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This is EXACTLY what I need.…

Fits my needs so perfectly. Too bad I don't have $4000 to throw around...
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I've accidentally deleted a bunch of notes while trying to go through my inbox. D: If you sent me something and are still waiting for a response, please re-send the note. Thanks!
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I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the kind wishes and suggestions... and for remembering me. I see lots of familiar names, and it's good to know that you guys have stayed with me despite my long absence. (Guess it helps that dA doesn't have a watchlist limit... or does it? XD) Names that I am not yet acquainted with are good to see, too.

I'm feeling better now, physically. But my financial situation isn't so hot at the moment, so life continues to keep my art life at bay. I'm reluctant to take commissions because:

1) I do have a job. I love the work I do. The pay isn't great, obviously, but job searching demands more time and energy than I am able to expend without quitting my current job, which I cannot afford. 

2) to be honest, I owe a few art on Gaia side. Even though that's just fake money (on a site where I no longer feel catered to as a user, to boot... I'm not joining the bandwagon calling the admins greedy. It's just that their new approach is not for me, especially at this point in time), I can't help but feel very unprofessional for not contacting my clients in the past few months while I was sick. 

And lastly, 3) commissions are no replacement for personal art. Those two things are entirely different things. 

Everyone is busy. Everyone has it rough from time to time. It's just that mine happens to be now. 

I HAVE been able to produce a few things recently, though. I've been posting them where I'd been completely unknown with no pre-existing fans or acquaintances. When I feel ready to share it with you guys, I promise I will -- though I cannot say how many people would even be interested! In the meantime, I'll be uploading a few recent doodles to keep the dust off this account. Hope you guys enjoy them!
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I've been having health issues. It started with this... cold? Flu? Whatever it is that I caught back in December. Fever, headache, COUGHING, pretty standard stuff. The first two -- the fever and the headache -- went away in a few days. 

The coughing and the phlegm did not.

They stayed, and so did the stamina reduction that comes with pretty much every kind of illness. Here's the part that really sucks: they're STILL HERE. It's been three months, and I'm not feeling any better. If anything, I'm on a downward slope. Appetite's been kind of spotty the last few months, but I track calories and have managed to make myself eat as much as I normally had. Last few days, though? It's evolved from 'spotty' to 'persistent problem.'

I work from home and make just enough money to get by. That means no health insurance, and not enough $$$ to see a doctor just to make sure this isn't something supah serious. (So please don't tell me to go see a doctor.)

I'm not quite... worried. I'm just really annoyed, and feeling a little suffocated, emotionally speaking.

So many artistic things I want to do, but just can't. My body's been demanding lots and lots of sleep. I work, I take care of stuff around the house, and exercise when I am able. Then it's all zzzz.

We'll see how I fare in a few days. If my appetite improves on its own, I'll draw something to celebrate. :) That would be a very good sign. The picture probably won't be anything remarkable; I kind of have forgotten how to draw, and I'm not in any position to spend lots of time polishing out every detail. But it will be better than nothing, yes?
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Am I the only one who can't figure stuff out around tumblr?

It's so hard to tell whether a post is the account holder's art or just reblogging... and how do you view comments (and not just reblog notes)?

No, I don't have an account there yet.
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