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The Appointed Hour

By keiiii
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Character belongs to :iconchuuchichu:
:iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu:
:iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu:
:iconiloveyoutooplz: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconchuuchichu: :iconiloveyouplz:

This is Artemis, *Chuuchichu's beautiful ice bird boy! I had been wanting to spam patterns and details for a while, and found the perfect opportunity. I really wanted to spam 10x more details (jewelry, more patterns, etc etc) but my damaged shoulder can only handle so much.

Commissioned artwork; no critiques please. I don't want the flaws spelled out in front of my client ;~;

I'm happy with:
~the overall values and color scheme. Usually I have to do a lot of color and value/contrast tweaking before I'm even reasonably satisfied. With this picture, there was almost none of that.

I'm okay with:
~all the leeway I gave myself with the lighting. A careful observer will notice quite a few places where the lighting behaves differently than it would IRL. I'm fine with that, as the overall piece feels right to me.

Yes, his hair and wings have a color gradient to them. Aren't they pretty :heart:

Prints MAY be available later.
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The composition, the lightings, the colors... everything is perfect! Wonderful art
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wunderful colours
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I absolutely love this- I think it's the wings that I like the most. I don't know if I'm misinterpreting this, but it looks to me as though light from stained-glass windows is shining through the feathers. Even if it isn't... beautiful! :D
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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:faint: those details are incredible!! The colors are so rich and beautiful. The lighting/shadow design came out wonderfully. Just gorgeous!! :heart:
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omg the details and the colors are amazing
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Love the Colors. Great Work.
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This is soo good! I love the shadows on the ground!
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Thank you. The shadows absolutely make the picture.
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You're welcome! They do! :)
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Absolutely beautiful.
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A boy? Lol that's alright, still a girl in my heart.

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I've been there myself. "whaaat? X is supposed to be Y? I'll just pretend I never read that." :D
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Lol I like your style bro.
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such beautiful coloration they bring out the true beauty within/out of the character
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Your artwork is amazingly stunning.
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A simple yet overwhelming compliment. Thank you for your kind words :heart:
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Your very welcome. :D
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Wow, kei, this is amazing! There is nothing bad about it, is an amazing work!
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Haha, I wish! I can't make anything perfect, but am glad you like it so much. :D
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