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I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the kind wishes and suggestions... and for remembering me. I see lots of familiar names, and it's good to know that you guys have stayed with me despite my long absence. (Guess it helps that dA doesn't have a watchlist limit... or does it? XD) Names that I am not yet acquainted with are good to see, too.

I'm feeling better now, physically. But my financial situation isn't so hot at the moment, so life continues to keep my art life at bay. I'm reluctant to take commissions because:

1) I do have a job. I love the work I do. The pay isn't great, obviously, but job searching demands more time and energy than I am able to expend without quitting my current job, which I cannot afford. 

2) to be honest, I owe a few art on Gaia side. Even though that's just fake money (on a site where I no longer feel catered to as a user, to boot... I'm not joining the bandwagon calling the admins greedy. It's just that their new approach is not for me, especially at this point in time), I can't help but feel very unprofessional for not contacting my clients in the past few months while I was sick. 

And lastly, 3) commissions are no replacement for personal art. Those two things are entirely different things. 

Everyone is busy. Everyone has it rough from time to time. It's just that mine happens to be now. 

I HAVE been able to produce a few things recently, though. I've been posting them where I'd been completely unknown with no pre-existing fans or acquaintances. When I feel ready to share it with you guys, I promise I will -- though I cannot say how many people would even be interested! In the meantime, I'll be uploading a few recent doodles to keep the dust off this account. Hope you guys enjoy them!
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Take your time Keiiii! Your health and well being are more important than anything else! Stay strong, and it's good to see you ! 
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Oh good to hear from you! Roody and I were wondering  if everything was ok. 
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I have been gone forever, 18 month forever, but this journal struck as ironic, as I just replayed the Tellius Fire Emblem Games and that reminded me of your art.  Hope you have been well.
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your art is beautiful no matter what you draw, man. I hope everything goes well for you  ! :heart:
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Glad to see you're feeling better Keiiii! I feel weird stalking you here from Gaia, but I've been kinda worried about you while you've been sick! Very relieved that'd you're up and running! Health first!
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So glad to hear you're feeling better! And I'm glad to hear that even in your busyness you still have a little time hear and there to enjoy drawing. I'm with you, commissions can be fun, but they would be a sad sad replacement for personal art. I'm just about to start my new art program at school so I will soon be in a similar situation of having very limited time for "drawing for fun". Keep posting your things where we can see them though, it's fun to get to see what friends and working on and how they are growing as an artist! Heart 
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Thank you! I am totally itching to share this stuff. Right now, I'm trying to make enough of it to make an impact. Need to get more work done~
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Glad to hear things are looking up - I'm just back from being awol myself, for approximately the same period. If no-one has suggested it btw, spicy food can help with plegm/sinus problems - the rule of thumb is, if it's spicy enough to make your cheeks warm, it's spicy enough to help.

I was very sick for a number of years while barely making enough to live, so I know how it is to not be able to afford to see a doctor. During the period I became a semi-expert on home remedies for the symptoms I was prone to having - so feel free to poke at me if you need a cheap way to feel better.
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Thanks. I really appreciate your help! I thought spicy food was only for sinus-centric symptoms, though? Mine is (or rather, was) really deep in the lungs. Nothing in the sinus area. 

But speaking of the sinus area... would you happen to know anything that works for sinus headaches? T_________T
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It does work better on the sinus area, but anywhere where swelling is part of the problem it'll help a little. It has to do with bloodflow I think; there was an article on the topic that a friend pointed out after I'd already been using it for years.

For the headaches - again, spicy food, sometimes dark chocolate helps a little (females only; has to do with hormones and tension I suspect), and for some people plunging your forehead into snow for a few seconds (AKA works wonders for me, but haven't tested on anyone else).

For the lungs...With ANYTHING to do with the lungs breathing steam helps. Really hot showers or making soup and standing over it to breath the steam are the usual methods. If that's not enough, sometimes shocking them by switching between really hot and really cold helps - like taking a few breaths from the freezer, then going back to the steam or drinking some tea or instant hot cider. If it's messing with your breathing enough to mess with getting to sleep, try piling up pillows enough that you can sleep at a bit of an angle, like in a hospital bed. It works wonders and is generally the only time I sleep on my back.

Hope that helps!
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Well, it's great to hear from you after so long. :)
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It's all good. C: Just happy you been doing good and am focusing on you! I would love to see your new stuff, too, if I am allowed to stalk. ;w;
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Believe me, I am ITCHING to share them. *O* I just don't feel like I have enough material to really make the kind of the impact I want, at this time. If you want to take a sneak peek, uhh... poke me over AIM/MSN? Do you use either?
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You can always do an art dump. *w* And, unfortunately, I don't use MSN anymore and never was a big AIM user. ;w; Now I'm only on Skype. I can always hop on through IM+, though!  I would do it for you~
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Take as much time as you need to. There is no rush. Just know we're all glad that you're feeling better and that we understand commissioned work just can't replace the work you do for yourself.
I look forward to seeing any of your doodles, when you are ready to upload them.
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May I ask what that job is?
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I'm tutoring ESL to kids in Korea. The way I do it, it's a LOT of work, but I wouldn't have it any other way (except for higher pay if possible, haha).
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:hug: I hope you start feeling even better soon and that the financial situation clears up.

If there's anything we can do to help, let us know OK? I and I'm sure many others with me would be glad to. 
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I haven't seen what's happened to Gaia in a while... Guess I should check that out at some point... I only go on there every now and again to change my avatar's clothing now, anyway. 

Take care! Good to hear from you again! We always look forward to seeing your work. :D 
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I never did finish reading Haru-Sari. Moved out of the country and didn't have access to it. Then, I moved back and life happened, and I never got the chance to sit down with it again.

I'll have to write myself a note to set aside some time to read it again. Did you finish the story, or is it still going?
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Long story short, it's still on a hiatus. I've hit a snag in the plot in the upcoming chapters. It's not even a major plot issue, just a worldbuilding detail... but important enough to elicit eyerolls if I were to screw up. I've wrestled with it for so long that I've gotten tired of the issue. 

Not sure when was the last time you read it, though. There could be some new pages for you, depending. ^^
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