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I could have loaded this one with heaps and heaps of micro-details. That was the original plan. But the more I painted, the more I realized how well the simplicity worked for this piece -- hazy like memories of a dream. The ONLY problem with that decision is that changing my plans halfway through affected the composition in a bad way. I've managed to fix it 90%. The 10% bothers me, but I'm going to move on. I'm re-learning how to let myself off the hook as a creator.

I still want to do a "heaps of details" picture... Saving that for another chance. 

The character (a boy BTW!) is from my comic Heart of Keol also on Tapastic

PS. I have a tumblr now!
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I love the art in this comic and this deviant art. ;-;
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The flow of the fabric and the patterns, the rich and beautiful colours and the light... amazing! I love it!
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Awesome! I like the bright colors and the composition. And the flow of the fabric is stunning!
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Your colors are always super pretty.
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Thanks. And whoa, it's been forever! Nice to hear from you ^^
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It has been forever! Always glad to see another submission from you. :la:
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Ahhhh, I'm so glad to see art from you again! I'll have to watch you on tumblr, too, just to be sure I don't miss anything from overe there. 

This looks pretty gorgeous, keiiii. The colors, the perspective, and the movement all came together nicely! Even though this doesn't have all the details you originally planned, it definitely turned out well!
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Thank you! BTW, I half-recognized your dA name ("Isn't this a person with really good art?") and I was right! Followed you back on tumblr :heart:
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I love the colors, especially on the carpet/scarf. The tassels stand out especially. Beautiful!
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Thank you! The fabric thing is actually a sleeve extension XD They're usually plain, like the one on the left hand, or have very simple decorations like thick stripes, but I thought tassels would be great to show off the motion.
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Oh! I see that now, I thought it was like...they were holding a scarf or something, but yeah...what you said makes a lot more sense. xD
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Absolutely beautiful. I love all the colors.
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Thank you! The colors were so much fun with play with :D
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The colours are so bright and cheerful I love it! 😊
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This is awesome!~Heart - Free 
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Splendid colors!
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The drapery details and color.... I love it !
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Thank you! I actually wanted to make that 10x more detailed, but... next time XD
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Wow, amazing colors and angle <3
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The colors are magnificent! This is so beautiful
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