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+Keiiii's Top 10 Sexy Dudes+

This deviation will be updated as the answers are revealed, one by one! Hints for the yet-to-be-revealed characters are here: [link]

:heart: 10. Tibarn (Fire Emblem9/10) -- He's hard to draw. >_> BUT HE'S HOT. Although the picture doesn't have them, his wings add +10 sexy points too. To be honest, though, I'm not terribly attracted to his personality; he's nice enough, and he's totally badass, but I just don't find him particularly interesting. SUPERFICIAL? ME? NO WAI.

:heart: 9. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) -- This is more of a past crush than anything since I don't really like him anymore. Still, he made FF7 like 100x better for me. XD Before the game was released, I saw a picture of him; there was very little information available at the time, and all I knew was his name and his age. It was an instant crush. And the more I found out about him, the harder I fangirled. He was more "fascinating" than "hot" to me though.

:heart: 8. Lloyd (Fire Emblem 7) -- HE'S ALSO HARD TO DRAW. I forgot to make him shirtless; my plan was to draw all ten of them shirtless! DX Oh well, maybe another time.

:heart: 7. Cidolfus Orlandeau (Final Fantasy Tactics) -- Now this is a man that I'd want to spend my life with. Dependable, loyal, responsible, honorable, compassionate, down to earth, courageous; serious when he should be, laid back when he can afford to be; KICKS ASS. What else... uh, the lightning bolts in the background are Hallowed Bolts/ Lightning Stab. :3

:heart: 6. Volug (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) -- AWWW FLUFFY FLUFFY. <333 He looks so serious in the official art; who would've thought this silent wolf dude would have such a playful personality and a strange sense of humor? I'm actually not a big fan of the playful, youthful types, but hey, who cares -- he's got a big fluffy tail, fuzzy ears, gorgeous violet eyes and abs of STEELY DOOM.

:heart: 5. ???

:heart: 4. ???

:heart: 3. ???

:heart: 2. ???

:heart: 1. ???
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Korwynze's avatar
dont forget Soubi!
hes hot too! (and gay-ish)
and undertaker (creepy lovely smile) the same and stein (crazy scientist) too
hotties for life
keiiii's avatar
...who's Soubi? :?

Undertaker is charming; I do like him a lot, but don't really find myself turned on by him.
Korwynze's avatar
soubi is the kindof pedo dude from loveless...the SEXYNESS!
SephirahCresent's avatar
Sephiroth he's amazing <3 i'll always say Sepy =3
CrowsChild's avatar
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D18-Power's avatar
the first place is for hibari - sama and Cloud - sama
Crescentia-Fortuna's avatar
oh^^ It looks like we have a similiar taste~ I like Tibarn, sephiroth and Volug too :3 (I don't know the other characters)

Ps: you're right... tibarn IS hard to draw -.-''
DeZia's avatar
Man nobody ever draws Lloyd D: Good onya.
keiiii's avatar
He deserves more love!
BoydGotBoid's avatar
Meena-Tsukino344's avatar
You have GREAT taste! I gotta play these fire emblem games... they have hot dudes in them...
Cid is HOT in almost EVERY Final Fantasy! <3 YAY LOVE that he has HUGE muscles! Guns=sexy
I can't wait to find out the rest of your list!
keiiii's avatar
I like Cid in almost every FF too (except FF8...). FFT Cid has to be my favorite, though!
Ruthea's avatar
Tibarn would totally be Number 1 for me.

... and maybe Ike too. XD

NIcely done! ♥
[ I thought Volug was Nailah at first, which made me LOL. Because heck yeah, Nailah is TOTALLY a sexy DUDE. XD ]
keiiii's avatar
SHE TOTALLY IS. And we all know Rafiel is a frail, helpless maiden.
Ruthea's avatar
Oh yeah, so damn sure he is.

But..... they're just too cute together! ♥
Ayanyami's avatar
*Starts making the top ten sexy dudes BoA lieks".
keiiii's avatar
Everyone should make one! :w00t:
Celestial-Gold's avatar
His abs of steel can crush walnuts! I really wish Volug was more involved, he's so funny XD
keiiii's avatar
Walnut-crushing abs... That just gave me the funniest mental image of the week. XD
Celestial-Gold's avatar
Glad to be of service. :3
Koto-wari's avatar
About time I commented on this. :3
It's been stuck in my inbox for quite a while, since I wanted to know when you'd update it. XD
I'm glad to see someone else has been added and Volug none the less. *squee* He looks so playful and happy in here compared to his stern and glaring official artwork. Volug is probably one of the characters in RD (of those that did not appear in PoR) that cought my eye the most. I'd love to get to know him better. ^^

Now about the rest. I'm not much of FFfan... I've only played bits and pieces of the 4th and 6th game for GBA.
But judging from what you said, that guy seems indeed the perfect guy to become happy with. ^^

Lloyd, ah... You know this pic's the reason I looked at Lloyd a second time? :o Before he was just a nice character in the game that didn't need to die. D:
Now his brother's all mad at Eliwood and co...
Anyways, now he seems to be nice guy in general. Not only how he looks, but also in character. ^^

Sephiroth.. I've seen many fans come and go of that character. He's got the air of mystery around him, and I think that's probably the main reason he gets so many fans. ^^ And his hair. Long silvery hair does it quite well. XD But like I said before, not really into FF.

Tibarn! 8D Best choice ever. Great unit, great king, great guy, great personality. Great in general, really. ^_^ Most likely my favourite Laguz, next to Reyson, Nasir, Lethe (and most likely Volug).
Up to now, I like his portrait the most, next to Lloyd's. Lloyd's because it's as the person above me said, much like real screenshot from an anime.
And Tibarn's... I like the effects you used and the way you drew him here. ^^

His scar kinda reminds me of Kenshin's cross-shaped scar. "o_o (I have been watching/reading way to much of that)

I'm deffinitally looking forward to the remaining five~ :3
keiiii's avatar
I wonder if your comment is to blame for my dream last night. XD (see journal)
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