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Lux Volat

By keiiii
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DOWNLOAD for full size!!! It's bigger than the "full view."

:bulletorange: EDIT: Fixed the glowing hand as per a suggestion I received offsite. The pinky was too long, and the ring finger looked broken. XD It should be better now.

:bulletgreen: Incognito again~! [link] One of the greatest benefits of being a guy: you can throw off your shirt without invoking dA's mature tag!

Of course, you have to do it the RIGHT way to make it look cool. Here's a textbook example of the shirt throwing action performed at 0:50 (not really a shirt, but close enough) ---> [link]

:bulletgreen: Inspired by Apple's "Flurry" screensaver!

:bulletgreen: Done in Adobe Photoshop CS4 from scratch as usual.
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Wow I love the colors!!!
Renewalazar's avatar
I wanted to draw something similar to this but... What I had in mind wasn't even close to this! I have to say I'm very envious. I'll let this inspire me. Thank you!
DaniDL's avatar
Unbeliable! Love the colors, dynamism and efects! *-*
RB-Illustration's avatar
Wow, the range of colours in this is awesome. There's so much movement in it! :D The different light sources are done so well, I have no idea how you kept track of them all! XD
poppy4ever's avatar
astoundingly awesome!
*is jealous*
dragonssilver's avatar
I really love the colors in this piece, though the lighting must have been a pain. It came out amazing.
Filiana's avatar
Wow, The colors are very nice :wow:
Atrum-Imperium's avatar
WOW Amazing color! :love:
keiiii's avatar
Thank you :D Just spreading the love of colors and light!
Prodigious-Girl's avatar
irinama's avatar
Wow !!!

Stunning work !!!
My contest : [link]
aonodori's avatar
you're really great with colours, it awesome... not that it matters but is there a reason you decided to make it come out of his arm? :P
keiiii's avatar
He's a character from one of my dreams, and in the dream his power was sealed in his left arm. :D
aonodori's avatar
ohh, well anything can happen in dreams :P hehe
intrinsic21's avatar
Love your style!
Ladoncyan's avatar
Wow. You made something look good while using a lot of colors. o.o I'm impressed. You made it all flow together very nicely.
destinykitty's avatar
very cool, great colors!
Eonari's avatar
Damn, you're good. It's like you are drawing the action I try too write. Love it.
keiiii's avatar
mani-mas's avatar
Th-the colors...! They're so beautiful! I mean. I just. Durr.

Hn. Spazzing aside...

This just pops -the colors and figure all seem very tangible. And you've imbued a wonderful sense of movement in every little ray of light and strand of hair. Almost looks like he's summoning a phoenix out of his arm.

And the fact that this was done from scratch in a program I actually own is incredibly inspiring. So thanks for getting me back in an artistic mood!
Santje-Chan's avatar
Absolutely lovely colors! : D I'm amazed by the pose too! And I so can see that inspiration for this, I love the flurry screensaver, haha <3 Great idea C:
keiiii's avatar
I've been using Flurry for years, since the G5 days. :D
Forestchildling's avatar
omg just from looking at this amazing pic this guy reminds me of one of my characters in my story (if you're curious you can read the crappy thing if you want)
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