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Song of the White Doe

By keiiii
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A promotional art for my comic, which you can read on its own site or on Tapastic

Her name is Hanel, and she has the ears of a goat. 
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This is amazing!!
Eif-ka's avatar
It's beautiful  :D
frostykeyhatter's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
rufiangel's avatar
So beautifullll I really envy what you can do with colours ;__;* :heart:

Would this be Danbi's mama?
BidouDadidou's avatar
The colors are catching and beautiful, nice work !
FadedPaper's avatar
but.... doesn't a flute go to the right, and not the left? (it's still an awesome picture :heart:)
keiiii's avatar
onoes I've been caught! I flipped the character horizontally at an early stage because it made for a better composition. 

(It's not "the" flute, but it is still held the same way as the usual flute, so yeah.)
FadedPaper's avatar
Definitely not, I think "the" wooden flutes are tube shaped and rounder?
Seems like I finally have a favourite character. And learned her name, too! And desperately crave to win your giveaway now... xD;
Before I saw this, I rather thought "well it would be nice but shipment to Europe might be too expensive".

What does her instrument sound like? Are you thinking of any certain melodies in association with the picture?


*hopes not to be caught fangirling*
keiiii's avatar
Fangirling is 100% welcome as far as I'm concerned :iconimhighplz: 

It's this instrument. Not this particular song, though…

I will have a couple of spares of the wallscroll when the shipment gets here! But yeah, shipping to Europe might get expensive... 
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Wow, beautiful!!
Pameloo's avatar
Eee I'm in love with your color usage e__e
so very beautifully vibrant
ColubrineDeuce's avatar
Simply brilliant.
bluebirdjoy's avatar
*n * I looooveee the colors on the tree! Your work is such a treat everytimeeeeeee
keiiii's avatar
bluebirdjoy's avatar
You're welcome!! My friend made it for me and she's also a huge fan of your work! hngggg senpai noticed meeeommggggg
OneWingedHeron53's avatar
Very lovely. Got to read your comic at sometime.
gyappumusoka's avatar
Beautiful. The leaves in the foreground add a lot of depth to the artwork.
fabledbrush's avatar
I'm loving the sense of depth in this picture and the reflections in the water. It's very lovely.
TomN7's avatar
Comic huh? *Sees the first page* Sooo pretty! But I must study... *clicks next page* NOOOOOOO!
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