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How to Train your Dragon

AHHH I'M DONE <3 After hours and hours of painting I have finally finished my How to Train your Dragon fan art! <3 I believe this took me about two weeks to make, around 20 hours or over???

Referenced and inspired by  Liui Aquino as Hiccup and Alodia Gosiengfiao as Astrid (at first I was just going to draw someone else, then I saw Alodia's post that she wanted to cosplay astrid so.. LIGHT BULB……..!!!)

After seeing the film, I was so moved by the epicness of everything that I just needed to make a fan art for it *like always????* ahaha but no this one is different because I REALLY REALLY wanted to make this GOOD. Like, I was such a perfectionist about it.. I took my time, did a lot of research with the colour palette, composition and lighting.. AND I actually sketched thumbnails and roughs before painting.. ahaha (typical VCD student)


I hope I have done this movie and amazing cosplayers some justice!! <3

KUDOS TO THE MAKERS OF HTTYD.. Someday I will be working with youuuuuuu >:)
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I remembered that this was the Digi Art that inspired me to pursue my Artistic Dream! especially on Digital Arts :)

Hugs and Kisses from Phils. ate Gladzy!  :)
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Very nice work on this piece ! :)
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Amazing. you're a cosplayer and you're very good at drawing at the same time :iconpapcryplz: suugoi!
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Wow, it's crazy I could instantly tell who your models were for this!
Which means you did AWESOME!
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yay i'm glad! thanks!
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Reeeeeeeeally need to get around to watching the TV show and second movie. Amazing job on the characters here, they look so life-like.
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thanks! <3 it's based on real cosplayers !
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Didn't realise there was a cosplaying community for this. That's pretty awesome. O:
Really nice job ~^^
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really gorgeous *_*! I love the way you drawed and coloured the both <3!
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Wow, this looks great!
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Alreday seen on facebook but came comment here !!
I love your work ! Even if Astrid seem to have fleshy cheeks x) But Hiccup is perfect ( <3 I love him so muche !!) so I don't care ! haha
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This is really, really an impressive work! I like it!
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