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Request Heavy Metal badass Lizardman

Hello im a big fan of the Movie Heavy Metal 2000 in this movie appears an Lizardman Army.
Julie fight against alot of them.
Would be for me so awome, if someone can draw this guys in a better Version. (my first lizardman drawing)

If you have interest you can draw this baddass lizards in my Request Badass  to…
No werewolves , lizardmans :D

Story of the Movie : Heavy Metal 2000
In an asteroid excavation, space crewman Tyler and his colleague find a green crystal that is rumored to be the key to a fountain of immortality, however, it makes whoever touches it insane. Tyler ends up killing his mining partner, and takes over the ship, killing most of the resisting crew except for Dr. Schechter, and the pilots Lambert and Germain.His search for the planet with the fountain leads to Eden,a planet that is designated F.A.K.K.² (Federation-Assigned Ketogenic Killzone to the second level), but has inhabitants whose bodies carry the immortality fluid. Tyler invades Eden, and kills the Edenites, but captures some so he can extract their fluids. He also keeps Kerrie for his own purposes, but when Germain resists the idea, he is left on Eden.

Kerrie's sister Julie, who survived the attack, finds Germain, and they team up to follow Tyler. At a renegade space station, Julie finds Tyler at a strip club and critically injures him, however, he ingests a vial with the immortality serum and heals.In the ensuing gunfight, Tyler blows up the club. Julie escapes the explosion; she and Germain board a shuttle-craft that latches onto Tyler's ship with a tractor beam before it jumps into hyperspace. Discovering them mid-travel, Tyler tries to shake them off, but the fight causes the hyperspace to collapse and the two ships to crash.

Julie wakes up on the desert planet called Oroboris, and meets a mysterious sage named Odin and his assistant, Zeek, a rock-like creature, both of whom are guardians to the fountain. Elsewhere, Tyler's ship is totaled and most of his crew and abductees are dead. Tyler orders Dr. Schechter to extract Kerrie's fluids. He explores the planet and finds a race of reptilian beings, which he conquers by defeating their champion and then their leader in a death match. Julie enters the reptilian city disguised as a woman that the reptiles found for Tyler. That night, she seduces Tyler, but when she tries to kill him, Zeek captures her and takes her back to Odin. Julie infiltrates Tyler's ship where she discovers Kerrie is still alive. She takes out Dr. Schechter, frees Kerrie, and escapes as the complex explodes. As a result, Tyler vows to make Julie immortal so he can "screw her and kill her every hour of every day for all eternity". With only three vials of serum, he orders his troops to storm the citadel where the immortality fountain is located.

At the citadel, Julie undergoes a ritual where she is outfitted in armor. She, Kerrie, and Germain help the fountain's guardians defend against Tyler's army. In the fighting, Lambert suffers an near fatal injury and while reaching for Tyler's last vial of immortality serum, he knocks it loose from Tyler's belt and it breaks on the ground. Tyler, enraged, kills Lambert for the blunder. Tyler then walks to the pit of immortality and is about to put the crystal into the fountain's final lock but is stopped by Julie. A fight ensues where Tyler appears to have the advantage, until Odin intervenes, which allows Julie to kill Tyler. Odin reveals himself to be the last of the creatures responsible for creating the fountain, and tries to claim it as his own. However, Zeek pulls the crystal key from the pedestal, locking Odin inside the fountain chamber, and heads to outer space. As Germain and Kerrie help Julie, Zeek wraps the crystal into another asteroid.
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These guys are pretty much one of, if not the best thing in the movie. Always glad to find more fans of it, good work!
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its really sad that the fight scenes in the movie was so short, i mean we see a army of tousend lizard and maybe some short of the fight only and the battle on the castle was really short =/
Plus they reused several shots. Combined with the excess of CGI in the final act it was clear the budget was running out. The movie deserved much better.
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oh yes, they should made some crowdfunding or so for it =/
the sad thing is too, in the comic to the movie exist only 1 lizardman.
the army isnt in the comics lizard
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haha^_^very nice and dynamic poses ^_^ I love this stuff!
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some examples of them^^
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