do you have something with her? O.o this is the second time you've mentioned her.
366. Are you a zombie: No.                                                      
367. Am i annoying you: No. n.n                                                                                         
368. Do you bite your nails: ;< Sometimes...                                                                                                 
369. Can you cross your eyes: Yes xD                                                                                               
370. Do you make your bed in the morning: No. I sleep in the morning :dummy:
371. Have you touched someone's private part: NO! That's "PRIVATE" for a reason xO!!!!

Section Nineteen: This or That

372. Winter or Summer:  Winter~!!
373. Spring or Autumn: Uh... =< I keep doing back and forth. 
374. Shakira or Britney: Britney
375. MTV or VH1: Iono xDD
376. Black or White: Black color, white is too bright and plain O_O
377. Yellow or Pink: Pink...I guess... ;x...hmm
378. Football or Basketball: Baseball :dummy: (Imma Rebel xD!)
379. Mobile Phone or Pager: Mobile phone...even though I no haz
380. Pen or Pencil: Pen ^_^
381. Cold or Hot: Cold.
382. Tattoos or Piercings: I guess tatoos. o.o;
383. Inside or Outside: Inside~ >w<
384. Weed or Alcohol: NOPE
385. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
386. Tape or Glue: Tape (Duct tape can fix anything!~)
387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: The heck is "In-n-Out"?

Section Twenty: Opinions

388. What do you think about classical music: It's not my favorite
389. About boy bands: I miss my Backstreet Boys ;-; (and N*Sync too)
390. About suicide: It's sad, and unnecessary. If anything, it causes more problems than it's supposed to fix.  It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem~ <-- Well typed... xD I'll stick with that lol.
391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: That is never a good thing ;-; nothing should EVER be FORCED~!
392. About teen pregnancy: "Is it /really/ that hard to use a condom, birth control, or you know, JUST NOT HAVE SEX. Like, do you /really/ need to be fooling around with people you probably won't marry or ever see again? That's stupid! You should only have sexy-time with someone you /know/ you'll love for the rest of your life =A= and even then, you should probably wait till you're married. Jeez."  (<-- lol perfect.) <--- xD '
393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: I dunno lol, I hope I'll actually have a "life" though... O_O;! And my Skunk by then <3
394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: Who knows, that's like asking, "Who will you make friends with five years from now." >_>
395. About gay men: Most seem really nice xD But you know, "do unto others". (Or just shut up and try to sneak away because I dun like being mean ;-; xD)

Section Twenty-One:

396. Do you have a website: I don't have my own website...o.O;
398. Current time: 1:38 AM.
399. Any shout outs: Shout out to my girly Blue :dummy: because you're just too awesome xD! And we'z close on here!
400. Last thoughts: I'm nervous about tonight... ;-; first job really...
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD
(Answered as Saiyu)

1.) What's your name?
Saiyu ^^

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
Well, "Sai" in Japanese means, "Paint"...o.o and "Yuu" can~ mean "leisurely". Lol, I don't paint, but I do draw...a lot! And I love to be leisurely about things. So, put that together and drop a "u" out ;p you'll have Saiyu. (Just kidding, I got this name because of my favorite first anime was something called "Saiyuki", I dropped the "ki" and took what was less xD! I do like the other version of this name though...haha! Kinda fits me.)

3. What is your status?
Single...and I would NOT even know what to do with a mate ;< since all I know about them are shows and movies... xD nothing in real life.

4.) Have any abilities or powers?
I can spray!...Nah =< I'm kidding again...! I only WISH that I could spray some people sometimes ;<! But being part Cat, I was born without a scent gland.

5.) Stop being a hornswoggle!
o.o I dunno...if I should take offence to that or not xD

6.) Uh... if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Nuh-uh ;-; I'd be crushed in seconds flat! Besides that, I'm pretty much a "pacifist".

7.) Have any family members?
Ayotema is my niece and my brother is Zen and I have a "twin" sister by the name of Nizuri :'3 even though we look nothing alike lol. I also have a mother...of course xD (andastupidfatherIrathernothave)

8.) Oh? How about pets?
I have five kitty cats ;3

9.) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like?
I don't like my dad...O_O! I don't like to be woken up in the morning...or early afternoon xD or...anytime really; just let me sleep ;-;! Lol... 

10.) Something that you do like?
I love my animals and they all love me xD! I love to play video games and draw :'3 and I love to dress up in cosplay and attend anime conventions ^_^ oh! And sew! 

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
See above <-- Uh-huh :3 do that.

12.) Have you ever gone through pain yourself?
Who ~hasn't~ gone through pain themselves, tell me that one =<!

13.) Ever had a strange dream before?
Hmmm e.- Well...of course I have xD but that doesn't mean I've remembered those!

14.) What kind of animal are you?
I'm a Skunk and a Kitty Cat >w<

15.) Your worst habits?
I...bite my nails from time to time; I procrastinate and forget a lot o-o;! I'm just plain lazy a lot too >o<;;!

16.) Do you have a favorite artist you look up to anyone at all?
Not sure o.o I mean, there are LOT~ of awesome artists out there; :iconminori-touketsu: is one of them xD I typed, there are more!

17.) Gay, straight, or bi?
Uh...I dunno I -guess- I am "straight" xD?

18.) Do you currently attend college?
Nuh-uh, school was never good to me ;-; so...I dun think college would be either.

19.) Ever wanna get married one day?
Not really; I don't care if it happens...but if it DOES..O_o I am NOT~ wearing a dress! HE is xDD

20.) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Fan...what? Lol...iono ;-; if I do, can you tell me xD? 

21.) What are you most afraid of?
Being without my Mommy for the rest of my life; I rather go with her =<! 

22.)What colour is your hair?
White :'3 it use to be light blue though.

23.) Eyes?

24.) What do you usually wear?
I...don't really like to wear clothes ;p they get to hot with all this fur >o<! Besides that, nothing is showing =3 

25.)What's your religion?
I don't have one...I think everything has a piece of truth...maybe though xD 

26.)Do you wish this quiz is over?
Nyu~ ask meh moar stuffies!

27.) Well, it's still not over.
Yay! Questions~ :3 *Sits down and swishes tail* 

28.) Anyways, where do you live?
I life in a house ^_^ with my Mommy :iconbigheartplz:, my brother :heart: and...of course my stupid dad :iconbrokenheartplz:

29.) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?
Middle... =o we doin' a'ight >o< 

30.) How many friends do you have?
u.u; I ...don't know anymore... 

31.) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
I dunno... xD I'm trying to see if this job I haz now shall change me for some bettah! 

32.) What are your thoughts on pie?
I dun liek pie =<! I love the whipped cream though <3!! 

33.) Alright. What's your favourite food?
Uhm, spaghetti :3 oh! or maybe pizza from Pizza Hut and mmmmm~ their breadsticks >w<! 

34.) Favorite drink?
I like to drink Pepsi, kinda like to drink Dr. Pepper and I also like to drink A&W Root Beer or so. NOT BEER >;O NOTHING THAT HAS ALCOHOL OR EVEN WINE...! :3 M'kay?

35.) What is your favorite place?
Bed or just in my house. <-- Uh-huh and Anime conventions <3

36.) Least favorite?
So far...I think it's Mexico ;<? 

37.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Not really, but...I'm really sleepy ;-; 

38.) Well, it's over you bonkerballs!
B-but, I didn't want it to end~!
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD
[X] I am shorter than 5'4.  (5'2" I am. Although I ~thought~ I was 5'3" ... -.-;!)
[X] I think I'm ugly sometimes. 
[X] I have many scars. (More than two anyways)
[ ] I tan easily. 
[X] I wish my hair was a different color.  (It'd be fun to have blue hair xD that looks good on me...though... ;< *Sigh*)
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
[ ] I have a tattoo. 
[ ] I am self-conscious about my appearance.  (Not. At. All. :3)
[X] I have/had braces. 
[X] I wear glasses.
[ ] I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.  
[X] I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger.  (;//w//; )
[ ] I have more than 2 piercing. 
[ ] I have piercing in places besides my ears. 
[ ] I have freckles.
[X] I hate my dad. 
[ ] I hate my mom. 
[X] I have a brother. (3 older brothers)
[ ] I have a sister. 
[ ] I've sworn at my parents. 
[ ] I've run away from home. (I ran TO home once... xD!)
[ ] I've been kicked out of the house. 
[x] My biological parents are together. 
[ ] I have a sibling less than one year old. 
[ ] I want to have kids someday.  (NEVAH!!)
[ ] I've had children. 
[ ] I've lost a child. 
[ ] I have a job. 
[ ] I've stolen something from my job. 
[X] I've been fired. (*Sigh* u.u!)
[X] I've slipped out a "lol" in a spoken conversation. (I ~use~ to do that just for the heck of it =p)
[ ] Disney movies still make me cry. 
[ ] I've peed from laughing. 
[ ] I've snorted while laughing. 
[x] I've laughed so hard I've cried. 
[X] I've glued my hand to something. (Does super glue and your fingers count xD?)
[ ] I've had my pants rip in public. 
[ ] I was born with a disease/impairment. 
[ ] I've gotten stitches/staples. 
[X] I've broken a bone. (My left wrist D= and no one knew it...)
[ ] I've had my tonsils removed. 
[ ] I've sat in a doctor's office/emergency room with a friend.
[X] I've had my wisdom teeth removed. (Just recently too!)
[ ] I had a serious surgery. 
[X] I've had chicken pox. (I dun remember when though xD!)
[ ] I was born in a different country. 
[ ] I've driven over 200 miles in one day.  (My family has...~)
[X] I've been on a plane. 
[ ] I've been to Canada.
[X] I've been to Mexico. (Bleh ;O!)
[ ] I've been to Niagara Falls.
[ ] I've been to Japan. (I WISH!!)
[ ] I've celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
[ ] I've been to Europe. 
[ ] I've been to Africa.
[ ] I've gotten lost in my city. 
[ ] I've seen a shooting star. 
[ ] I've wished on a shooting star 
[ ] I've seen a meteor shower. 
[ ] I've gone out in public in my pajamas.  (I don't even wear/have those xD!)
[ ] I've pushed all the buttons on an elevator. 
[ ] I've kicked a guy where it hurts. 
[X] I've been to a casino. (And wanted to leave RIGHT away. Dad drove Mom to get something from someone there. It...was smokey *Gags*)
[ ] I've been skydiving. 
[ ] I've gone skinny dipping. 
[ ] I've played spin the bottle. 
[ ] I've drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.
[ ] I've crashed a car. 
[ ] I've been Skiing. 
[ ] I've been in a play. 
[ ] I've met someone in person from myspace. 
[X] I've caught a snowflake on my tongue. (When I was young.)
[ ] I've seen the Northern lights.
[ ] I've sat on a roof top at night. 
[ ] I've played chicken. 
[ ] I've played a prank on someone. 
[X] I've ridden in a taxi.
[X] I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 
[ ] I've eaten sushi.  (Never going to either.)
[ ] I've been snowboarding.
[X] I'm single. (And...probably forever alone ._. REALLY!)
[ ] I'm in a relationship.
[ ] I'm engaged.
[ ] I'm married.
[ ] I've gone on a blind date.
[ ] I've been the dumpee more than the dumper. (I've never had ANYONE.)
[X] I miss someone right now. (Always...miss my animals =<!)
[/] I have a fear of abandonment. (Maybe...^^;a?)
[ ] I've gotten divorced. 
[I don't know xD?!] I've had feelings for someone who didn't have them back. 
[ ] I've told someone I loved them when I didn't.
[ ] I've told someone I didn't love them when I did.
[ ] I've kept something from a past relationship.
[ ] I've had a crush on someone of the same Gender.
[ ] I'm bi.
[ ] I'm gay.
[ ] I've had sex. (Eeeeww xD!!)
[ ] I've had phone sex.
[ ] I've had sex in public.  (...What is wrong with you? D:  All these messed up questions! ._." ) (<--True enough!)
[ ] I've had a crush on a teacher.
[ ] I am a cuddler.  (Dun...think so ^^;a?)
[ ] I've been kissed in the rain.
[x] I've hugged a stranger. (YAY ANIME CONVENTIONS!!)
[ ] I've done something I promised someone else I wouldn't. 
[ ] I've done something I promised myself I wouldn't.
[X] I've snuck out of my house.
[ ] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[How would the "WORLD" know everything?] I am keeping a secret from the world.
[What is the point of the game then!?] I've cheated while playing a game. 
[ ] I've cheated on a test. 
[ ] I've run a red light. 
[X] I've been suspended from school. (Wasn't my fault u.u;!)
[X] I've witnessed a crime. (It's a crime to run into someone's fence and then xD get something outta their trunk and run away before the cops came, right?)
[ ] I've been in a fist fight. 
[ ] I've been arrested. 
[ ] I've consumed alcohol. 
[ ] I regularly drink. 
[ ] I've passed out from drinking. 
[ ] I have passed out drunk at least once in the past 6 months. 
[ ] I've smoked weed. 
[ ] I've taken painkillers when I didn't need them. 
[ ] I've eaten shrooms. 
[ ] I've popped E. 
[ ] I've inhaled Nitrous. 
[ ] I've done hard drugs.
[ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick. 
[ ] I can't swallow pills. 
[ ] I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem. (My Mom can!)
[ ] I have been diagnosed with clinical depression. 
[ ] I have been diagnosed with one or more anxiety disorder. 
[ ] I shut others out when I'm depressed. (I dun shut peeps out, I think xD;?)
[ ] I take anti-depressants. 
[ ] I'm anorexic or bulimic.
[X] I've slept an entire day when I didn't need it. (Not slept...but <.< I stayed in bed...and didn't eat...^^; 'cause I wasn't feeling happy...~)
[ ] I've hurt myself on purpose. 
[/] I've woken up crying. (I woke with tears in my eyes; not crying, but I felt bad because of a dream D=! A mean, sad dream ;-;! That only happened once.)
[ ] I'm afraid of dying.
[ ] I hate funerals. 
[X] I've seen someone dying. (My Grandma was dying =/ in
[ ] Someone close to me has attempted suicide.
[ ] Someone close to me has committed suicide.
[ ] I've planned my own suicide.
[ ] I've attempted suicide.
[ ] I've written a eulogy for myself.
[ ] I own over 5 rap CDs. 
[X] I own an iPod or MP3 player.  (lol of course I do. owo)
[ ] I have an unhealthy obsession with anime/manga. 
[x] I own a plushie of my fave character from anything. 
[X] I own a cosplay outfit. (Three now ^_^!)
[ ] I own multiple designer purses, costing over $100 a piece. 
[X] I own something from Hot Topic. 
[ ] I own something from Pac Sun. 
[ ] I own something from The Gap. 
[X] I own something I got on e-bay. (Cosplays, derr~)
[ ] I own something from Abercrombie. 
[X] I can sing well.  (Or, at least I can sing "well enough" xD!)
[ ] I've stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant. (The heck O_o?)
[/] I open up to others easily. (On the internet, yes. In real life...NO! I'm xD too shy for anything like that lolz.)
[ ] I watch the news. 
[ ] I kill gnats with air freshener  (Nyuuuu~ =<!)
[/] I don't kill bugs. (I don't kill MOST bugs. I think I only kill Mosquitoes xD! If my animals have Fleas, I'll murder those too xO! But, I love all the other buggies! I don't care ;-; they have their own little lives! (Ants, Flies, anything xD! Love them.))
[Don't "hate" it.] I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme. 
[ ] I curse regularly.  (I don't curse at ALL, not even the "h" word or "d" word xD! I hate how my stupid dad curses though ;-; it hurts my brain..!)
[ ] I sing in the shower. 
[ ] I am a morning person.  (Unless you count still being awake from the night prior xD! I sleep at 6 or 7am.)
[ ] I paid for my cell phone ring tone.
[ ] I'm a snob about grammar.
[ ] I am a sports fanatic. 
[ ] I twirl my hair. 
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name. 
[ ] I love being neat. 
[ ] I love Spam. 
[ ] I've copied more than 30 CD's in a day.
[ ] I bake well. 
[x] My favorite color is either white, yellow, pink, -red- or -blue-.
[Don't have those!] I've worn pajamas to school.
[ ] I like Martha Stewart. 
[ ] I know how to shoot a gun. 
[ ] I am in love with love.  (lolno)
[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
[x] I laugh at my own jokes. (Not really a "laugh" more like a "heh".)
[ ] I eat fast food weekly 
[x] I believe in ghosts. 
[ ] I am online 24/7, even as an away message. 
[ ] I've not turned anything in and still got an A in a certain class.
[ ] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room. (I can, but I'd probably find and catch it first =p sillies.)
[ ] I am really ticklish. 
[ ] I love white chocolate. 
[X] I bite my nails. (Trying not to; it works sometimes xD for a while..!)
[x] I play video games. :heart:
[x] I'm good at remembering faces. (apparently)
[ ] I'm good at remembering names. 
[ ] I'm good at remembering dates. 
[X] I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life. 
[Whut?] I loath lables. 
[Not sooooo much] I like action movies. 
[x] I like horror movies. 
[x] I like chick flicks. 
[x] I know the most random facts about things people have never heard of before. (Apparently)
[ ] I can't spell.
[ ] I treasure my friends. (Online friends ;^;?!)
[/] I think of others before myself. (Sometimes xD)

[x] All of those are answered honestly.
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD

♈ ARIES. (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)
[] you have a tendency to not finish things you start. 

[] you are very conscious of what people think of you, and you let it impact you deeply.
[] you're impulsive and spontaneous.

[] you are very headstrong and hard to sway.

[X] you are more likely to take your own approach to something rather than go by conventional methods.

[] you're not afraid to say what you think, but sometimes you forget how what you think might make other people feel.

[X] you are young at heart.

[] you love to experience new things, even though you bore of them quickly.

[] you can be very jealous.

[] you know how to make the best out of any situation. 

♉ TAURUS. (APRIL 20 - MAY 20)
[ ] you are very possession-oriented, and have a hard time sharing your belongings. 

[] you are extremely affectionate. 

[X] you have great tolerance, and it takes you a lot to reach a breaking point.

[] but when you do, it's disastrous. 

[X] you like to take things slow and know what you're getting into.

[X] you have never been one for change. 

[ ] you can't stand to be challenged.

[/] you have a firmly set comfort zone, and it irritates you when people tamper with it. (It doesn't "irritate" me though xD!) 

[X] you are especially reliable, and you are always there for people who need you. 

[X] you always keep your promises without fail. 


♊ GEMINI. (MAY 21 - JUNE 20)
[ ] your dominant trait is absolutely your love of communication. 

[/] you are naturally a very curious person, but since you flutter from one thing to another so often, you aren't one to appreciate the deeper aspects of an experience.

[/] you are all about logic. things need to make sense to you.   

[] you are very restless and active, in both body and mind.

[ ] you tend to be two faced.

[] you are a very critical person.

[/] you are a cynic.  (Can be.)

[ ] you thrive on change and hate being in the same environment for an extended period of time.

[X] once someone betrays you, you have difficulty trusting them again. 

[] you are very unpredictable.


♋ CANCER. (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)
[X] who you are as a person is deeply affected by your childhood. (I think so, psh)

[/] you are very in touch with emotions, to the point where you can almost instantly tell how someone else is genuinely feeling.  

[X] you need a place you can call your own, which is why you value 'home'.

[] you love kids.  (Dislike)

[/] you are very affected by other people's problems, and have a knack for putting yourself in the shoes of other people. 

[X] you dislike confrontation. 

[X] you have always valued your heart over your mind.

[/] you hate being told what to do. (Depends what it is.)

[] your moods are very fluid, as you are very sensitive.

[X] if you like someone, you accept them into your heart just the way they are.


♌ LEO. (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22) 
[X] you would move heaven and earth for the people you care about.  (If I really could =D!)

[/] you would never consider yourself pretty.

[X] you are naturally a very generous person.

[ ] for you, there is nothing worse than losing. 

[/] in arguments, you come across as stubborn and hot headed, but you just want to justify your actions and explain why you believe you're right.

[ ] you set very high, occasionally unreasonable expectations.

[ ] your ego is the size of a small planet. 

[X] unlike Gemini, you dislike change, and would much rather have stability in your life.

[X] one of your talents is making people feel special.

[ ] you love being in the limelight, and it roots from a need to be appreciated.


[] you like to dream and fantasize, but in the grand scheme of things, you are realistic and won't waste time on the impossible. 

[X] you know exactly what you want, you just don't know how to get it.

[/] Education is very important to you.  

[X] all you really want is to feel useful.

[x] you never lose your cool. (I'm always pretty neutral/happy, if that's what this means xD!)

[X] you second guess yourself a lot, and majority of the time, you don't think you're good enough.

[/] you don't mind going the extra mile, even for people you don't really know.  

[ ] you are not overly emotional, and you sometimes perceive them as messy, embarrassing or even a weakness.

[] you are deep and reflective.

[ ] you would rather be lonely than settle for less.


[X] you are very laid back and you don't mind a lot of things.

[] you are fascinated with people, and you love to understand others. 

[X] you dread hurting other people's feelings.

[] you are very charming. 

[/] you would rather look at life through rose-tinted glasses than acknowledge the negatives.  

[] you are very focused on balance. if someone pushes you, you will push them right back.

[/] you are indecisive.  (Only about the little things.)

[X] you wish more people would give peace a chance.

[/] you become annoyed when you spot unoriginality in others. 

[] you will never forget to let the people you love know how much you care about them. (I know, I shouldn't...but I do u.u;!)


[/] If someone tries too hard to control you, nothing will hold you back from rebelling. (I don't know... xD!)

[ ] you are vindictive. 

[X] you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself.

[X] you can see right through people when they lie to you.

[X] you can always be trusted with secrets. always. 

[] you are horrified of being made vulnerable. 

[X] you have complete control over your emotions. people only see what you let them see, and you prefer it this way. 

[X] you do not desire approval from anyone; you're content to do your own thing. 

[] you can be pretty blunt. 

[/] people often say you're a mystery. (I got this once!)


[] you're a risk-taker. you've never been afraid to act on a hunch.

[/] you love to learn and gain knowledge. wisdom in general is something you find very, very respectable.

[X] freedom means the world to you. 

[X] you're not a dishonest person, and very rarely will you take advantage of someone to get what you want.

[I don't know...] a lot of people think you have a great sense of humor. 

[/] you are very carefree by nature, but occasionally you tend to be careless.

[X] you don't freely hand out compliments, but when you do give them, you mean them.

[] you love a challenge. if something comes too easily, your interest in it will disappear.

[] you are very enthusiastic about life.

[X] you are generally upbeat and happy-go-lucky. 


[X] you are very reliable, but you have a hard time relying on other people.

[X] you don't know how to ask for help.

[X] you finish everything you start. 

[/] you hate making mistakes, no matter how small.

[ ] you don't like talking about your deeper emotions, and you get really irritated when people try to make you.

[] you are far more complicated than people believe you to be.

[] you may come across as harmless, but you are tough as a keg of nails. 

[X] you like to be in charge of everything in your life.

[/] you always stand your ground.

[ ] a trait you hate to see in someone is vulnerability, and you might find yourself taking advantage of someone who tends to play the 'victim' role.


[] emotions can be scary for you.

[X] you are a walking contradiction. you want freedom, yet you want protection. you want to be alone, yet you want the laughter and adventures that only other people can bring you. 

[/] you are not the jealous type.

[ ] you are an inventor. you live in today's world, but think in tomorrow's world.

[] you rebel for the sake of rebelling. you love to shock.

[XXXXXX YES!] you won't change for anyone. someone must either take you as you are, or stay out of your path.

[X] you like to listen to other people's opinions and views, even if you disagree. 

[/] no matter how close you get to someone, there will always be a part of you reserved for yourself.

[ ] much like leo, you expect less than practical things of people.

[X] you're more interested in being a friend than making more friends.


[/] you are very artistic, to the point where you can't keep it in. art is your life.

[/] you have no emotional boundaries. you feel practically everything.

[X] you are very, very open minded. you would never put anyone down because of their beliefs.

[ ] you have your head in the clouds maybe too often.

[ ] you want a fairy tale romance. 

[ ] sometimes you tend to see things less as what actually happened, and more as what you wished happened instead.

[/] if you're excited about something, you become a dog with a bone. you could talk about it all day. 

[/] you are capable of surprisingly biting sarcasm.

[] you have a hard time accepting criticism.

[ ] you hold onto people who are bad for you.



Cancer? But o.o;; Uh...okay xD? I think I'm pretty rounded with everything else, lots of "fives" lol. Only two really low ones, surprisingly enough =p!

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Questions for me~

1. What scares you the most~?

Losing my Mom ;-;

2. What food is far beneath your tolerance (most disliked food)~?

I'm not sure... xD; I'm very picky about food as it is!

3. Human babies or animal babies, which is cuter~? ;u;

Psh, EASY ONE! I love animal babies! Hands down >w< no competition!

4. What is your favorite season~?

I like ...well, I like fall I guess xD because my birthday, convention, turkey day, it gets colder and all of that jazz happens. I also like spring too ;x but I can't count that, I guess.

5. What is your favorite type of music~?

I like anything that catches my ear ^^ country, rock, japanese...tencho. What ever =p just hasta sound good to me.

6. Do you hate me for tagging you~? ;^;

Awe, I could never hate you Blue :iconyuihugplz:

7. What is your hobby~?

I love to sew, and sing, and dance, and play games xD and draw...and iono D=!

8. Soft and furry~? >w< <3

Ooooooh yes! Very much so >w<! *Huggles my tail*

9. What is your favorite fruit~?

Watermelon or ...maybe strawberries with sugar lol xD (defeating the purpose)</b>

10. Morning bird or night owl~?

Definitely a night owl. I loves me some Moon ;3 and quietness.



I don't think I could tag many that actually would xD answer...! So, Imma break this rule ;D! (Once again, defeating the purpose.)

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  • Eating: The Air
  • Drinking: My saliva, yes you can drink that xD
[x] - You take pleasure in fooling/tricking people
[ ] - You're easily scared
[x] - You hate getting dirty
[ ] - You can be really flirty when you want to
[x] - You keep your hair long
[x] - You don't like getting wet unless you're bathing
[x] - You like to just lounge about
[x]- You get annoyed easily
[ ]- You like seafood
[ ]- You can spend hours trying to make yourself look good
Total for cat: 6

[x] - You're almost always smiling
[x] - You're nice to most people and like to get to know people before you judge them
[x] - You rarely resort to violence
[x] - You would NEVER hurt your friends 
[ ] - You really like tickling people, just to see if they're ticklish
[x] - You stand up for others  
[ ] - You would tell everyone that you love them if it wasn't so hard on your reputation
[x] - You don't get angry easily
[ ] - You share your food with people who are out of lunch money  
Total for dog : 6

[ ] - You're really good at swimming
[ ] - You like to swim
[ ] - You like sparkly things
[ ] - You are really ticklish  
[ ] - You can fit through almost any space
[ ] - You've gotten stuck in a net or/and rope before
[x] - You're romantically lost (Whut? xD)
[ ] - You're really good at keeping a straight face when you need to
[ ] - You aren't very drawn to people who "stand out"
[ ] - You can wear just about anything
Total for fish: 1

[ ] - You like to wear bright colors
[ ] - You like vegetables
[ ] - Your entire life revolves around sparkly things
[Even though I've been bullied, I never worried about it] - You always worry about falling prey to bullies/gossipers
[ ] - You're terrified of things that other people aren't scared of
[x] - You aren't afraid of some things that other people are terrified of
[ ]  - You have been told that you lack emotion
[x (Unless asked)] - You keep your opinions to yourself
[x (Depends, I'm shy)] - You can be social one minute and a loner the next, and vice versa
[x My...fursuits xD?] - You are a good impersonator and/or you like to dress up as things you're not
Total for bug: 4 Odd ones

[ ] - You're always prepared for something bad to happen
[ ] - You make little piles of things in your room that your friends/parent(s)/guardian(s) claim is 'unorganized'
[x] - You run rather than fight from danger
[ ] - You designate people to hide behind
[ ] - You say "uh/er/um" a lot
[ ] - People have told you that you talk really fast before
[x] - Sometimes you stutter
[x] - You like to have pets
[x] - You far prefer animals than people
[ ] - You can't trust very many people
Total for rodent: 4

[ ] - You are prone to spelling errors
[x] - You have been told that you are pretty before in any given way
[x] - You are modest
[x] - You would rather run from a fight than actually fight
[x] - You would protect the ones you love
[x] - When you get really frustrated you cry
[x] - It breaks your heart to see ads about animal cruelty
[x] - You love your friends but sometimes they're mean to you
[ ] - You never say so, but you think that you're kind of pretty
[ ] - When you were little you wanted to be a princess/prince
Total for deer: 7

I stole this...okay, I didn't steal it xD but, I did take it from :iconminori-touketsu:
And I'm a tied Cat-Dog after the Deer >.@
  • Listening to: The computer ticking and my keyboard clicking
  • Reading: What I am typing, always
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: With the keyboard and mouse
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I haven't typed for a bit. But, May 22nd I had my four wisdom teeth pulled out of my gums >o<! I did make them put me to sleep because I got really nervous about all of that that was happening O_O! It was like really quick; I got a bit dizzy and then...BLACKNESS! I opened my eyes and I was in a different room with my Mommy by my side ^_^ lol, I think I had stuff in my mouth; I dun remember. ;o! But anyways, that sleepy stuff didn't really set well with my tummy =< and it made me sick about three or four times. I pretty much went home had a few bites of a milk shake and then went to sleep for a while. I think it was lucky enough for me not to be in pain o_o because my Mom and I were expecting that to happen. We had frozen rags and pain pills/swollen pills whatever for my teeths. Never hurt O_o never swelled up yeah, there's that. I have got to say though; after eating and stuffs my right gums do hurt just ever so slightly ;o but yeah...nothing at all with my left ones. I dunno how weird or not-so-weird that is xD! I just can't wait until these holes fill up with...gum tissue? O_o; So I can be %100 back to the norm.

Then I can eat my hot cheetos and especially my SunFlower Seeds ;-; in peace!
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Lol kinda am happy right now. I put stuff up on Etsy, ya know? I just thought and kept thinking, "I probably just wasted like two dollars." But actually today >w<!~ something sold! My Glaceon plush will be sent off maybe tomorrow ^^ onward to it's new home in the UK...O_O! After all of that happends, I'll see how much ~I~ really get for the plushie. It sold for Seven Dollars and I had a box already =p! But, shipping it that way and stuffies, let's just see. Thanks for buying n.n who ever you were~ lolz. Made my night. Hope other things may sell a bit after this one now =D! I think it'd be nice to keep making things and selling things with a nice enough flow n.n; haha. Wonder if that'll ever happen for realz!
Short journal =p but, I just wanted to mark that n.n "good news" thing.
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Well, mainly so. Thanks to :iconloredjess:
And because I like answering questions ;D! I...think lol

Questions you answer:

1: Have you ever had a boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Nope, I've been single all my life far D=!

2: Are you happy with life?

Not really lol, I think it's because I don't consider myself really having a 'life' yet.
Wow I sound negative xD

3: Has life been hard? Even after school?

Yeah, in school I kinda got bullied. So I dropped out of 9th and a half grade lol. I got my GED a year or so later though. But even after school, nothing's really going anywhere for me.

4: Do you have a job? If so where do you work?

Nope. I keep trying and keep looking and keep sending in resumes or whatever. Just no luck ;o;

5: Do you have any furry pets :3?

Oh yes, yes I do. I, myself have five kitty cats :'3! I also have non-furry pets lol which are my two snails ^_^ (and sometimes I have grasshoppers or praying mantids)

6: Are you a furry? Are you having a furtastic day

I am totally a furry =D! I have three fursonas and a Pokesona, I guess. But, only two that are more "me". Not a really furtastic day/night right now >w<; Just 'eh'.

7: Whens your birthday?

November 6th. Close by the Anime Nebraskon <3

8: Who is your best friends in the world?

I suppose my 'best' friend in the world would hafta be Lyric. She is also my first niece ;o!

9: Have you ever made love?

O///O No...

10: Do you want to get married?

I don't think I really care on getting married. If I ever did get married though; I would not be the one to wear the dress or high heels xD! Hey~ Anime/Furry wedding anyone :'3?

I wonder if I sounded like a "negative nancy" anywhere there x3 maybe I should sleep soon. (4:08 am)
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Who I got tagged by: :iconwolfyspite:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves.
3. You must choose 10 people to tag. Put their icon on your Journal!!!
4. Go to their page and tell him/her that you tagged them :3
5. No tag backs!


1.What happens when you eat 3 cups of sugar?
I don't think I've ever eaten three cups of sugar xD! But, probably nothing...will happen O_o;

2.Do you consider yourself crazy?
No, not "crazy". "Weird"? Yes. But not "crazy" =p

3.Where, how, when and why?
Where: The room next to mine How: I just waddled on down the stairs and sat ;D? and Why: Because this is where the computer is...and I'm bored.

4.What is your best memory?
Going to my very first Anime Convention maybe ^_^? If I can even remember -that- much.

5.Who has better legs, the chicken or the seagull?
Blue footed booby wins!!

6.What is your biggest fear?
Losing my Mom D= ... I don't want.

7. sıɥʇ op noʎ uɐɔ
:D! pǝʇɐǝɥɔ ı ʇnq 'sǝʎ

8.What's your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?
A Buster Sword or something...long and big for distance xD; but easy to use...!

9.How do you start a conversation?
I usually don't lol. But, if I rarely do to a female online, I'd be like, "S'up girly?" Or for a a male, it's more like, "S'up dewd?" ^^a I also just say, "Hi." I guess. Nothing too special xD but to ask one about how they feel on Anime, Games, or Furries. Which is all open when you're at a convention :'3

10.Any last words?
I don't have a life xD so; do what you will. I don't care...right now O_o;


1. Are you an Anime lover, a Furry, a gamer, or something else completely?

2. What's your top three favorite animals?

3. What do you like to watch on television?

4. Have you seen the sun upclose O_O?

5. Have you ever murdered anyone (like a bug even) before?

6. Do you have a bad habit?

7. What kind of stuffs do you like to munch on?

8. Would you, or have you ever gone camping?

9. Has your butt ever fallen to sleep? xD

10. Do you know how to dance?

And I will tag: :iconloredjess: :iconchocolatestarfire: :icongofee33: :iconrukiathewolfie: :iconelemental-quest: :iconrico007: :iconollie-the-idiot: :iconjaimiegirlz123x: :iconkipaki: :iconlil-enchantress:
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Well, I went to my first job interview at Oriental Trading Company. I have been trying to look for a job for a while now; so that kinda got me scared/nervous/excited to actually go in to an interview for once. That was even WAY~ early in the morning. I did my best not to be shy, and did my best to talk when the questions were asked and everything. I just checked my E-Mail tonight and saw I got something back from them. They basically said, "No." You know, in their, "You would be an asset to our company. But we have others with more experiences." Or whatever. You know ;o the "nice way of letting someone down." I wonder if it wasn't because I told her I needed to start at least May, because of my stupid wisdom teeth pulling. *Sigh* I don't know. But, that's the bad news, I guess.

I also have some good-ish type of news though. I finally got around to putting up me "Esty" shop. I needed to send things and verify this and that for who knows why <_<! But, it's there and done now! *Phew* I just wonder if ANY of my crap right now would sell xD! I DO have other things that are like "better" because I learnt more as I started to sew more o-o! And...what-not lol. But, I guess I can start to put my stuff out there a bit x.x;~ maybe things will be around to have a bit of people look at my crap lol or know someone that'd like it and all of that jazz. So, I'm just going to post my Esty Shop here as well. I don't like "self promoting" or whatever though... xD;;; but oh well, only those that look ;-; will have my best gratitude that I wont even know haha.
Also if things sell, I may make more plushies or something as well o.o *Shrugs*… <-- That's my shop and stuffs... ^^a
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Just typing along here lol. I have had my SkunKitty fursona for about four and a half; almost five years now. I only slightly changed her appearance just once =p like maybe within the first year I made her. I have been thinking and thinking though for maybe two-ish years now, that I wanted to change something more on her. Being a Skunk and a Cat, the Cat part is kind of hard to tell in some ways xD which is sad enough. I've only gotten mistaken once for a "wolf" lol, but that's not what anything is about. I just wanted to have a more "Skunk" look to her. I'm still going to be a SkunKitty and really live to what I've been saying, "I look more skunk but act more cat." So, there's that. I'm not changing my fursona O.o or anything. And I'm basically leaving her back and eyes the way they are already; so just basically changing the front part. I've been messing around with drawing her for like only two days lol and I think I got something I like now. :3 I guess that is all that matters.

But now I'm gonna have to make myself hold back on trying to make her into a new fursuit xD! At least until ~next~ year maybe. Hey~~~ I said, "I'm not going to make anymore fursonas." Or whatever =p so hah, Saiyu isn't 'new', she's just going to be "re-vamped" or something like that ^^! And, that will also give me enough time to really see if how much I really like this new design =p or if I wanna continue messing with some part of her.

So with my "Fursonas", I have Saiyu, my SkunKitty self; whom is basically me xD
Nizuri, my Cardigan Corgi Skunk, who might be me if ^^a I were a bit more outgoing lol. (I swear << she even has some cat in her!)
There's also Suzaika, my King Cheetah Tiger. Although, I made her more for the fun of it :3 and because I really love King Cheetahs (Or cheetahs in general) as my favorite 'big' cat.
And finally Amari, my Shiny Umbreon =p who I also made for fun and just because I had enough black fur o.o and Umbreon works with Anime Conventions lol. Although, oddly enough, Umbreon isn't my "favorite" Eeveelution. *Shrugs*