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This is EXACTLY what I need.…

Fits my needs so perfectly. Too bad I don't have $4000 to throw around...
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This seems pretty cool! But I'm surprised they're not getting attacked by Apple since they're reselling their product as something else? (so confused)
I have a MBP w/R it's a nice laptop, making a tablet sounds cool xD
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Think of it this way: they're not selling products, they're selling service (modding rMBPs). Even if you buy a new one from them instead of sending them your own to get modded, you still buy it "from" Apple, i.e. the money that should go to Apple still goes to Apple.
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Ahh, true. Somehow that completely skipped my brain xD
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I need one too, but I'll NEVER be able to put so much money :crying:
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jesus christ thats beautiful

Ill take 10
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Pff! I'm still trying to save enough for a 300$ Android tablet.
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Oh my god life NO DON'T THINK ABOUT IT *hugs yoga tablet*
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I didn't even read all the specifics yet (just some) and it sounds like a fabulous concept. Not that I can afford it or anything... But I can certainly imagine that it will be a great tool for digital artists of any genre.
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Is this true? a tablet that's faster than a mac pro exist?
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It's a Macbook Pro modified to have a touch screen, so if you've used the newest Macbook Pro you know how fast it is. :)
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I've seen the Mac Pro demo and another demo on Monster Inc 2 with Mari ( here it's old, but just in case you haven't seen it) but haven't got the few thousands to throw at it either... Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]

One can only drool over this Drooling emoticon  
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