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Portrait of Phoenix, done for my art contest [link]

I am very pleased with how this one came out, particularly how it captures her character.
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Best webcomic ever. Any chance of it being published?
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Thank you. Print publishing doesn't seem likely at this point, although I am going to seek that route with my next comic.
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Oh. What's that one going to be about? Or is it private for now?
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It's going to be quite different from Haru-Sari, that's for sure! You can see the three main characters here: [link]

There's not much information on the actual story, but it does introduce you to the characters and gives you a brief description of the setting. :) I'm still working on ironing out the plot kinks, though, so some of that might be different in the actual comic.
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Sounds really cool. Looking forward to it.
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wow this is absolutely amazing O_O
i love the textures, loose style, and colors lol
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Thank you. I too think those three things worked out really well in this picture :la:
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wow I love her eyes...they look like they're on fire. Like amber o.o;;
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Thank you. I like how her eyes came out, too :D
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Very striking, good job on eyes.
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This is a simple but gorgeous piece of art you've made. I really enjoy the color palette you used with the skin; I'm not really sure how I would describe it.
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Thank you. I studied some of Ruan Jia's works for skin coloring :) [link] I still have a long way to go before I can paint like THAT!
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ohhh i realli liked it but it took me a sec to relise it was another eye.....
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:D Look closely... there's a fourth eye on her face, too!
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o.0 OMG lols ahahah i see it!!! <3
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ooooohhh!!! so pretty!!!
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Wow! The way you do hair is absolutely amazing as usual but those eyes are really drawing me in. They're sad and they give off the feeling like she's long decided to accept whatever may come. Hope that came out right.
keiiii's avatar
You're not too far off the mark there! :)
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My favorite part about this one is all the colors - practically the entire rainbow worked into the highlights and lowlights - that still look coherent and beautiful overall. It's a beauty that really stands out. ^__^
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I was going to say "hey, there's no purple in there!" then found a small patch of purple XD
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This is beautiful! I love the way you do hair! It looks so lovely and soft. And her eyes are gorgeous! How do you make them shine like that?
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This piece has a real Renaissance look to it. I really like that. There's a level of serenity that just floods from her expression... Except, her eyes. They burn, and not like fire, but more like acid as it eats through flesh.

By the way I know like, nothing, about your characters, so forgive me if my description of the picture wasn't what you were going for. ^^;
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