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Request ultimative badass picture

Hello , im a big fan of werewolves slaying / kickass / fight pictures , if some Artist have interest for it ,as an Request.

Would be so awsome , its not so important for me which character slay this werewolves. It would be only important that you use this Positions.

I hope you think like me thats an awsome and funny idea.

References by :iconerogalet:

Orginal :…

Idea & drawing (c) me 
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Jun 15, 2014, 9:41:38 PM
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If I feel up to it, eventually, I'd like to draw my own version of this. It's rare i draw epic battle scenes so it would be good practice...although I mostly just know about drawing coyotes, wolves would be new.
KeIIion's avatar
would be nice when you can draw something in that way
SpicePrincess's avatar
Ohh yeah I forgot about this whole thing lol Like I said, if I ever get in a mood to and care enough at the right time, I might draw it. 
KeIIion's avatar
i would be happy about in that way
KeIIion's avatar
would be so fantastic to see something like that :D
KeIIion's avatar
hello, wow that would be so awsome when you take that idea in your wonderful style *-*
KeIIion's avatar
wow thaaaank you so much *-*  so wonderful work ,so excellent style ^^
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
oooookey i like it!!! recreate this? hmmm i draw better on pencil but ill try this is a challenge!!! can i create some clothes for her or is she on eve clothes? for the favs... 
by the way can i create a version a bit different? perhaps she dont slay them all perhaps defeated all them? only is a idea im not change your iriginal theme ok?
KeIIion's avatar
if you want you can do it ,  i have draw it "Naked" ,because all people know ah its a woman.

You mean she can only knock out them ? thats no problem . She must not kill them ^^
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
ok ill try perhaps we could dress her in a sexy outfit or perhaps ravaged clothes from the battle ill draw some concepts!
KeIIion's avatar
would be so nice.

Its some character of you? 
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
nah but i like do some "tributes" for old good ideas
KeIIion's avatar
kk nice to hear it :D
NephilimDante's avatar
awww))great composition you've draw!!!:D I love this epicness ^^!
KeIIion's avatar
âwww thank you so much when you like it i search an artist :D for the request 
thevampiredio's avatar
hahah u really really hate lycans dont cha.
KeIIion's avatar
hahahah thanks for nice comment , i dont hate them ,  i like only slay /kickass/fight picture with them ^^
thevampiredio's avatar
hahahaha isnt that the same? :P
KeIIion's avatar
XD not , i fav alot of normal Werewolf works too ^^
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