Red Riding Hood vs Big Bad Wolves Art Contest

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Hello, im a big fan of Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) and other fairytales Art.
Im also a big fan of kickass badass of all kind.
So i had the idea to create a Art Challenge of Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) for my kickass groups &  

How to Enter:
Bullet; Green1. Create something with follow the rules
Bullet; Green2. Post your art to DA and either tag me in the description or comment here with your entry.

Bullet; RedRules:
You artwork must including Red Riding Hood as adult woman or child/teen and big bad wolf/wolves
You must draw a new artwork for this contest

you must draw a fight picture here are two variants accepted.

Variant One "fight"
a active fight picture, here are all character Red Riding Hood and Big Bad still alive. The picture is full of action


Variant Two "after the fight"

a passive fight picture, here is the big bad wolf (big bad wolves/werewolves) dead or knockout on the floor.
We dont see the fight we see only a "after the fight picture"


Your artwork can be black and white or colored (full, flat) artist freedom

You can choose how many "wolves" you draw and in which form you draw them, i explain later what the difference is for the contest.
1) normal wolves  
2) big wolves  
3) anthropomorphic wolves 
4) werewolves
You choose the age rating of your work. It can between without rating, moderate and strict
The artist have the freedom to draw cartoon, realism, satire, comedy, exaggeration

Example with alot werewolves

The drawing does not have much to do with the fairytales itself, so you can choose today, the future as example
The artwork will be judged on both creativity and originality so it's not just technical great artworks who has a chance of winning. 

Info for all furries and anthro character lover, If you dont want to draw a Human (Red Riding Hood) i would love to see "herbivore" character that fight / kickass that evil wolf/wolves too. Also herbivore animals are Rabbits, Deers as example.

if you are not on DeviantART you can contact me over Skye Surivor_Kellion or Facebook
You add please the #  
#kickassthebigbadwolf in your contest entry to find it
Bullet; BlueIts not important for this contest, but im a big fan of paws and feet, so i would be a bit more happy to see them in your entry (paws 4 toes, feet 4-5 toes)

Bullet; GreenHow to win
Bullet; Blue  My idea would be a point system, follow the rules and get the points

Bullet; Blue How to get points?
You get 3 points for drawing Red Riding Hood as Female character Young/Adult or Animal variant.  If you draw a other character then Red Riding Hood you get 1 point. If you draw Red Riding Hood as Male you get 2 points 
 You get 3 points to drawing the big bad Wolf
You get 1 - 2 points for drawing the big Bad Wolf, as feral Wolf
You get 2-3 points for drawing the big bad Wolf as 
anthropomorphic Wolf (beastman)
You get 3 points for drawing the big bad Wolf as Werewolf
  You get 3 points when you draw a active or passive fight, like described in the Rules. If you draw a picture before the fight you get 1 - 2 points.
You get 3 points for creativity of a fight or a amazing situation.
You get max 3 points for details, like some special background, special clothing or weapons on red riding hood. Also fur, body, scar details on the big bad wolf.

Bullet; Blue Bonus points

If someone make more that is in the rules, he / she should get bonus points in my opinion
You get 1 point for drawing more then one wolf, if you draw 2 wolves you get 2 points, if you draw a pack (more then two wolves) you get 3 points.
You get 1 point for each extra character you draw in the picture max 3 points you can get.

Bullet; BlueShare
Bullet; BlueYou can share this contest on twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, telegram, pixiv and deviantart, i think the best # for this challenge would be #kickassthebigbadwolf 

Bullet; GreenJury
More help is always welcome

Bullet; BluePrizes and Art Challenge:

1st Trophy by H-SWilliams
#1 place 

Fully shaded fullbody with background, and one bust shot with simple shading. @SnuffleB


Colored and shaded halfbody with a simple background drawed by Metanaito-kyou 



600 Points from Nobody

semi-painted headshot from Nobody


 #2 place 

one bust shot with simple shading. @SnuffleB

400  Points by Nobody 

semi-painted headshot from Nobody


#3 place

200 Ninja Lamas  

semi-painted headshot from Nobody


Special thanks to Nobody & Nobody &SnuffleB 
 for this wonderful prizes

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

Bullet; RedDeadline:
20.05.2018 17:00 (May 13 2018)

Bullet; GreenEntries


if you want to offer a Prize for this contest Note me.
Thank you very much.

Next Contest would be on May 2018 about Amber (female warrior) vs Singarti (Space werewolves)
Need here some Prizes

© 2018 - 2022 KeIIion
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Can I do this anyways? Idc about winning, but it seems pretty cool!

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the Contest is over but you can Enter the New Contest here

Deadline is the 7.11.2020

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I know its way too late to enter and this piece doesn't match the requirements but I did make this with your challenge in mind. I was going to do a scene with her but I couldn't get around to it unfortunately.
  Lodge Dire Huntress by Layir  
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I'll take a look, thanks.
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Please accept my very last minute entry
Riding in the wrong hood by Adastumae
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thanks for entering, today is the last day to enter 
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My last minute submission :)  Red Riding hood vs Werewolves by HunterBeingHunted
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RED RIDING HOOD controls the wolf by Dani-Castro   My entry for the contest.  Thank you. 
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awesome entry
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thank you so much ^^
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Another for the RRH contest

Red stalked by werewolf 2 by cattle6
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That is too bad.
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thanks for showing, but drawed 
November 10, 2011

You cant enter with this

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It was just a sketch on that date. I finished colouring the piece and finished the background today.
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thanks awesome entry
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thanks awesome entry
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