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This is EXACTLY what I need.…

Fits my needs so perfectly. Too bad I don't have $4000 to throw around...
I've accidentally deleted a bunch of notes while trying to go through my inbox. D: If you sent me something and are still waiting for a response, please re-send the note. Thanks!
I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the kind wishes and suggestions... and for remembering me. I see lots of familiar names, and it's good to know that you guys have stayed with me despite my long absence. (Guess it helps that dA doesn't have a watchlist limit... or does it? XD) Names that I am not yet acquainted with are good to see, too.

I'm feeling better now, physically. But my financial situation isn't so hot at the moment, so life continues to keep my art life at bay. I'm reluctant to take commissions because:

1) I do have a job. I love the work I do. The pay isn't great, obviously, but job searching demands more time and energy than I am able to expend without quitting my current job, which I cannot afford. 

2) to be honest, I owe a few art on Gaia side. Even though that's just fake money (on a site where I no longer feel catered to as a user, to boot... I'm not joining the bandwagon calling the admins greedy. It's just that their new approach is not for me, especially at this point in time), I can't help but feel very unprofessional for not contacting my clients in the past few months while I was sick. 

And lastly, 3) commissions are no replacement for personal art. Those two things are entirely different things. 

Everyone is busy. Everyone has it rough from time to time. It's just that mine happens to be now. 

I HAVE been able to produce a few things recently, though. I've been posting them where I'd been completely unknown with no pre-existing fans or acquaintances. When I feel ready to share it with you guys, I promise I will -- though I cannot say how many people would even be interested! In the meantime, I'll be uploading a few recent doodles to keep the dust off this account. Hope you guys enjoy them!
I've been having health issues. It started with this... cold? Flu? Whatever it is that I caught back in December. Fever, headache, COUGHING, pretty standard stuff. The first two -- the fever and the headache -- went away in a few days. 

The coughing and the phlegm did not.

They stayed, and so did the stamina reduction that comes with pretty much every kind of illness. Here's the part that really sucks: they're STILL HERE. It's been three months, and I'm not feeling any better. If anything, I'm on a downward slope. Appetite's been kind of spotty the last few months, but I track calories and have managed to make myself eat as much as I normally had. Last few days, though? It's evolved from 'spotty' to 'persistent problem.'

I work from home and make just enough money to get by. That means no health insurance, and not enough $$$ to see a doctor just to make sure this isn't something supah serious. (So please don't tell me to go see a doctor.)

I'm not quite... worried. I'm just really annoyed, and feeling a little suffocated, emotionally speaking.

So many artistic things I want to do, but just can't. My body's been demanding lots and lots of sleep. I work, I take care of stuff around the house, and exercise when I am able. Then it's all zzzz.

We'll see how I fare in a few days. If my appetite improves on its own, I'll draw something to celebrate. :) That would be a very good sign. The picture probably won't be anything remarkable; I kind of have forgotten how to draw, and I'm not in any position to spend lots of time polishing out every detail. But it will be better than nothing, yes?
Am I the only one who can't figure stuff out around tumblr?

It's so hard to tell whether a post is the account holder's art or just reblogging... and how do you view comments (and not just reblog notes)?

No, I don't have an account there yet.
That's right! Got a Fire Emblem art request that you want me to draw? POST AWAY.


1. I probably won't fulfill every request posted. I will only pick the ones that interest me the most.

2. Sketches only. I'm not going to color anything. My monitor is semi-broken and it makes coloring/blending really hard ;_; though if this produces any sketch that's particularly promising, I might attempt to color it later, when I am better equipped for the task.

3. Awakening requests are more likely to get picked, but feel free to post requests from the following as well: Akaneia, Elibe, Magvel, Tellius. (Sorry, no Jugdral.)

4. Most importantly, state your request(s) in THREE WORDS each. Examples:
:bulletgreen: Chrom wants you
:bulletgreen: Emmeryn, Lissa, kimono (lolwut)
:bulletgreen: Gaius, candy, CANDY
This allows me to get creative and do my own interpretations instead of just being your drawing machine for ten minutes.

5. This is just for fun; I do not want this to turn into a chore. No complaining about how the sketch doesn't look like what you had in mind, or about not getting picked, etc.

GO! :iconlaplz:
Why must this game be so awesome :iconiloveyouplz:

I've seen quite a few people complaining about the story in this game. Story-wise I honestly think it's got all the other FE games beat by a considerable margin. (the ones I have played and finished, at least. So FE2, 4 and 5 are out.) No, it's not perfect, but it's the one game where I did not see the main twist coming despite all the hints being dropped. And I was pleasantly surprised by how well-written Gangrel turned out to be. IMO it's hard to write a believable 'batshit crazy chaotic-evil villain' character.

The Big Bad villain was pretty blah in comparison, but I can overlook that when considering how strongly he/she is tied to the aforementioned twist. I also figure his/her mentality must be somewhat transcendental and incomprehensible to mortals by nature.

While we are still talking about the writing, though... the stupid paired endings and recycled children/father supports. And the glaring lack of SpotPass character supports. WHYYYYY. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

It's like IS is forcing us fans to draw our own endings! I will step up to the challenge when I get more free time. Just wait and see!

On a less infuriating/ agonizing note, the game also needs non-flirty supports when one or both of the characters have already been married to someone else. No wonder a certain second gen character suspects his father of cheating.

Let's talk about everyone's FE:A favorite characters and pairings! Who/what's yours? Gush about your choices! Gush time!

GUESS MINE. :iconimhighplz: I have several (we all do, right? How can you pick only one?) so it shouldn't be too hard to guess!
While going through your dA inbox, have you ever come across a deviation, or a pile of deviations, that looks less than impressive, think "huh, why am I watching this person?" ... only to find out that this is the same artist who made a bunch of your favorite pictures a while ago?

In other words, that artist's new works don't seem as good as their old ones. Not a good thing to happen.

Then I realized. LOOOOOOL at least they're still posting stuff. Me? When was the last time I posted something -- finished something postable? I can't even remember!

So I've been itchin' to make something nice and detailed and shiny, I really have been. Unfortunately, I am in the process of recovering from a nasty hand injury (on both hands! Not that it matters since I'm not ambidextrous). I can type slowly, but I can't put much pressure on my right index and middle fingers, which makes it hard to hold the stylus, let alone make hard pressure strokes.

The recovery shouldn't take long, though. Once my hands are back to full functionality, I will start working on a new painting that I believe will be post-worthy. I already know what it's going to be of! It's for a special person I've recently come to know IRL. No, make that two new paintings for two special people. :)
This is my anniversary. Exactly one year ago, I weighed around 190 pounds. I'm only 5' 1.5"... or 156cm. At 190 pounds, I was wearing XXL shirts. Yeah, I was pretty wide.

And little wonder, for I was eating 3000+ calories on most days while sitting on my butt all day. Sometimes I ate close to 4000 calories in a SINGLE MEAL. Those of you who have never paid attention to calories may be surprised to find out how easy it can be to consume thousands of calories in one seating. Many restaurants offer 1000+ calorie dessert items. Chili's used to offer an appetizer that was around 2500 calories... You'd eat more than your day's worth of calories just for APPETIZER!!!

On April 17, 2011, I decided to change my lifestyle. Two things occurred to me:

1) I WAS big. Believe or not, this was an epiphany. Whenever I saw my body in my bathroom mirror, I'd see my 170 pound body, which I had at the time of high school graduation (definitely chubby, but not obese). The image in the mirror never changed even though I gained 20 pounds over the years. Photos showed my body in all its flabtacular glory, though. And I would blame it on bad lighting or bad angle, etc. But nope! I was really that big.

2) Changing the above doesn't have to involve misery. Eating less calories doesn't mean I can't ever have tasty stuff. It just means I have to be more picky. Even the really fattening stuff, I could have them -- just not as often.

I started counting calories meticulously, logging every single thing that went into my mouth. I've always been a tad OCD, so this wasn't bothersome. In fact, prior to counting calories, I was spending even more time thinking about my food choices, just for different reasons (often I'd ponder for 60+ minutes before making a meal choice, trying to figure out what I was craving). The only things I didn't log were calorie-free items such as water and diet soda, and spices. I bought a food scale and measuring tools to make sure my portion sizes were accurate.

I also started going to the gym every day. I had a gym membership collecting dust... and draining money from my wallet... every month for a ridiculously long time. Oh man, if I could have all that money back! I did lots of cardio, as much and as hard as I could. I also did weight training (nothing hardcore) to preserve my muscle mass.

7 months later, I'd lost 60 pounds, and I was fitting into S shirts.

My size hasn't changed after the first 7 months because I decided to take a break from the weight loss. I still have about 15 pounds that I'd like to lose. I'm in no hurry. I don't know how long it's going to take, but that doesn't bother me; what really matters to me is that I know I can do it.

I'm not feeling very eager to share my before/after photos because like I said, I'm not there yet. But I shall post them for any curious souls that might be lurking!
...or rather, during. Note, that dress is designed very strategically. My belly is a little bit bigger than it appears in that dress :( I WILL DESTROY YOU, BELLY FLAB! MARK MY WORDS!!!11
I'm updating Haru-Sari again.

As of today, I have finished over 600 pages of my comic. Am I feeling accomplished? Excited? Not quite. The only thing I can feel about all this is this sense of... that I have to keep going and make more pages. Maybe then people would talk more about my comic. Even if they don't, I'm so close to seeing this through, and that's got to mean something.

Now, time to go back to commissions before tackling the comic again...
Receiving a DD on my Seraphina was the last thing I expected this morning. But whaddaya know! Thank you for the DD, comments and :+fav:s!

Seraphina by keiiii

I feel that I have improved significantly since that picture. I'm hoping to have new art to prove that, soon. :D

On another note...

My birthday is approaching. Last year, I held a poll to ask you what you wanted me to draw out of gratitude for the birthday wishes—kind of like a mass gift art. Legend of Zelda fanart was in the lead. Well, almost a year has passed, and so far, no LoZ fanart has been posted in my gallery (except the Wind Waker one which was unrelated to the poll). lulz


But one day — one day! — I'm going to bring a whole load of Link fanarts to this gallery. MARK MY WORDS. I am absolutely serious, by the way. I am cooking up a bunch of LoZ pictures; I just can't post them yet. They are meant to be presented all together, so first, I need to finish all of them. Fear not; I've got a few people to hold me accountable on it!

Speaking of which, I am certain I am not the only one excited for Skyward Sword here. I'm not gonna have the time to marathon it the way I used to back in the days... 6+ hours every day until finishing my new favorite game... But I'm going to fall in love with it just as hard! :la:

In the meantime, here's a silly doodle I did:

(done for someone outside of dA -- it's not for congratulating myself for the DD, haha)
I know. I'm one to talk. But seriously, where is everyone that I used to hang out with (on the 'net) 10 years ago?

If anyone wants to find me, I'm still here. I'm definitely not as active at the moment, but I haven't disappeared. Will have new art eventually, before the end of the year.

When I was a kid, my family moved around a lot. In first grade alone, I went to three different schools because we kept relocating. Second grade, two. Third, one (wow!). Fourth and fifth, two each... It meant I didn't get to keep friends for long. That was perfectly fine with me, though. In addition to my family, I had TWO close friends throughout elementary and middle school (one of whom is still a good friend), and that was enough for me.

All of that affected me in a rather unexpected way. When I lost friends, it was because I moved away. It wasn't because we started hanging out with different folks or grew up to be different or whatever. There was a real, physical reason.

So when I realized my close friends (whom I'd met online, but that seriously shouldn't matter) were drifting apart, I couldn't help but wonder, why? Why is this happening?

As we grow older and start paying our own bills, our responsibilities grow too... and we don't have nearly as much time for things like hobby drawing. (Paid work is a different story, of course.) And drawing, I guess, was the main thing that my friends and I shared in common. A while ago, someone I knew from 2000-ish bumped into me on the internet, and he asked me if I still did art stuff. His question startled me, quite deeply. Why would that even be a question? I've been doodling since before I could even speak. It's a part of me. Of course I'm still doing art stuff.

So I just can't help but feel saddened when I find out that my old art buddies -- some of whom were actually much better than me back then -- aren't really drawing anymore.

Thus, I'm going to make a promise with all of you guys here and repeat myself: Will have new art eventually, before the end of the year. Barring serious unexpected circumstances like losing my eyesight in a horrific accident. I mean, I'd be making new art with or without this promise, since (like I said) it's a part of me. But I just wanted you all to know for sure.

I'm busier than ever. My real life is more demanding than ever. Many things have changed... yet some things really don't change.
I'm going through my sketch folder, and it's very depressing. There are so many interesting ideas and compositions in it that people will never see because I don't have the time to finish them all. The worst part, though, is that these sketches are like 1 year old (some older) and they still look good to me. Way to fail at self-ass-kicking. I need to improve and improve until these sketches like a child's scribbles.

I have, however, been doing pretty well IRL in the past few months. I just haven't figured out how to kick ass at RL and art simultaneously.

Maybe I should do that "redo your old art" thing as an exercise... but I don't want to redo a fanart, and I haven't done that many non-fanart to choose from ^^; Hmm, I'm thinking one of these...

Cocoon by keiiii
Most recent, and probably most challenging to outdo as a result.

Phoenix Heart by keiiii
Old and much easier to outdo in terms of techniques. The challenge will lie in re-interpreting the theme and presenting it in a good, engaging composition. Composition composition composition.

And now here is my secret by keiiii
I know I said no fanart, and I don't want to redo THIS specific scene. Maybe just a new fanart of The Little Prince, of a different scene from the book.

Their Warden by keiiii
This is so easy to outdo it's not even funny. But do I really want to revisit the whole stars in a jar thing? Maybe I'll do a different interpretation of the whole "doing evil and convincing self that it's good" thing instead, and use similar elements such as flowing fabric and glowing stuff.

OR I COULD JUST DO A NEW PIC LOL. :iconotlplz: Like, pick one from the aforementioned good sketches ;;
I'm back from Florida! The trip nearly KILLED me. It wasn't the relaxing vacation I thought it'd be; everything I did, I did quite rigorously, and I was starting to feel sick by the last day. To top it off, my flight was delayed, trapping me in that tiny countryside airport for HOURS AHHHHHHHHH.

But it's all good now. I've recovered, and have good memories from the trip.

I'm being rather productive, art-wise, but almost all of the art I'm doing at the moment, I can't share them here -- not yet anyway. It will be fun when I get around to posting them, though!

About Seiken Densetsu 3 -

You know what bothers me about that game?

The more I think about it...

Where are the beasts of burden?

Even after you explore every corner of that game, you still have no idea what kind of domesticated animals people have in that world, beyond dogs and cats. What kind of animals of burden do they have? Horses? Cows? Chocobos? I suppose chocobos are the most likely candidate since the very first Seiken game had them (I think?)... but can you honestly imagine Duran riding a chocobo!?

Hmm, I guess the beastmen do have those giant eagles for transportation. And maybe in the desert they have domesticated bulettes...

Or maybe there is no agriculture in their world. :o You don't see any farms around, either...
:star: Question for you guys!
Recently, someone from a Spain-based publishing company sent me an email and asked if I would be interested in answering a few questions (a minimum of 10 out of 20), and having some samples of my art featured in their upcoming book along with my answers. The book seems like a collection of artist interviews. The whole idea seems totally promising and interesting, and I'm flattered that they invited me.

Has anyone received a similar email? I'm just a bit hesitant because...

1) they provided a contract only after I asked, and it didn't seem exactly watertight? (BTW, they only asked for a one-time publishing permission; I get to keep all the rights.) I don't think they're unscrupulous, but even when dealing with good people, a solid contract is ALWAYS a huge plus.

2) they didn't give me tech specs for images, even after they sent me interview questions. They didn't even specifically ask for high-res images...? Or was that too obvious to mention?

3) they didn't give me a solid deadline. The one they gave me, they said they could change it if needed. Now, this is helpful for me because the deadline they gave was REALLY last minute and I'm going to be out of town, and thus unable to meet that deadline -- but it just seems unusual.

4) no mention of payment. I really don't mind doing this one for free, as they didn't ask for me to create new images for the book, but I kind of feel that they should have mentioned it at least.

5) the interview questions came with a Japanese translation, and it didn't look like it was done by someone fluent in Japanese. ^^;

Let me repeat: I do not think they're the shady scheming kind. They might be, however, inexperienced at working internationally (they're not based in the U.S.) -- and inexperience can be dangerous under some circumstances. If anyone has had any experience with them, positive or negative, please share.

:star: Going out of town!
Yes, I'm going to be out of town during Mar 21-Mar 24. This probably won't matter to most of you, since I haven't been posting new art lately anyway XD; But yeah, just thought I should mention in case someone notes me and wonders why I'm ignoring them!
In my dream last night, I was Alberich. A young woman from a covert intelligence organization was sent to spy on me. It led to a shoot-out in a dark alley behind a large, crowded church on a Christmas Eve; she was shot in the heart and died, while I suffered a non-fatal wound on my side. (It almost got me in the lung D: )

I immediately phoned my people to pick me up; I did not want to call 911, probably because I had something to hide. The car that came to pick me up missed me... which left me to my own devices. I had to leave the city on my own, dodging the dead woman's covert intel buddies, and call them again.

As I weaved my way out of the city, I gained the mysterious ability to speak and understand the languages of dogs, ducks, and a race of sentient pizzas. The pizza people were at war against humans and Ninja Turtles, presumably for self preservation. I had to constantly trick the pizzas and the turtles to make them think I was on their side. With their help, I got to a train station, and the dream faded to a haze as I sat in a train that would carry me away from the city.

This one scene is still fresh in my mind -- this scene of a Papa Pizza (big rectangular Sicilian pizza) telling his Kiddy Pizza (a slice of a round pizza) to go hide with mommy because daddy had to fight the bad people. ._.;;
I have been subscription-gifted by awesome people ;_; It was totally unexpected! Huge, huge thank-you's to:

:iconryuyujin: :heart:
:iconrec-roomninja: :heart:

Also, thank you :iconayanyami: for the point! :D

Looking at how many months I've got, I really think there's another donor, but can't find the notification in my email :(

If you're on Gaia, please come check out my art contest!… :la:… :la:… :la:

I'm running it with a friend of mine. The grand prize is the Angelic Halo (if you're on Gaia, you know it's a pretty big deal over there). I... actually don't have the character info up just yet, but I'm working on it. My characters will be from my comic Haru-Sari; my friend will also have her characters from one of her stories.

I've been meaning to do this ever since I joined Gaia in 2006. Now my Gaia dream is coming true at last! :w00t:
and pissed off. I've been taking Chaco to the local doggy park pretty much every day for the past month (my dad covered for me when I couldn't go), and this woman has been harassing me at the park.

She seems convinced that my dog is a vicious, sadistic demon who comes to the park to bring pain, destruction and chaos. She's been trying to convince others of the same. Unfortunately she's a regular, so I run into her often.

I don't know why she even goes to a dog park; her dog does not mingle with other dogs at all. All he does is sitting by her side, and growling and chasing other dogs away whenever they get too close to his owner. Now, I don't blame the dog for trying to protect his mommy, but he simply does not belong in a dog park. As far as I can tell, he doesn't even enjoy coming to the park.

Today, she was telling me she'd call the police next time she sees me at the park with Chaco because apparently, Chaco was a fighter. The best part was, this was happening while Chaco was lying belly-up on the ground, happily letting another dog sit on top of her, smoosh her and pull her fur/ collar around.

Chaco is not perfect. I know her flaws much better than that lady does. Despite her size, she gets intimidated easily and doesn't respond well to bullying (unless it's from a small dog, in which case she just shrugs it off). But the fact is that she has never actually bitten anyone (even when another dog bit her tongue), and she is super sweet most of the time. She doesn't mind being submissive, and she doesn't guard food, water, toys, territory, attention, ANYTHING, except her own safety.

I can understand that she's big, which could make her seem scary. But what gives that lady the right to harass me and threaten me that she'll call the police? What gives her right to yell at me EVERY TIME she sees me? I don't tell HER to not to come to the park despite her dog's issues.

The other owners are not happy with her, either. They feel uncomfortable with the harassment, even though it's not directed at them. They simply like watching their dogs play with Chaco, and they love petting her when Chaco approaches them with her tail wagging and back arched submissively.

I know empty threats aren't really that big of a deal in the big scheme of things; still, the dog park is a place I go to escape stress. I really don't need some crazy woman yelling at me and telling everyone that my dog is evil and dangerous.
Sometimes I wish I had cliché, pretty characters with flashy powers/skills. It would be much easier to attain popularity. Of course, getting popular because of unoriginal characters would be incredibly hollow and pointless, not to mention boring.

It is, however, not so boring to imagine what my characters would look like in a Very Very Cliché World:

June would be skinny, neither muscular nor sickly in appearance. She would also have a tail. She would always wear a cute outfit involving a cute mini skirt, possibly with a kitty bell choker.

Leon would be significantly less muscular, and his face would be more metrosexual. He would be much more fashionable -- I suspect a black leather trench coat would be his staple item. Also, he might have a thin scar running from mid-forehead, through one eye, to his cheek.

Alberich would have long, straight, silky hair. He would have only two eyes. BONUS: He would be in a hawt yaoi relationship with Leon because they hate each other.

Chi-Min is 'pretty' enough, physically speaking, but his behavior needs modification. He would constantly trip and blush.

All of them would grow feathery wings at dramatic moments, shedding feathers at an alarming rate.

On an unrelated note, I seem to be the only one who wasn't completely amazed by the movie Inception. I liked the plot. I liked the way it unfolded. Yet I felt completely detached from the characters, especially Cobb. I didn't like him, and I felt nothing during the most emotional scenes of his (e.g. the scenes with his wife). The characters were mere strangers to me. In the end, Fischer was the only guy I cared about.

I need to be able to connect with the characters in order to really like a story. It's true -- some stories work perfectly fine without that emotional connection. Some exceptional stories either A) have enough merit to make up for the lack of the connection, or B) work precisely because that connection isn't there. I'm guessing that for most people, Inception is A). But since I don't have a fetish for the whole "IS THIS REAL?" thing, it didn't work for me.

It's unfortunate that I have to clarify this, but: I'm not trying to be edgy by saying that I don't like this new popular movie. I'm not trying to say I have better tastes in movies than you. It's just that I keep seeing all these "OMG INCEPTION MY MIND IS BLOWN <3333" comments, and finding someone who feels the same way as I do almost seems impossible. >_>