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Cover to Chapter 25 Part III of my comic, Haru-Sari. [link]

This picture. It makes Chi-Min look innocent and serene and angelic, all of which he is decidedly NOT. That's okay though; it fits his role in this particular part of the story. You'll see.

I was getting so frustrated with this picture. It was seriously like I'd forgotten how to color. Then I went to bed, came back to it the next day (after doing a lot of stuff), and suddenly I knew how to color... again.

I guess I can't be an artist 356 days a year... Some days you just need to take a break. :)
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Brilliant! I love it!
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Wow. The details of this picture.
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I think this is rather simple, actually... though it is one of those pictures where simplicity works better than details!
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=) I dunno if I have the credibility to say this, being a beginner and all, but... Well specifically, I like the quality of details in this picture. I mean any artist can simply pull off a detailed drawing, but the hardest part is to give each detail a certain quality that blends to the overall appearance of the picture.

The rest is relativity. To you the amount of details in this picture may seem average, but to me it's quite plenty.

Of course one might find the beauty of this picture by appreciating the absence of too much unnecessary details which usually tend to distract people from seeing the actual theme being expressed, if not done properly. Nevertheless, the general appeal of this picture is that every piece of detail it contains is appealing to the eye.
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:D Valid points can come from people of all skill levels! I think I get what you're saying. It's not that this picture has five bajillion details, but that the details that *are* there work well together, right? ...Wrong?
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Exactly. =D The details work well together.
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I have a few progress images in my gallery that show how I made some of my pics. :) I don't do "do this to achieve this look" type of tutorials, though, because they tend to encourage cookie cutter methods of creating a picture, and that doesn't truly help anyone in the long run IMO.

The best practice is to draw from life (REAL life, not photographs). If you can, attend life drawing sessions/ classes, but when those aren't available, you have plenty of things to draw right in your house. Draw the cups and spoons in your kitchen, the toilet paper roll in your bathroom; do quick sketches of real people around you.

The trick is to draw what you see, as opposed to what you think you see. This can be a very difficult hurdle to overcome. When you draw something, and it doesn't look realistic, it's because you draw what's in your head, instead of what's in front of you. Even when you're drawing something in front of you, your head will re-interpret what you see and it will hinder you artistically. You overcome this problem by practicing over and over and over for years. Some exercises, such as blind contour drawing, can help speed up the process if you do them from time to time.
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its freaking difficult xD
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Like I said... it takes years (unless you're a genius)!
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This is absolutely beautiful and apparently out of character xD according to your artist comments. It's a very good painting though, you have obvious talent.
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Hi! :love:
I want to let you know you were featured in my :heart: News Article :heart:!
Thank you for your beautiful work, and keep it up!:tighthug:
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Wow, this is beautiful
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This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm in awe of every piece of art that I look at. Everything you create has this beauty that can't help capturing and holding my eyes.
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I really enjoy the amazing colors and lovely painting-like style (: The hair looks fantastic too!
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I saw this in the shop while I was browsing anime prints and I must say that this stands out beyond the rest. I know that once I get enough points I will be getting this spectacular piece of art!
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your very welcome ^^
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this is definitely one of my favorite covers in ur comic. :D
Especially i like chi-min's nose and ears! x3 scarf and hair are also so cool.
I really like the atmosphere in the pick also, and don't give a damn were it ooc or not since it's simple awesome piece of art. :3

I've been reading haru-sari for, what 4-5 years now? Just recently decided to read the whole comic from the beginning so i would get better pick of the plot as a whole since i used to stop every now and then to read the newest pages. x'D But rereading surely worth it since it made me understand the story much better and made me like it even more than i did before. :3
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I wouldn't say this is OOC; unusual, but not necessarily OOC. :)

And yeah, Haru-Sari is one of those stories that you understand better by reading again from the beginning.
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I wonder if it's strange that I'm love with his ears. xD
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:D I often find very specific parts of a picture that I like, too.
syrellium's avatar
^^ Funny how that happens.
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